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Ricky UllmanRicky Ullman was born in Israel, before his parents decided to move to Connecticut, USA. He first took an interest in acting when he was just eight-years-old, after watching a musical production put on by a local children’s acting camp. He was inspired by the performance, that he signed up for the summer camp the following year. During his time at the camp, Ricky developed his acting, singing and dancing skills. Ricky kickstarted his acting career with a stage role, touring with a production of “The King And I” playing the character Louis. He first took an interest in acting when he was just eight-years-old.  He is a familiar face on the Disney Channel, having starred in the title role on the show “Phil of the Future” (the role for which he is best known) and made-for-TV movie “Pixel Perfect”. He also voiced a character Continue reading →

Disney Princesses vs. Marvel Superheroines

princesses-of-disneyWe wonder whether the merger between Disney and Marvel is going to prompt a disruption in the universe — an earthshaking twist in the plot line of each company, which leaves both never quite the same . Because, you see, it’s time that Marvel’s superheroines took a lesson from their doe-eyed sisters on refusing to be pushed to the sidelines of a story, and it’s time that Disney’s princesses embraced a bit of the spirit and complexity of their mask-wearing alter-egos. For the benefit of both.  Continue reading →

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