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Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea impressed by Bach

Flea thinks composer Bach is the ‘pinnacle of human achievement’.

The bassist with rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers spent time studying at the University of Southern California while the band were taking a break before recording new record I’m With You. He took lessons in Music Theory and Composition and was stunned when he realised just how talented German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, who died in 1750, was.

‘The main thing I did was to analyse Bach; what he did is the pinnacle of human achievement,’ he told Q magazine.

‘Having, like, five different complex melodies all going at the same time, each one itself the most amazing thing you’ve heard and all working together. The genius of it boggles the f**king mind. I liked being in a place where I didn’t have to feel guilty about picking someone’s brain.’

Flea only stayed at the university for two semesters as he had many other projects on the go. In time the 48-year-old hopes to return as feels it’s something he’s missed out on.

‘ love it, and, honestly, I’d love to go back for years. I barely squeaked through high school. I was never an educated person outside of my own personal growth process,’ he said.

Dolly Parton never wears the same outfit twice

The 65-year-old songstress always looks impeccably groomed and is known for her voluminous blonde tresses and love of make-up.

Dolly has revealed that she changes her outfit for every appearance, regardless of the amount of time she will wear it for. The country star insists she never wears the same attire more than once.

‘[Doing 28 interviews in a day] means the same number of outfit changes. I never do an interview in or even wear the same outfit twice. So after I’ve worn this blouse it will be wrapped up, and locked in my closet, never to be seen again,’ she explained in an interview with Q magazine.

Dolly looks back on some of her fashion choices and laughs. She believes that is inevitable, however, because her style is constantly evolving.

‘All the time!’ she exclaimed, when asked if she cringes at old outfit choices. ‘At the time you think you look great, you think you’re beautiful and your dress is perfect but 20 years on it’s, ‘What was I thinking?’ And that goes for my hair too. When I was with [late duetting partner] Porter Wagoner in Europe, we both had big bouffant hair. We used to fight over the hairspray. I think his hair was bigger than mine!’

N-Dubz have been trying to teach Red Hot Chili Peppers British slang.

N-Dubz have been trying to teach Red Hot Chili Peppers British slang.

N-Dubz have been trying to teach Red Hot Chili Peppers British slang.

The London based hip-hop group are presently promoting themselves in the US, where lead rapper Dappy said he tried to teach the funk band his vernacular.

He said: ‘ had to tell ‘em straight, ‘this might not be Shakespeare but this is how I talk, bruv’. They definitely didn’t get ‘Peng’. Peng means fit, sexy, good looking.”

The ‘Girls’ hitmaker ‘ who stars in N-Dubz alongside singer Tulisa and producer Fazer ‘ said the ‘Californication’ group’s frontman, Anthony Keidis, initially recognised him because of his trademark headwear ‘ a beanie cap.

He added to Q magazine: ‘Anthony had heard of us, which was amazing. Well, he knew the hat – it’s, like, my calling card.”

N-Dubz recently revealed they are planning to take a fishing trip together after completing their next tour in April, to help keep their working relationship on track.

Tulisa said: ‘ love fishing. We’re all going to France together and are just going to camp by the river and fish every day and night.

” The trip’s more about Dappy and I, to sort of build up a relationship again as cousins.

“You get so caught up at work that you end up losing the family vibe and just hating each other as work colleagues.’

Meanwhile, Red Hot Chili Peppers are working on their latest album in Los Angeles.

Elbow explain ‘love you mate’ line in ‘Friend Of Ours’ song

Bryan Glancy, who died unexpectedly in 2006

Bryan Glancy, who died unexpectedly in 2006

Elbow don’t think enough men tell their friends they love them. Frontman Guy Garvey was surprised when he was told the line ‘love you mate,’ in his song ‘Friend Of Ours’ ‘ about a close pal of the band, Bryan Glancy, who died unexpectedly in 2006 ‘ was an ‘unusual’ thing for one man to say to another. He explained to Q Magazine: ‘Someone said that to write that was unusual. I hadn’t realised that. It was so natural. It seemed the only thing to say. You do love your mates though, don’t you? ‘ tell my friends at the end of every phone call. He used to, Bryan used to. So I know that’s the last thing he said to me.’ ‘Neat Little Rows’ singer Guy’s bandmates – Mark Potter, Craig Potter, Richard Jupp and Pete Turner ‘ agree with him, with Craig adding: ‘Everyone would be heartbroken if they never saw their friends again. It’s just that most blokes never speak about that sort of thing.’

