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Paula Abdul: X Factor is turbo bike ride

Paula Abdul says working with Simon Cowell again is like being on a ‘turbo-charged bike’.

The 49-year-old American recording artist and choreographer worked with the British music mogul on hit talent show American Idol between the years 2002 and 2009.

Paula joined the panel alongside Simon in 2002, before leaving the popular show after eight seasons.

The pair are starring alongside each other again on the judging panel for the highly-anticipated US X Factor, where they will judge budding singers with Nicole Scherzinger and LA Reid.

Paula has likened her working relationship with Simon to a fast-paced ride.

“Sitting down, it was like getting on a bike again,” she told ET Online. ” a new path and with a turbo engine on the bike.”

Meanwhile, Nicole insists that her role in the show is motivated by her genuine compassion for the contestants. The star, who replaced British songstress Cheryl Cole on the panel after she was sensationally axed from the line-up, was part of a reality TV girl group Eden’s Crush before finding fame with Pussycat Dolls.

“I’m definitely coming from a place of empathy and compassion,” she said.

“Being a part of the show is like a phenomenon. This is something no one’s ever seen before.”

US X Factor premieres next month on FOX.

Cheryl Cole can’t go shopping in Los Angeles because she gets hounded by the paparazzi


The former ‘X Factor’ judge has recently bought a $5 million two-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills, and while she loves the city her close pal Kimberley Walsh revealed spending five days in Los Angeles with Cheryl recently made her realise how chaotic her bandmate’s life is.

She explained to the Daily Star newspaper: ‘t made me realise what it is like for her. I get scared for her in the madness.

‘t was wonderful to go and chill out completely. We had a bit of a dance and discovered coffee-flavoured Patron Tequila. It makes you a nice happy drunk so it was our girls’ holiday drink of choice.

‘The only thing missing was a bit of shopping but it became far too hard to organise as Cheryl gets hounded out there by the paparazzi. It was absolutely terrifying.’

Meanwhile, a model and former Miss Ireland contestant who has been linked to Cheryl’s ex husband Ashley Cole has claimed the soccer star has no plans to reunite with his former spouse.

Colette McBarron told The Sun newspaper: ‘Without saying too much I could guarantee that he probably isn’t, unless I’m hearing lies.

‘ can’t say I’ve never met him or that we’ve never been out together because clearly there are pictures of that on different occasions.’

Cheryl Cole Must Finish Filming for X Factor

On the heels of her dismissal from X Factor, Fox has asked Cheryl Cole to come back to the US to complete more filming for the show. Reports, however, say that Cole is not interested.

Cole was fired from the show in June, but had already participated in four audition shows. The show, which is set to air in September, will still air these episodes.

Part of Cole’s deal with Fox includes returning to the show to complete filming before scenes involving her replacement, Nicole Scherzinger.

A source says, “She made no secret of the fact that she does not want to go- and agreed only because TV channel Fox bosses gave her no option.”

Cole was recently seen as the American Embassy to get her visa. Another source says that Cole “left it until the last possible day to collect her visa because she didn’t want to spotted.”

Simon Cowell turns up late to the US ‘X Factor’ auditions

The music mogul ‘ who appears on the judging panel of the show alongside Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger ‘ blamed a helicopter falling on his car for his tardiness, and L.A. revealed the British star is often late.
He told the crowd: ‘We are going to star without him. We don’t want you to have to wait and he’s always late. This time we’re going to get rolling, Simon or no Simon.’

Discussing his plight with the crowd, Simon joked he had a busy morning.

He said: ‘ had quite a hectic day. I’m very sorry.’

The 51-year-old star arrived during the middle of an audition, and when the participant turned out to be good, he took the credit.

An audience member told Digital Spy: ‘Simon was clearly delighted to arrive in the middle of a fantastic audition too – and naturally took full credit for it being so great. There were no complaints from him when the audience went even more crazy to see him.”

The US ‘X Factor’ has been beset with issues since it began in May ‘ original judge Cheryl Cole was replaced by Nicola when she reportedly failed to gel with Paula, who worked with Simon on ‘American Idol’.

Simon Cowell thought’ Cheryl Cole would accept his offer to return to the US ‘X Factor’

Simon Cowell ‘genuinely thought’ Cheryl Cole would accept his offer to return to the US ‘X Factor’.

The 27-year-old singer was reportedly sacked from the show after just four auditions nearly two weeks ago and although she was asked to return on Saturday (04.06.11), Cheryl – who Simon said was difficult to get in touch with during the incident – refused and was officially replaced by Nicole Scherzinger.

