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Robbie Williams’ dog been bitten by a rattlesnake

The ‘Angels’ singer ‘ who is currently on the UK leg of Take That’s European tour ‘ and his wife Ayda Field have eight pooches and their beloved Jack Russell Baby recently had a nasty encounter with the slippery reptile.

Luckily though Samantha wasn’t hurt and has made a full recovery.

Writing on his website in response to a fan’s question about whether he preferred German Shepherds or Jack Russells, Robbie said: “I’ve got both so can’t pick ..seems wrong…our Jack Russell got bit by a rattlesnake last week….all good though she’s fine…tuff ting she is.

During Take That’s ‘Progress Live’ tour, Robbie ‘ who quit the group in 1995 ‘ performs some of his greatest solo hits and says he wants to do another solo tour, especially for the people who have been criticising his recent performances.

Writing to a fan who asked what he wants to say to his critics, Robbie said: “Haha! I wouldn’t be aware that people were putting me down if you hadn’t told me must say I am aware that there is a perception in certain quarters and I’m enjoying throwing that perception down people’s throats when I jump through the wall in L.M.E.Y (Let Me Entertain You)…I’ve never felt more on my game ..and it’s thanks in part to the nay sayers….they have put a fire in my belly and in turn a smile on my face.I’m blessed to have them… and when the tickets go on sale for my next tour I think we’ll see what ‘dwindling’ looks like

“Yes there will be a solo tour and I’m not sure where I’ll be going yet.”

Take That launch record breaking Wembley shows

Take That kicked off their Wembley Stadium concerts with a stunning show last night (30.06.11).

The group – made up of Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald – are playing a record-breaking eight gigs at the prestigious London venue as part of their ‘Progress Live’ tour, their first as a five-piece since Robbie quit in 1995.

The show opened with Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard playing the hit songs from their two albums as a four-piece, ‘Beautiful World’ and ‘The Circus’, which included ‘Greatest Day’, ‘Rule The World’, ‘Patience’ and ‘Shine’ as well as leading the crowd in a rendition of the Great British national anthem ‘God Save The Queen’.

As they went off stage, Robbie appeared and treated the screaming crowds to songs from his solo career, starting with ‘Let Me Entertain You’ and finishing with his most famous song, ‘Angels’, which left him overcome with emotion.

The group then all appeared on stage together as they sang hit single ‘The Flood’ and other songs from their ‘Progress’ album, before thrilling the audience with some of their biggest ever hits from their early days, including ‘Back For Good’, ‘Pray’, ‘Relight My Fire’ and ‘Never Forget’.

Support for the evening came from the English electronic dance music duo, Pet Shop Boys.

Take That loving Barlow’s Bingo

Take That have been entertaining themselves on tour by playing bingo.

Gary Barlow ‘ who is joined in the British group by Mark Owen, Jason Orange, Robbie Williams and Howard Donald ‘ has been hosting “Barlow’s Bingo” nights for the band, using the kit he bought when he was a professional caller of the game before shooting to fame in the 90s.

He said: “I used to be a bingo caller when I was first starting out.

“I used to love reading out the numbers. We have bingo nights backstage on the Take That tour to help everyone relax. We call it Barlow’s Bingo.”

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams ‘ who has previously spoken of his desire to start a family with wife Ayda Field – has been showering lavish gifts upon his bandmate’s kids, including giving Gary’s 10-year-old son Daniel a pair of soccer star David Beckham’s old boots.

Gary said: “My son Daniel loves Rob because he gives him footballs and he even gave him a pair of David Beckham’s old boots.

“He thinks the best thing that’s ever happened to me is knowing Rob.’

Mark Owen added: “My children Elwood and Willow love Rob. My son draws pictures for him and Ayda. He’s obsessed with him.”

Robbie Williams has been using yoga to battle his nerves ahead of Take That’s tour

Robbie Williams has been using yoga to battle his nerves ahead of Take That's tour

Robbie Williams has been using yoga to battle his nerves ahead of Take That's tour

The singer ‘ who rejoined the band last year, 15 years after he first walked out on the group’ famously suffers from crippling stage fright but has taken up some calming hobbies to help with his nerves ahead of the stadium shows, which begin in Sunderland, North East England, tonight (27.05.11).

A source close to the star told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Rob suffers from crippling anxiety and has been worried about the lads’ forthcoming concerts. A pal suggested Bikram yoga to refocus his pent up energy and handle stress more effectively.”

Robbie has reportedly been attending Bikram yoga sessions for the last three months, which see him strike a number of meditative poses in a room heated to 40 degrees centigrade.

The source added: “After a couple of sessions he was hooked ‘ and sweating like a wildebeest. While the others have stuck to the gym or pool, Robbie’s been using meditation and yoga to help his stage fright and to keep sane on tour.”

