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Kate Middleton named 3rd most beautiful royal in survey

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton isn’t a princess yet, but she has already been named the third most beautiful royal, even beating future husband Prince William’s mom, Diana. The princess in waiting is just below Princess Grace of Monaco and Queen Rania of Jordan in beauty, according to a new survey.

BeautifulPeople.com conducted the survey, garnering 127,000 votes from all over the world. It randomly generated pictures of royals and allows users to vote on whether they think they are beautifu or not.

Kate, 29, a commoner until her marriage to William on April 29, ranked third, behind only Academy Award-winning actress-turned-royalty Grace Kelly, who married Prince of Monaco Rainier III; and Queen Rania of Jordan.

Princess Grace’s position at the top spot is unsurprising, according to Greg Hodge, managing director of the site, because she’s simply “iconic and remains so” even after her death almost three decades later.

But that Kate has surpassed the late Princess Diana, who was voted at fourth place, is a “big surprise.”

Hodge was quoted by the New York Post as saying, “Unlike Diana, who grew into her role, Kate Middleton comes in very fashion-forward. She’s living this fairy tale, and is about to become the most famous princess in the world.”

Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Princess Grace’s granddaughter, rounds up the top 5 list.

Princess Gayatri Devi, Princess Madeline of Sweden, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Princess Margaret, and Princess Masako of Japan make up the lower five in the Beautiful People list respectively.

For the men, Kate’s fianc√©, Prince William, is at fifth place, behind his brother Prince Harry. Their father, Prince Charles, is at tenth.

Hodge said, “Harry is known to have the cheeky jet-set playboy within him. That probably resonated with voters along with the fact that he’s still a bachelor.”

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is at first place, followed by Prince Andrea of Monaco and Prince Frederick of Denmark.

Prince Philippos of Greece, Crown Prince of Spain Felipe de Borbon, Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg, and Prince Albert of Monaco are at sixth to ninth place.

Unfortunately for William and Harry’s stepmother, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, holds a place in the Ugliest Royals in History list. Their cousins, Princess Eugenie of York and Princess Beatrice of York, as well as their parents Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, also made the list.

Hodge added, “The British royals are typically very horsey-looking. Diana certainly improved the gene pool, and we hope that Kate will do the same.”

The fictional Princess Fiona from “Shrek” films and the Queen of Hearts in the animated “Alice in Wonderland” are also included in the unflattering list.

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