Speaking to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: “We got to the point on Saturday when we genuinely thought she was going to accept the offer.

Again neither she (Cheryl) nor they (will.i.am and her management) returned any calls.”

However, Simon – who claims he “did the right thing” – apologised to Cheryl and revealed he hopes they can work together again in the future.

He added: “I apologise that all this has become public and I understand the stress she is under.”

A statement from Fox, Fremantlemedia North America and Syco TV earlier today revealed Nicole will join Simon, Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid on the judging panel of the show.

It read: “Nicole Scherzinger will be replacing Cheryl Cole on the judging panel of ‘The X Factor’.

“Nicole will join Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul on their search across America to find the next global superstar or group to win the life-changing $5 million dollar recording deal.

“Nicole has previously joined Simon Cowell as a guest judge on ‘The X Factor’ for the UK version of the show in 2010. Steve Jones will act as sole host of ‘The X Factor’.”

Simon Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticising TV talent shows

Simon Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticising TV talent shows

Simon Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticising TV talent shows

The ‘X Factor’ boss ‘ who has previously also judged ‘American Idol’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – accused the ‘Rocket Man’ singer of being selfish and money-orientated after he accused the shows of being boring and exploiting the artists who take part. He said: “Well, look. This is somebody who charges what, a million dollars a private gig? Two million dollars, you know? I don’t know whether he’s concerned about himself — maybe he is.” Simon, 51, also insists he won’t take critics such as Elton seriously until they use their wealth and success to help aspiring musicians in the same way his shows do. He told TV talk show host Piers Morgan: “They always bleat on that we’re not giving other people a chance. And I always want to say to them, ‘I tell you what, you just made a million dollars off your last private gig. Go and give it to a bunch of young musicians you care about, put them in the studio. Go and nurture them. Go and spend some time looking after them. Then I’ll buy your argument.’ “They’re only worried about themselves.” Last year, Elton revealed he turned down appearing on the judging panel of ‘American Idol’ because he found reality television ‘a**e-paralysingly brain crippling”. Meanwhile, UK ‘  Factor’ presenter Dermot O’Leary has been told he will not be fronting the programme when it launches in the US because Simon wants to adopt a dual-host format and is seeking a ‘non-conventional’ female singer and a male ‘pin-up’ musician. Despite missing out, Dermot, 37, insists he is not too upset as he fared better than other British hopefuls. He said: ‘ am obviously disappointed that I didn’t get the American gig. I would have loved a crack at it. At least I was the only Brit to make the shortlist.’ Simon’s full interview with Piers will air on CNN international on Monday (14.03.11).

Matt Cardle to win X Factor predicts technology company.

Matt Cardle to win X Factor predicts technology company.

Matt Cardle to win X Factor predicts technology company.

Matt Cardle to win X Factor predicts technology company. As the 2011 X-Factor final draws to a close, Alterian, takes a closer look at the mix of opinions and chatter surrounding the final contestants and reveals that based on positive conversations, Matt Cardle should be victorious. Alterian’s SM2 social media analytics tool, found over 200,000 online conversations have taken place since week one of the X Factor live finals ‘ with a steady increase as the final draws closer. With ongoing support for Rebecca Ferguson, Matt Cardle and One Direction, public loyalty for their favourites isn’t disputed, however as the total amount of online noise has increased week-by-week you have to ask the question; if your favourite is voted off, do you swap your loyalty or lose interest? Alterian’s analysis shows that as the show gains momentum loyalty shifts, proving we’re a fickle bunch when it comes to voting. Based on positive comments Matt Cardle will be crowned X Factor champion tomorrow having received 31% of the total positive comments. However, Cher Lloyd comes third ahead of Rebecca Ferguson but only reaches this position from the overwhelming support she initially received. With negative comments increasing about Cher it is unlikely she will fall in the top three. Below are the top two insights from The X Factor analysis:  Both Rebecca and Matt have received a staggering amount of positive comments. Only seeing a slight dip at week 7 when both Cher and Paije were in the bottom two and comments surrounding Wagner staying in the competition soared (Wagner received double the amount of negative comments on his last week compared to Katie Waissal). Wagner’s journey has been similar to that of Cher and although he received a great deal of support for his unconventional performances the negative comments began to outweigh the positive from week four.  The judges also receive an equal proportion of the positive and negative online sentiments and at week five when Cheryl refused to vote leaving Katie Waissal safe, her positive support dropped to an all time low of 24% of positive mentions. This year’s X Factor has been surrounded by controversy with the public claiming its ‘fixed’. No one can say for sure the outcome of Saturday’s final, however if the events of this season, and the conversations that Alterian’s SM2 has tracked are anything to go by, then it will be an interesting weekend of television viewing.

