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The Smoking Hearts release debut album

The Smoking Hearts

The Smoking Hearts

The Smoking Hearts release debut album. The Smoking Hearts will be stamping their mark on the British music scene on March 8th of 2010 with the release of debut album Pride Of Nowhere. Storming out of rural England, The Smoking Hearts unleash a whirlwind combination of relentless punk rock and cutting rock’n’roll. With Pride Of Nowhere, the band deftly call upon their arsenal of screaming vocals, ruthless guitars and thunderous beats. The resulting effect is 13 ferocious blasts that shout out loud ‘be who you want to be’. Pride Of Nowhere is a record full of anger and frustration at a world that demands conformity and mindless ritual. It tells the story of five reprobates who like to have fun, rock out, and have a good time all the time. Taking digs at the common work environment ‘we hope you all choke on your nine to five’, and former loves ‘looks like The Ritz but she’s The Bates Motel’, The Smoking Hearts also highlight their philosophies of life with lyrics like ‘We’ll raise a toast to the ones that hate us most’. Recorded on a farm in Bedfordshire with Nick Mailing (Quireboys/Trashlight Vision) and Mastered by Russ Russell (Napalm Death/The Wildhearts) over the course of just 14 days (and nights), this 13 song opus clocks in at a frantic 29 minutes and 25 seconds. Graceful is definitely not a word to describe The Smoking Hearts. Live shows have seen guitar headstocks smashed and drum kits sprawled across stages. It is not uncommon to find half the band on the floor with the crowd and, on occasion, half the crowd on stage with the band. In their short career as a band, The Smoking Hearts have travelled thousands of miles, opening shows for the likes of Gallows, Bring Me The Horizon, Winnebago Deal and The Supersuckers, as well as some iconic acts such as Misfits and Skid Row. Pride Of Nowhere is a record for many states of mind – these are songs that will inspire attitudes to party, drink, fight. But ultimately it is the anti-thesis of sitting around and letting things happen to you; it has everything to do with making life happen for yourself.

Celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday With Evolution Songs

charles_darwin_lToday would have been the 200th birthday of arguably the most famous naturalist of all time, Charles Darwin.

To mark the occasion we’ve formulated together a list of evolution related songs that no doubt Mr Darwin would be listening to on his iPod if he was kicking around today.

See below  our list of Charles Darwin evolution songs and a selection of related music videos.

To mark what would have been legendary British naturalist Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday this week (February 12), I present a collection of songs to mark the occasion! 

Darwin also published his seminal book ‘On The Original of Species’ 150 years ago this year, so I’ve come up with as many (loosely) evolution-related songs as possible. If you can think of any more, post them below.

David Bowie: ‘Changes’ – Nice and succinct, Bowie sums up evolution perfectly
Pearl Jam: ‘Do The Evolution’
Bruce Springsteen:  ‘Part Man, Part Monkey’
Ian Brown: ‘Dolphins Were Monkeys’ – A bit skewed, but we’ll let Ian off, he has smoked a lot of weed in his time. 
Korn: ‘Evolution’ 
Napalm Death: ‘De-Evolution Ad Nauseum’
Destiny’s Child: ‘I’m A Survivor’ – Sums up natural selection nicely. We’re not sure the ultra-religious Beyonce would be happy about being on this list though! 
Michael Jackson: ‘Earth Song’
Cher: ‘If I Could Turn Back In Time’
R.E.M: ‘Losing My Religion’ – Exactly what Darwin was no doubt feeling while writing is theory!
The Chemical Brothers: ‘It Began In Africa’ – It is where man is believed to have first evolved after all. 
Fatboy Slim: ‘Right Here, Right Now’ – For that famous evolution video
Artichoke: ‘Charles Robert Darwin’ – Says all you need to know!
Elvis Costello: ‘Monkey To Man’
Louis Prima & Phil Harris: ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ – The tune the orangutans sing to Mowgli on The Jungle Book movie
New York Dolls: ‘Dance Like A Monkey’
The Bee Gees: ‘Evolution’
Motorhead: ‘Line In The Sand’ – Comes complete with the line “Evolution is a mystery, full of changes that no-one sees.”
Amy Winehouse: ‘Monkey Man’
Buckethead: ‘Future Evolution’
Bob Dylan: ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’
Genomic Dub Collective: ‘Natural Selection’
Godiego: ‘Monkey Magic’

For those of you who get irked by creationists claiming the earth was built in six days and all that, CLICK HERE to see a comprehensive guide to musicians who have spoken out against religion.

We’ve also set up a spotify playlist in honour of Charles Darwin, which you can listen to here

For a rough (and not entirely accurate) guide to evolution in three minutes and 36 seconds, enjoy the video to Fatboy Slim’s

Watch Fatboy Slim – ‘Retrospective’ on RTV Channel

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