Drummer Richard continued: ‘Yeah, it’s all b******s and meat pies.’

Elbow’s new album, ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’ is released on March 7.

Jack White rules out joining another band hinting at solo career.

Jack White rules out joining another band hinting at solo career.

Jack White rules out joining another band hinting at solo career.

Jack White has ruled out joining another band, and hinted at starting a solo career. The singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer announced the end of his biggest group, The White Stripes, earlier this month, and now says he will concentrate on his other groups – The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather – as well as his Third Man record label.

He told our source: “I won’t join another band again. Three’s enough for one lifetime. If I can’t say it in any of these bands, then I’ll say it by myself.”

Jack’s last record with the White Stripes was 2007′s ‘Icky Thump’, and since then he has released albums ‘Consolers Of The Lonely’ with The Raconteurs and both ‘Horehound’ and ‘Sea of Cowards’ with The Dead Weather.

He has also produced albums for his wife, Karen Elson and singer Wanda Jackson, as well as launched a range of vinyl only singles on his Third Man label.

Announcing the end of The White Stripes – which was comprised of Jack and ex-wife Meg White – a statement to fans was released which said: “The White Stripes belong to you now, and you can do with it whatever you want.

Primal Scream reveal that Kylie Minogue wanted to work with them

Primal Scream reveal that Kylie Minogue wanted to work with them.

Primal Scream reveal that Kylie Minogue wanted to work with them.

Primal Scream reveal that Kylie Minogue wanted to work with them. The Australian singer ‘ who has previously collaborated with artists including Nick Cave and Manic Street Preachers ‘ approached the ‘Loaded’ hitmakers to write a track for her, but the group were having too many problems to accept. Frontman Bobby Gillespie revealed: ‘We met her twice ‘ at a photoshoot and then she came to a gig in Australia. She was lovely. ‘ think she was looking for us to write a song for her and make a record with her. But we were having problems even writing songs for ourselves at that point. So it never happened.’ Primal Scream ‘ who were previously famed for their drink and drug-fuelled partying ‘ recently marked 25 years since the release of their first single ‘All Fall Down’ but the group are surprised their career has lasted so long. Asked if he ever expected the group to be around 25 years, 48-year-old Bobby admitted to Q magazine: ‘ didn’t think I’d be alive then. I probably didn’t want to be alive. Seriously. ‘So the answer is no. But I always knew we were good. It was always a serious thing. It wasn’t like a part-time thing before you go back to doing a real job.

Q Magazine’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Award revealed

Murray James

Murray James

Q Magazine’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Award revealed.   The 21st anniversary of The Q Awards sees the introduction of a brand new category for emerging talent ‘ The Next Big Thing award, the shortlist for which was announced today. The shortlist was chosen by a special guest panel comprised of Columnist Of The Year Caitlin Moran from The Times, Radio1′s new music guru Huw Stephens, The Sun’s Showbiz Editor Gordon Smart and Q Editor In Chief Paul Rees.  From a long list of 20 acts the panel have shortlisted the following six acts for the Next Big Thing award:

Alice Gold
Clare Maguire
Esben And The Witch
Murray James

The winner of The Next Big Thing award will be announced at The Q Awards With Russian Standard Vodka ceremony on Monday, 25 October at the Grosvenor House hotel in London.

For further information on each of the acts their websites are;

Alice Gold: http://www.alicegold.com/
Clare Maguire: http://www.claremaguire.co.uk/
Ebsen And The Witch: http://esbenandthewitch.co.uk/
Fenech-Soler: http://www.fenechsoler.co.uk/
Mona: http://www.monatheband.com/
Murray James: http://www.myspace.com/murrayjamesmusic

Paolo Nutini at Q Awards with Standard Russian Vodka!

Paolo Nutini at Q Awards with Standard  Russian Vodka!

Paolo Nutini at Q Awards with Standard Russian Vodka!

