Lady Gaga says wearing flesh-coloured spikes on her forehead is ‘just another day at the office’

Lady Gaga says wearing flesh-coloured spikes

Lady Gaga says wearing flesh-coloured spikes

The ‘Born This Way’ singer says her glamorous look is her normal state and she would dress in one of her outrageous outfits no matter what she had planned that day. Speaking to US TV host Gayle King – while wearing spikes on her face and shoulders, huge platform shoes and a leather dress – she said: ‘ live a glamorous, stylish life. It’s nothing to do with money or anything. It’s just the way I choose to live.

‘ just woke up in my New York apartment and just wanted to be myself today, so I wore my vintage mute glare catsuit and these are my favourite shoes right now.

‘They’re creepers and they’re made into platforms. I’m very excited about that. It’s just another day at the office.’

She also tried to convince Gayle the spikes in her face were natural, adding: ‘They’ve been there this whole time but I waited until I’d put ‘Born This Way’ out for you to see them.’

Gaga, 24, also said claimed she does not take herself too seriously, and doesn’t worry about criticism.

She added: ‘ always like to say people take me too seriously and not seriously enough at the same time. I think there’s an incredible amount of scrutiny on young women and I think there’s a tremendous amount of analysis that goes into everything, but I just don’t care what people think of me to be perfectly blunt.

Carrie Underwood thinks having a baby would make her marriage complicated.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood thinks having a baby would make her marriage complicated. The 27-year-old singer ‘ who tied the knot with Canadian ice hockey player Mike Fisher in July ‘ isn’t ready to start a family just yet because she wants to spend more quality time with her husband. She said: “We just want to be together and keep it as simple as possible. And I think a baby would just make things so complicated right now.’  Both Carrie and Mike, 30, have been working solidly since returning from their honeymoon in Tahiti and she admits because the couple have spent so much time apart she doesn’t feel properly feel married yet. She explained on US TV show ‘In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville’: “It was like, ‘See ya husband.’ ‘t was very strange. I really don’t feel like I’ve lived married life yet. It’s great. Whatever it is. Whatever this is.’  However, once the country star completes her current tour in December, she is looking forward to settling down in Canada with her husband ‘ who plays for the Ottawa Senators. She said: “I’ll be more home-based. So I’ll get to spend, you know, my days with him. We’ll be more like a normal couple.” Despite spending so much time apart, Carrie insists Mike is the perfect man for her ‘ because he loves shopping but is also ‘manly’. She explained: “He’s a perfect balance of a manly man and, like, a best friend. He’s a rugged man. He chops wood and he’s outdoors and all that stuff, and he plays hockey, but … he also like loves to go shopping.”

Justin Bieber happy at his powerful status.

Is Justin Bieber powerful status going to help the baby seals.

Is Justin Bieber powerful status going to help the baby seals.

Justin Bieber happy at his powerful status. The 16-year-old singer ‘ who was recently honoured at Variety magazine’s 4th Annual Power of Youth event in Los Angeles ‘ is delighted that he is able to use his celebrity status to help other people.  Speaking at the event, he told US TV show ‘Extra’: ‘ think that I’m pretty powerful, I guess. ‘ think that being powerful you have to do something good with that power. We’re helping build schools, we’ve already built fifteen with the charity Pencils for Promise. We just like the fact that young people can help out young people.’ But is he going to help the baby harp seals too? The teenage star has also laughed off reports he is dating Jasmine Villegas, who starred in his ‘Baby’ music video, insisting he will always be honest about his personal life. When asked about his love life, Justin said: ‘ think that whatever happens, happens, y’know. I’m not scared to tell the truth. No, I’m not dating anyone at the moment.’Justin is also excited about his forthcoming book ‘First Step 2 Forever’, because it gives him the opportunity to properly express himself. He added: ‘t’s not really an autobiography. I just wrote this book about my journey so far, it’s called ‘First Step 2 Forever’, meaning like this is only the beginning, there is so much more to come. ”m really excited I got the opportunity to write a book and express my feelings about what’s going on.’

Heidi Klum is three months pregnant.

heidi_klumThe German supermodel is reportedly expecting her third child with her musician husband Seal and is delighted with the news. The pair also have a three-year-old son Henry and a two-year-old son Johan, and raise Heidi’s daughter Leni, four, together. Gossip website E! reports: “A source tells me that Klum, 35, is a little less than four months pregnant.”  It has been claimed Heidi is planning to announce her happy news soon.  Rumours about Heidi’s pregnancy began circulating when details of couture gowns she will wear on US TV series ‘Project Runway’ were posted online.  The outfits have reportedly had to be re-designed in order to accommodate her growing tummy.  Heidi is not the only famous face to be surrounded by pregnancy rumours.  Angelina Jolie is said to be two months pregnant with her fourth biological child with partner Brad Pitt.  The actress – who already has daughter Shiloh, two, nine-month-old twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline and adopted kids Maddox, seven, Pax, five and three-year-old Zahara – was amazed when she found out the happy news.  A source told America’s Star magazine: “Yes, Angelina is pregnant. They’d been trying for another baby for months, but it was still a total shock when she found out.”

Hilary Duff fights at her boyfriend’s hockey games

hilary-duffHilary Duff rows with fans at her boyfriend’s hockey games. The singer-and-actress regularly attends lover Mike Comrie’s games for the New York Islanders and isn’t afraid to confront “intense fans” who abuse her man.

She said: “I like to sit in the audience, you know I don’t sit up in a box or anything, and people started to know that I’m sitting there, and they’ll be like ‘Mike sucks!’ Or they try to rile me up and I’m like, ‘Hey, watch it! I’ll come up there, you know.’

“But I try to not be that crazy girlfriend.”

Hilary – who has been dating Mike, 28, for almost two years – was not a fan of the sport when they first got together but has now learned more about it and considers herself a fan.

The 21-year-old star added to US TV talk show host Rachael Ray: “The first couple of games I went to, I’m like, ‘These people are nuts.’ They are, like, so into it. And then, I got really into it once I started learning about the game.”

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