The Dutch answer to the men of Il Divo; The LA Voices.

 The Dutch answer to the men of Il Divo,  Los Angeles The Voices.

The Dutch answer to the men of Il Divo, Los Angeles The Voices.

From now on, the Netherlands will also have his own men’s group “The LA Voices” with a repertoire of classical and pop which are intermingled. “It’s an outstanding  good project that has  so much passion in it that I think you will be really touched by it. The ‘new’ faces in this formation give it a fresh look and can sing it all so wonderful working with them a dream for any musician, “says a very enthusiastic Gordon.  Los Angeles, the voices did make their appearance in the finals of Holland’s Got Talent this was their first debut as a group in a TV show with their first single entitled ‘True Love’.  Los Angeles, the voices “outside the main Dutch repertoire will also sing in English, French and Spanish. The LA Voices coexists from Richy Gordon Brown (X Factor), Peter William Strykes,  Roy van den Akker and Remko Harms (Looking for Joseph). Gordon: “A tenor, two baritones and a rock voice. It is spectacular to watch and looks great. It is unlikely a project and I got my neck out very naturally. ” Cooperation does not come from nowhere, though Gordon week hint at a new high-profile project. “Actually, I sought backing vocals, but then it rolls out,” Gordon said on Radio 538.    The release of the album of  Los Angeles The Voices is postponed. The singer is still very affected by the death of his mother. The debut album, which originally was to appear in early November, comes out November 19.  Keep this  group of five men with trained voices in mind . Their first single Stay safe with me got the sixteenth place in the Dutch Single Top 100

X Factory winner takes it all.

X Factory winner takes it all.

X Factory winner takes it all.

X Factor winner takes it all. Whether you’re a fan of the X Factor or not, there’s no denying that the show has shaken up the music industry and delivered some successful pop acts along the way. But is winning the show the only route to the top? Listener data from Last.fm shows that in recent years, coming second in the show might now be enough to make it big in the music industry.  Leona Lewis, who took the X Factor crown in 2006, takes 99% of listener traffic on Last.fm versus runner up of the same year – Ray Quinn. The contestants from 2007 paint a similar picture with the runner up Rhydian only getting 3% of listeners compared to Leon Jackson. But as time marches on, the second place getters begin to gain ground on the winners. In 2008, JLS, who came in second place, account for 43% of Last.fm listens against the 2008 winner, Alexandra Burke’s 57%. 2009 brought similar results with winner Joe McElderry and runner up Olly Murs getting a 65/35 split in listens. Matt Sheret, Data Griot at Last.fm commented, ‘From the beginning of each series, right through to the final, the nation is gripped by all things X Factor. The show is now in its seventh year, and over time, actually winning the show has become less and less important. Runners up from the past few series are making it just as big, despite not making it to the finish line. So what does this mean for this year’s winners? Only time can tell but watch this space to see if the names Diva Fever, Wagner or Treyc mean anything in twelve months time!’

“X Factor” Contestant Gamu Nhengu In Danger Of UK Deportation

Gamu Nhengu In Danger Of Deportation

Gamu Nhengu In Danger Of Deportation

“X Factor” Contestant Gamu Nhengu In Danger Of Deportation. An “X Factor” crowd favorite contestant may be forced to withdraw from the competition due to immigration concerns. Zimbabwe-born Gamu Nhengu’s passport was seized by immigration officials in Britain. The 18-year-old aspiring singer’s mother, Nokutula, fled their native country alone eight years ago. She lived in Scotland under a work permit visa, which also covered Gamu and her younger brothers. The children reunited with their mother five years ago. However, the visa was not extended. Nokutula will try to convince the Home Office to let her family stay in Britain when she pleads her case on Thursday. Gamu, who has made it through the judges’ house stage of the show, would need to pull out of the show if she is required to fly out of the country with her mentor as her passport was confiscated. Fortunately for her, her mentor, Cheryl Cole, chose to film in Dorset, south west of England, allowing the girl to continue in the race for a little bit longer. Their lawyer, Frances Farrell, was quoted by the Sun as saying, “Discussions are ongoing and we hope the situation can be resolved

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