The ‘Rock DJ’ hitmaker ‘ who is joined in the group by Howard Donald, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Jason Orange ‘ previously admitted he started to get stage fright after touring for excessive amounts of time as a solo artist.

He said: “I’m not the kind of person who can do nine months. I can do two months solid, not a problem. But nine months – I’m not built for it. I go loopy.

“But mentally, all I’m projecting is very positive, all I can see is it being healthy and happy and an amazing show.”

Mark has also admitted he recently suffered a bout of stage fright ahead of the shows, in support of the band’s ‘Progress’ album.

He said: “A few weeks ago I had a pre-tour panic, a bit of a meltdown, which I went through for a couple of days. I wasn’t getting much sleep, but I came through the other end and I’ve been all right since.”

The group will play 36 stadium shows across Europe, ending on July 29 in Germany.

Robbie Williams admits he got a little bit impatient when it came to waiting for the traditional treat.

Robbie Williams had to apologise to his wife after he scoffed her birthday cake. Robbie Williams had to apologise to his wife after he ate her birthday before she had a chance to blow out her candles.

The Take That star had taken spouse Ayda Field to exclusive UK restaurant The Fat Duck to celebrate her special day but the following day Robbie admits he got a little bit impatient when it came to waiting for the traditional treat.

Writing on his official website, he said: ‘ took Ayda to a place called the fat duck for her birthday. I officially had the best meal of my life……unfriggingbelievable

‘The day after I did a 10 mile hike to burn it all off … I was that hungry when I got back through the door something bad happened. Ayda’s birthday cake was liberated by me … I didn’t know there was cake etiquette. Apparently your supposed to wait for candles to be lit a song is sung and then you share… ‘sorry ayda x.

While he has been enjoying Ayda’s birthday cake, it was recently revealed Robbie is training hard as he doesn’t want to be the “podgy” member of Take That on their forthcoming tour.

The singer has reportedly shed 42 pounds while preparing to tour with the group – who he rejoined last year after initially quitting in 1995 ‘ with his trainer even getting him to sing hits while running on the treadmill.

Fitness instructor Nick Hollender said: “I make him run on the treadmill and sing all his songs without missing a note.

“He has to catch up to bandmates Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald who have been on tour much more than him and are in

“He’s not going to be left behind and wants to be trim and healthy, instead of feeling like the podgy member.”

Jason Orange believes Take That robbed him of his voice.

Jason Orange believes Take That robbed him of his voice.

Jason Orange believes Take That robbed him of his voice.

The 40-year-old singer – who is joined in the band by Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Robbie Williams – admitted his time in the group constantly took from him, and he is now “on guard” about the five-some reuniting for the first time since Robbie quit Take That in 1995. He explained: “I think every person’s job either feeds them or takes from them. Take That, for me, the first time, took from me. It gave me money, it gave me a standard of living, but it robbed me of my voice.

“To come back as an older adult, on my guard and a bit wiser, I know it sounds melodramatic but it’s like there’s this thing up there, and we all give to it and get back from it, and it shines into us, and we can all grow from it – or it will just rob us again, and we’ll leave, with all this sh*t that we didn’t say or do.”

Meanwhile, Robbie – who quit Take That in 1995 amid a public feud with Gary Barlow – explained the band have been “grown-up” about the reunion.

He added to Culture magazine: “You see how many bands can’t reunite after a falling out and then still do it. The when-hell-freezes-over sort of thing with the Eagles etc.

“Basically, we were all grown-ups about our sh*t, and owned it. If you own your own sh*t, you can move on. And we all did. From me and Gary having a proper chat, to then instantly falling into each other’s arms and rolling about in my kitchen, laughing, was a moment in my life I will never forget.”

Robbie Williams is planning a musical about his life

Robbie Williams is planning a musical about his life

Robbie Williams is planning a musical about his life

The British singer ‘ who shot to fame as a member of Take That, who he joined when he was just 15 years old ‘ has given his permission for his solo material to be used in a new show being planned for the London stage and bosses have already started auditioning for two ‘Robbies’. A source told The Sun newspaper: ‘Robbie is bang up for the musical and thinks it will be a fun production. ‘He loves West End shows and is honoured they will be doing one about his life.’ A musical based on the life and career of the ‘Angels’ singer is sure to be filled with drama, from his rise to fame with Take That, to his dramatic departure in 1995, leading him to forge a successful solo career and eventually be honoured with more BRIT Awards than any other artist. The 36-year-old pop star has also been in rehab several times to be treated for alcohol and drug addictions but has credited his marriage to actress Ayda Field last summer with providing some stability in his life. He said recently: “Married life is a bit wonderful to be honest, yeah, it really is. Stability and happiness, I’m getting used to it but, you know, it was bound to happen at some point. “Life feels different, there’s like 15 per cent of rubbish that you’re carrying round with you, well me anyway, that’s just disappeared. It’s great being part of a team.” In 2007, a musical based on the songs of Take That toured the UK, before enjoying a London residency the following year.

