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More about Will And The People

will-and-the-peopleAt Will and The People gigs everyone gets involved in the party, even notoriously uptight London crowds find themselves letting go when faced with their infectious, genre-blending ska-rock-pop. “We are on a mission to bring the pogo back!” says Will Rendle, their 22 year old frontman. “I can’t understand bands that don’t engage the audience. At our gigs they become part of the show.” Support slots with their musical heroes The Police at Hyde Park Calling and with The Hoosiers on theirrecent tour prove that Will and The People retain their ability to connect when playing a bigger stage. Following their three dates on The Hoosiers tour the band’s myspace page received over 19,000 plays in6 days – an incredible strike rate. Growing up in a sleepy town on the south coast, the smart but easily bored Will was in and out of trouble until he found an outlet for his wayward energy. Inspired by his love of Bob Marley & TheWailers, The Specials, and Californian ska-punk pioneers Sublime (“My favourite band ever”), Will started playing the guitar and writing songs. “It immediately became everything to me,” says Will. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since.” At 18 Will blew out a place at will-and-the-people1University and moved to Brighton, throwing himself into the local live music scene. The next couple of years were spent in local bands until, frustrated by their lack of focus, Will decided to put his own band together. But it wasn’t easy. “I wanted to live with my band and do everything with them,” he says now, “but I found it impossible to find people who were up for it as much as me, who wanted it as much as me.” Nevertheless, with persistence The People were found – Dan Lundholm (bass), Simon Hanson (drums), John Tilley (keyboards), and Alison Brown (backing vocals) – an incredibly loose and fluid unit that crosses over indie, ska, reggae, blues and rock.  Their ability to turn their gigs into happenings soon got the band noticed. As the buzz about them spread, Will & The People landed themselves a recording deal within a few months of trying. After signing to RCA Label Group the band relocated to London where they are currently working on their debut album with producer Johnny Douglas.  “I get so angry when I listen to albums and there are only three or four great songs and the rest is filler,” says Will, his eyes ablaze. “Even one bad song is too much filler. I want every song on our record to be brilliant so people want the whole album.” Few who know Will would bet against him realising this ambition. Will & The People’s debut album will be released in Summer 2009. Will And The People are playing tons of London and regional dates. Check myspace for more details. Debut single ‘Knocking’ out May 4th (as in ‘be with you’)

Want your photo in the Will and The People album artwork?

Email with photos of yourself and your mates and Will himself will look through the entries and decide which lucky soldiers will be included in the actual album artwork! Take the photos of you and your mates at Will gigs or at home or wherever and send them to the above email.

The lucky soldiers/weirdos/fans who are picked will be notified by email and asked to agree to the terms and conditions. ick2music_new/datagen_v2/pages /terms/WATP_photo.doc

This could be your chance to go down in history!!

Plaats: London
Woonplaats: Brighton
Land: Verenigd Koninkrijk
Beroep: Music
Bandleden Vocals/Guitar/Toons – Will E-Rendle
Beats/BV’s/amusement – Max Tempo
BV’s/ Micro keys/balance – Noddy
Keys/BV’s/Sounds/In house doctor – Jonathan Tilldred
Bass – The Guru
We play our own instruments which we bought/stole/borrowed so na na nana na x For management or a simple steer in the right direction contact:-  Invloeden Can’t Stand Losing You, Sublime, BOB MARLEY, Cat Stevens, Muse, Crowded House, Talking Heads, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Dylan, DREAMING

19.apr.2009 20:00
 Vicars Secret Tea Party @ Nottinghill Arts Club London
29.apr.2009 20:00
 Little Civic Wolverhampton
06.mei.2009 20:00
 Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes London
09.mei.2009 20:00
 Glasgow SECC W/Girls Aloud Glasgow
10.mei.2009 20:00
 Manchester – Ruby Lounge Manchester
11.mei.2009 20:00
 Nottingham Trent Arena w/ Girls Aloud Nottingham, Midlands
12.mei.2009 19:00
 Nottingham Trent w/ Girls Aloud Nottingham, Midlands
13.mei.2009 20:00
 Sheffield Arena W/Girls Aloud Sheffield, Midlands
15.mei.2009 20:00
 Sheffield Arena W/Girls Aloud Sheffield, Midlands

The Eurovision Song Contest is Europe’s favorite TV show.

eurovision-song-contestAlready for 53 years, the Eurovision Song Contest is Europe’s favorite TV show. After more than five decades featuring some 1,100 songs, the contest has become a modern classic, strongly embedded into Europe’s collective mind. Read on to find out how it all started over half a century ago…
After 53 years, the database with Eurovision Song Contest facts and figures, stories and anecdotes is huge! A true, die-hard fan knows how many points Luxembourg got in 1980 (56), who came last in 1972 (Malta, with 48 points) and how many times the Netherlands got 12 points in 1996 (once, from Austria). Because no one can expect you to become a living Eurovision Song Contest encyclopedia, takes you through the contest’s history in fast forward. It’s all you need to know before you dive into the rich history of the Eurovision Song Contest…

How it all begun
Did you know that not only stars like ABBA, Celine Dion, Cliff Richard and Julio Iglesias took part, but also dance act Riverdance thanks its fame to the Eurovision Song Contest? The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) was formed on 12th February 1950 by 23 broadcasting organisations from Europe and the Mediterranean at a conference in Devon, United Kingdom. It was on the 6th of June, 1954, that Montreux became the venue for the first transmission by the EBU’s Eurovision Network of the Narcissus Festival and its flower-bedecked procession floats. The first Eurovision viewers eagerly watched on four million television sets in homes, bars, and shop windows in Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Ambitious project
In 1955, the EBU came up with the idea of an international song contest whereby countries, represeted by their respective public broadcasters, would participate in one television show, to be transmitted simultaneously in all represented nations. This was conceived during a meeting in Monaco in 1955 by Marcel Bezençon, a Frenchman working for the EBU. The competition was based upon the Italian Festival di Sanremo, held for the first time in 1951, and was also seen as a technological experiment in live television: In those days, it was a very ambitious project to join many countries together in a wide-area international network. Satellite television did not exist yet at that time, and the Eurovision Network comprised a terrestrial microwave network. Le Grand-Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne was born!

The successes
Without interruption, the Eurovision Song Contest has been broadcast every year since 1956, which makes it one of the longest-running television programmes in the world. In 2003, the first ever Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place, while the Eurovision Song Contest celebrated her 50th anniversity 2005. Viewers picked ABBA’s Waterloo as best ever Eurovision Song Contest song. In 2007, Europe could see the first ever Eurovision Dance Contest.

The 2008 running saw a record of 43 represented countries, as Azerbaijan and San Marino joined the family. The competition has been broadcast throughout Europe, but also in Australia, Canada, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Korea, New Zealand and the United States, even though these countries do not participate. In 2009, an Asian version of the Eurovision Song Contest is expected to be launched.

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