Tom Sturridge

Rob Pattinson and Tom Sturridge, bring the WOW factor!

Tom_STurridgeRob_PattinsonBritish stars, Rob Pattinson, Bobby Long, Sam Bradley and others bring WOW factor to dressing up. When an actor or musician becomes famous, people take notice. They notice their music, their roles in movies, their relationships, their personalities, and their individual styles.  It’s part of the fun and the price of becoming famous. The British lads – Robert Pattinson and his friends are quickly setting trends and the world is following. Many articles have been written about the hobo-homeless-grunge look of Rob Pattinson and his musician friends, Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, Tom Sturridge and others. They are 23 year olds who Continue reading →

Robert Pattinson & Tom Sturridge spotted in New York

robert-pattinson-capRobert Pattinson and a fellow capped British actor, BFF Tom Sturridge, are spotted out and about in New York City on Sunday afternoon (June 7). On Friday, the twosome was spotted downing drinks at Black & White bar in the East Village.  Soon, Rob, 23, will be shooting his next movie, Remember Me, in downtown NYC. Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan will to play Rob’s dad.  Lost star Emilie de Ravin was cast in the film, playing a young woman who, after watching her mother get killed before her eyes, seizes life to its fullest

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