Take That Announces Summer Tour 2011 With Robbie Williams

Take That Announces Summer Tour

Take That Announces Summer Tour

Take That Announces Summer Tour 2011 With Robbie Williams. Reformed ’90s boyband Take That has announced their biggest ever tour for the summer of 2011. The British pop group will also be reunited with ex-member Robbie Williams on their 14-date stadium road show. For the first time as a five-piece group in 16 years, Take That is embarking on the “Progress Live 2011″ tour, which is described as a “feast for the imagination, charting the evolution and progress of Take That and Robbie Williams through their extraordinary 20-year history.” The live shows will celebrate the group’s biggest hits from the last two decades, as well as Robbie’s chart-topping solo career. The tour follows the release of the boys’ new album “Progress” on November 22, and the release of its first single “The Flood” on November 15. Tickets for the tour’s shows at Hampden Park, Glasgow on June 22nd and 23rd will go on sale on October 29.

Robbie Williams very excited being back with Take That.

Robbie Williams very excited being back with Take That.

Robbie Williams very excited being back with Take That.

Robbie Williams very excited being back with Take That.. No retirement for Robbie Williams now he joined Take That. Robbie Williams would have retired from pop music if he hadn’t rejoined Take That. The ‘Angels’ hitmaker – who quit the group in 1995, a year before they split, and refused to join their comeback in 2005 ‘ is thrilled to be back working with Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange again but admits he would have contemplated turning his back on his career if he hadn’t been asked to sing with the band again. He told our source: ‘f it wasn’t for the boys, I would probably be doing nothing because I quite enjoy doing nothing now. It does feel like the end of one of the last chapters in the book and I do feel a bit spent to be honest with you. I”m loving what’s to come, obviously, and I’m very excited being back with the boys, our album sounds amazing, I’m excited to do the tour and all that business . But I’m kind of still at a loose end figuring out what I want to do when I grow up.’ The 36-year-old singer has also admitted he ‘couldn’t be a**ed’ when recording his most last studio solo LP ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’ because he no longer knew what sort of music his fans wanted him to produce. He added: ‘t kind of was going through the motions, because, as you know, I was all hyped up about doing ‘Rudebox’ and going down that road and then everybody went, ‘No!’   ‘But I didn’t want to do another ‘Come Undone’, or another ‘Angels’, or another ‘Road To Mandalay’ – you do find yourself sort of in the boggy marsh of then thinking, ‘Well I don’t quite fancy doing that anymore.’ And because everyone had gone, ‘No’, I went, ‘Well, OK, I can’t be a**ed either.’ ‘And you know, I did find myself capitulating and going, ‘Well do they want THIS then.’ It’s like this idea of knowing your audience ‘ and knowing that my audience didn’t like ‘Rudebox’ left me thinking, ‘Well, er, I don’t know what to do now.’ ‘

Eva Longoria will host the 2010 MTV EMAs

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria will host the 2010 MTV EMAs. MTV announced that Hollywood superstar Eva Longoria will host the 2010 MTV EMAs, MTV’s global celebration of the world’s biggest music and entertainment stars. Taking place at Caja Magica in Madrid, the 17th annual EMAs will broadcast live on MTV platforms across the globe from Sunday 7th November 2010, 21:00 CET. The 2010 MTV EMAs are sponsored by the new Suzuki Swift, Calvin Klein Jeans and Dell. Powerhouse rock stars Kings of Leon, hot new talent Ke$ha and American bad ass and global rock heavyweight Kid Rock join the lineup of performers alongside the previously announced Katy Perry and Linkin Park. MTV will release additional performers and presenters at a later date. I am so excited to host the 2010 EMAs in the beautiful and sexy city of Madrid!’ said Longoria. ‘ can’t wait to see some fabulous performances and I am so proud that the two most nominated artists this year are two amazing women – Lady Gaga and Katy Perry – who are making some of the most exciting music in pop right now!’ ‘Madrid, watch out,’ added Ke$ha. ”m coming to party and I promise it will be messy.’ Actress, activist, and philanthropist Eva Longoria brings Hollywood glamour to what promises to be a star-studded night in Madrid. Following in the very glittering footsteps of Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams to name a few, the actress will bring Latina heat to the already sizzling Spanish city of Madrid – the backdrop of this year’s 2010 MTV EMAs. Eva Longoria is a Golden Globe-nominated, Screen Actors Guild Award-winning, and ALMA Award-winning actress, best known for her portrayal of Gabrielle Solis on primetime US network show Desperate Housewives. To vote for your favourite EMA artists, please go to For all MTV EMA news and announcements join us on Facebook at: and follow us on Twitter at: @mtvema (

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