Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette feuds with Miss Tennessee Ashley Durham

Penn Jillette, of famous magic duo Penn and Teller, was one of the guest judges of the Miss Teen USA pageant and some of his tweets on runner-up Miss Tennessee Ashley Durham probably made her want to disappear.

After questioning Durham whether burning religious items, like the Koran, should have the same protection under the constitution as flag burning, she said it shouldn’t be because it crossed the line. Jillette wasn’t happy with her answer and took to Twitter to let fans know.

“I ‘judged’ Miss USA. ‘Miss’ TN was asked about burning the Koran and she negated the whole First Amendment. F–k her. Glad to help her lose,” Penn Jillette said in a tweet.

Lose she did, this time to Miss California Alyssa Campanella for the title of Miss Teen USA. But she fired back at Jillette with a statement through pageant officials, saying she is disappointed that Jillette would find joy in dashing her dreams.

Some of his Twitter followers also questioned him about his statement, and he had some magic words for them, too, saying she answered “sloppily” and that the Bill of Rights matters.

“If they don’t want them judged on the questions, don’t ask them. And she didn’t answer well. It wasn’t just the idea,” he said. “She said people should not be allowed to burn books or the flag. I think that’s freedom of speech.”

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