Blur to stream tracks on Twitter

Brit-pop icons Blur will air two new songs live and streaming online via Twitter.

NME reports that Blur will showcase two new songs ‘ ‘Under The Westway’ and ‘The Puritan’ ‘ which were written for their forthcoming Hyde Park show to close the London Olympics.

Blur have posted a video claiming the performance will be the first time a band have streamed a show on Twitter and that it’ll be the first time they’ve performed the songs (which isn’t entirely true; you can hear ‘Under The Westway’ here).

Bassist Alex James says the two tracks ‘show completely different sides of Blur’, claiming ‘The Puritan’ is a ‘big and bouncy, up and at ‘em sing-along special’ and ‘Under The Westway’ is ‘more a hymn’.

He said the 2009 shows ‘were the best we’ve ever done’ and again hints that this may be the final performance by the band, which Damon Albarn has been grappling with recently.

The band will perform the songs live on Monday 2 July ‘ ‘Under The Westway’ at 6:15pm and ‘The Puritan’ at 7:15 ‘ through @blurofficial.

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