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Shaquille O’Neal & AEG Live Announce First All-Star Comedy Jam Tour

Shaquille O’Neal and his company Shaq Entertainment have announced the launch of the first All-Star Comedy Jam tour.

The tour will bring together many of the comedians who appeared at Shaq’s All-star Comedy Jams shot during NBA All-star Weekends over the last three years.

“I played with many All-stars on the court and laughed with these All-stars off the court,” said O’Neal in a statement.

“I’m happy to present this hand-picked lineup as the first Shaq All-Star tour,” he added.

The tour kicks off on September 9th in Memphis as part of the Southern Heritage Classic and will play in more than 20 U.S. cities this fall.

The tour which is Shaq’s first venture post-retirement will also be filmed live for a reality show called All-Star Comedy Jam Backstage Pass.

Tickets go on-sale Friday, June 17 at 10am at

Pin Me Down debut album and free download

Pin Me Down

Pin Me Down

Pin Me Down is a musical collaboration between Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack and vocalist Milena Mepris (formerly of the electro-punk band Black Moustache).  The pair met several years ago when Milena’s old band supported Bloc Party in New York. Having discovered a shared love of guitars and 80s artists such as Kate Bush, Cyndi Lauper and New Order the pair decided to explore new frontiers together. Pin Me Down fuse energetic pop melodies with razor-sharp guitar sounds – creating ‘apocalyptic pop’ as Mépris likes to call it. Pin Me Down follow-up their free download single of last month (Time Crisis) with a brand new single (Treasure Hunter) and debut album, both released on Monday 19 April.  The new single will be available on limited edition 7′ and Download.  The eponymously titled debut album was recorded by Alex Elena and Daniel Lingren in London and New York throughout the course of 2009.

The album’s track listing is as follows;

Treasure Hunter
Boy Who Cried Wolf
Oh My Goddess
Pretty In Pink
Time Crisis
Meet The Selkirks
Everything Is Sacred
Fight Song

The album is available to pre-order now exclusively from the band’s website as a digital album, CD and deluxe edition including bonus vinyl, t-shirt, badges and tote bag,

The band will be touring in the summer with club shows and festival dates (details to follow).

Erykah Badu’s Twitter birth

Erykah Badu's Twitter birth

Erykah Badu's Twitter birth

Erykah Badu and her boyfriend, Jay Electronica, have taken “sharing” to a whole new level — by guiding their fans through every minute detail of Badu’s homebirth via Twitter. She logged on first: “Morning! I’m in labour!” He then took over: “Everybody stand back. We’re waiting for the midwife to show” (at which point, you might think, he’d put the keyboard down). Next, the public were kindly informed he was “doing foot rubs when the contractions hit”. Then, newsflash! She was “dilated to 8½cm!”, and soon he was announcing to the world, “I see the head! It’s covered in hair!” (Electronica, lose the keyboard — you’ll drop the baby). Never mind the eeew factor — how annoying must it have been to receive constant updates from a man you don’t know direct from his girlfriend’s birthing pool? Probably almost as annoying as the whole thing was for Badu, who felt so moved by her beau’s global posts on the state of her cervix that she named her baby Mars Merkaba.

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