Paolo Nutini and Jamiroquai at Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka. Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka: The Gigs and Mean Fiddler are delighted to announce the stellar line up for this year’s series of exclusive shows at the HMV Forum Kentish Town to launch the 2010 Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka. Jamiroquai will kick the gigs off in spectacular style on Wednesday 20th October. After 15 years, 159 weeks on the UK singles chart, 232 weeks on the albums chart and more than 20 million album sales, Jamariquai will perform the hits and tracks from the forthcoming record Rock Dust Light Star, the first album in 5 years. London’s Electronic Duo, Chase and Status will be next to take the stage. Thursday 21st October sees the group launch their yet to be titled new album. The duo’s diversity has driven them to become pioneers in the most cutting-edge genre of today’s music. Paolo Nutini joins the line up on Friday 22nd October. This will be a rare opportunity to see Nutini in such an intimate setting. At the tender age of 23 he has released two albums with the latest Sunnyside Up achieving four times platinum. Saturday 23rd October see Grammy and Brit Winner, Mark Ronson take to the stage. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl are set to release the album Record Collection’ on 27th September, already spawning one of this summer’s biggest hits, ‘Bang Bang Bang’ shooting straight into the Top 5 in the UK charts. Bringing the Q Awards The Gigs with Russian Standard Vodka to a close will be an exclusive and intimate performance by one of the world’s finest tunesmiths, Neil Finn. Finn will perform at Camden’s Jazz Cafe on Sunday 24th October. The Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka will take place on the 25th October in Central London and will once again honour music’s great and good. The awards are widely acknowledged as one of the most star-studded and prestigious dates on the music calendar.  Russia’s No. 1 premium vodka, Russian Standard Vodka is delighted to present The Q Awards once again this year. Russian Standard Vodka is steeped in Russian heritage; it is based on the vodka formula created by illustrious scientist Dmitri Mendeleev and is produced with only the finest Russian ingredients, shipped directly from St Petersberg to the UK.  (www.russianstandardvodka.com). Go to www.qthemusic.com or listen to Q Radio for more updates on Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka: The Gigs Tickets on sale from 1st September, with exclusive Aloud pre-sale from the 30th August. Tickets are available from www.aloud.com

Aviv Geffen to release ‘Black and White’

Aviv Geffen to release 'Black and White'

Aviv Geffen

Aviv Geffen to release ‘Black and White’ . Controversial Israeli superstar Aviv Geffen releases a new single on March 29th. Entitled Black and White, the track has been lifted from Geffen’s current self-titled UK debut album and is the follow-up to It’s Alright a song that became the first BBC Radio play-listed track by an Israeli artist when it was released late last year. Black and White (and indeed the current album) has been produced by Trevor Horn, Ken Nelson and Dave Sitek.  Aviv Geffen has been described as a revelation and a cross between ‘John Lennon and Thom Yorke’ (by Q Magazine) and in his native Israel, he comfortably outsells U2, Madonna and Coldplay with over 2.5 million record sales worldwide. Historically he has made something of an impact; in 1993 his ‘Cloudy Now’ was banned by Israeli radio yet it still topped the charts. Two years later he publicly made peace with politician Yitzhak Rabin at a political rally after singing ‘Cry for You’ and moments later Rabin was tragically assassinated. This has never deterred his hopeful spirit and Geffen continues to make hits, sell out 40,000 seater concerts and his female fanbase swells with young teenage women drawn to his sharp and quirky David Bowie-esque style, and his conscious and thought provoking lyrics. Ironically, on Aviv Geffen, he is joined by David Bowie’s pianist Mike Garson and now counts Bowie himself and Lou Reed as avid admirers.

Black and White will be released on March 29th 2010.


Lady Gaga to wear fake penis on stage


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga to wear fake penis on stage.  The ‘Bad Romance’ singer – who has been dogged by speculation she has had a sex change or has both sets of genitals – can understand where rumours she is a hermaphrodite have come from and plans to make fun of them in an “artistic” way.

The 23-year-old star said: “I want to wear a d**k strapped to my vagina. We all know that one of the biggest talking points of the year was that I have a d**k, so why not give them what they want?

“I also carry myself onstage in a masculine way and sing in a low register. This is not of nowhere, right?

“I want to comment on that in a beautiful, artistic way. How I wanna show it. And I want to call this piece ‘Lady Gaga Dies Hard’. Come on, come see me try to persuade everyone to let me wear a penis.”

The controversial star – who is well known for her outlandish stunts and outrageous outfits – also blasted contradictory attitudes to sexuality, which let men be more vocal about their conquests than women.

She told Q magazine: “When a guy says, ‘Oh I f***ed all these chicks this week’, there’s a high-five and giggling. But when a woman does it and its publicised or she’s open about her sexuality or she’s free or liberated, it’s ‘Oh, she must have a d**k’. There’s a threat.”

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