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Google’s doodle honors Gumby creator

Google celebrated the 90th birthday of Gumby creator Art Clokey on Wednesday with an interactive homepage doodle featuring the recognizable characters from the Gumby series.
The doodle features a child’s block with the letter “G” followed by five balls of colored clay for the remaining letters in the internet search engine giant’s logo. When a user clicks on the balls of clay, Gumby and characters, The Blockheads, Prickle and Goo and Pokey appear. They pose for a brief moment, melt into a pile of clay and then roll back into a ball.

 Wednesday also marks the official debut of the new from Clokey Productions Premavision Studios. A spokesperson said the site is “the most comprehensive look ever at the iconic green clay boy and all of the other characters in Art’s limitless universe of imagination and artistic expression.”

 The Gumby series premiered as an animated Saturday morning TV show in 1956. It garnered worldwide following after it went into syndication in the 1960s. It still maintains a cult-like following among fans.

 Clokey died on Jan. 8, 2010, at the age of 88 at his home in California.


Cuba registering first lung cancer vaccine in South America

Cuba has registered in Peru what it claims is the world’s first lung cancer vaccine and is registering it in other South American countries.
The vaccine, called CIMAVAX-EGF, was first registered in 2008 in Cuba, where it was developed 15 years ago. More than a thousand Cuban patients were successfully treated by the vaccine, according to Gisela González, medical researcher from the Immunologic Molecular Center (CIM) in Havana.

Gonzalez describes CIMAVAX-EGF as derived from a protein produced by lung cancer. She said it is safe because patients who received the vaccine felt no side effects.

The vaccine prolongs a patient’s life after chemotherapy or radiotherapy by preventing cancer from returning.

Aside from registering the vaccine in Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Argentina, it will undergo experimental trial in China, said Gonzalez. She added that CIMAVAX-EGF is being tested in treating breast, prostate and uterus cancer.

Last year, researchers at New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center were reported to have discovered a similar vaccine that is being tested on lung cancer patients worldwide.

DIY Network Launches New Show, “Hollywood Hi-Tech”

DIY Network Launches New Show, "Hollywood Hi-Tech"

DIY Network Launches New Show, "Hollywood Hi-Tech"

DIY Network Launches New Show, “Hollywood Hi-Tech”.The DIY Network launched its TV series “Hollywood Hi-Tech,” at this year’s International CES, the world’s largest technology tradeshow, in Las Vegas earlier this month. “Hollywood Hi-Tech” will feature A-list homes and celebrities who incorporate their homes’ technologies and electronics. The show will premiere summer 2011. On Thursday, Jan. 6, DIY Network revealed never-before-seen clips from the show at a launch party at the Crazy Horse Paris Theater in MGM Grand. Series host Janna Robinson, special guests featured on the show, as well as leaders from the electronic industry will all be in attendance. “While other TV shows have occasionally included short segments about custom-installation home entertainment, it’s never been the focus, much less had an entire TV series devoted to it,” noted Ross Babbit, DIY Network’s vice president of programming partnerships and special projects. “With the launch of Hollywood Hi-Tech, that is about to change, as we bring the latest and greatest technology for the home to a new, nationwide audience.” DIY Network’s Hollywood Hi-Tech documents lifestyle-technology expert Janna Robinson as she uses innovative gear to give celebrities’ homes the ultimate high-tech makeover. Premiering in June 2011, the series will feature A-listers including reality-TV star Khloe Kardashian, basketball champion Lamar Odom, “Entourage” stars Kevin Connolly and Jeremy Piven, and “Transformers” star Josh Duhamel. The celebrities themselves will be involved throughout the makeover process, from the initial consultation to the unveiling of the finished room. Though A-list homes are the focus of the series, from lighting to electronics to whole-house technology, the program will be full of helpful information any consumer can use when evaluating and choosing hi-tech options for their own homes.Legendary home-theater designer Theo Kalomirakis is a consultant on the series, which has the support of the custom-installation trade organization CEDIA. Offering real solutions for real people, “Hollywood Hi-Tech” covers the best technology in home audio and video components, whole-house control systems, wireless security webcams, and more. “Hollywood Hi-Tech has taken the often complex word, ‘technology,’ and is making it approachable, personal, simple and fun!” says Leslie Dance, Kodak vice president of brand marketing and communications. “At Kodak, our history is rooted in making the complex simple Our long-held promise – ‘You push the button, we do the rest’ – lives on in the digital age with intuitive, smart technology that allows consumers to capture, share and create more easily. This TV series is a game changer, and Kodak is honored to be part of announcing it today.” “CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) is proud to be a part of the event announcing DIY Network’s Hollywood Hi-Tech,” says Utz Baldwin, CEO of CEDIA. “This show will give DIY Network viewers a never-before-seen look at the hi-tech solutions CEDIA members can deliver for entertainment, comfort, safety and convenience.”

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