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Oprah Winfrey Reclaims Most Powerful Celebrity Throne

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Reclaims Most Powerful Celebrity Throne. Oprah Winfrey is once again the queen of celebrities. The media mogul has reclaimed her throne as the most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine, knocking over last year’s number 1 Angelina Jolie.¬†Forbes tallied the names in the Celebrity 100 based on fame and money. Their earnings estimates and their Web hits, including press mentions. For this year, their social standing was also calculated using social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Winfrey was ousted from her comfortable top position last year by Jolie, but quickly regained footing this year. The magazine cited her eponymous talk show, as well as other media. Lady Gaga debuts in the list at 4th place, while America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock sits pretty at 8th place. She was 92nd last year. Beyonce Knowles (2nd), Britney Spears (6th), Madonna (10th), and U2 (7th) make up the music stars included in the first 10 rank. James Cameron (3rd), Johnny Depp (9th), and Tiger Woods (5th) round up the Top 10. Jolie and partner Brad Pitt also make the list at 18th and 30th place respectively, while “Twilight” stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson join the power list for the first time at 66th and 50th.
Top 50 of Forbes’ Most Powerful List:

1.Oprah Winfrey
2.Beyonce Knowles
3.James Cameron
4.Lady Gaga
5.Tiger Woods
6.Britney Spears
8.Sandra Bullock
9.Johnny Depp
11.Simon Cowell
12.Taylor Swift
13.Miley Cyrus
14.Kobe Bryant
16.Black Eyed Peas
17.Bruce Springsteen
18.Angelina Jolie
19.Rush Limbaugh
20.Michael Jordan
21.Dr. Phil McGraw
22.Steven Spielberg
23.Ellen DeGeneres
24.David Letterman
25.Tyler Perry
26.Jennifer Aniston
28.LeBron James
29.Roger Federer
30.Brad Pitt
31.Floyd Mayweather
32.Michael Bay
33.Donald Trump
34.Jay Leno
36.David Beckham
37.Jerry Seinfeld
39.Howard Stern
40.Jonas Brothers
41.Tom Hanks
42.George Lucas
43.Glenn Beck
44.Ryan Seacrest
45.Phil Mickelson
46.Ben Stiller
47.Jerry Bruckheimer
48.Cristiano Ronaldo
49.Alex Rodriguez
50.Robert Pattinson

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