Matt Lawrence

American Idol 9 on 9: The Orlando Auditions

Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth

Tonight, an “American Idol” first, I believe: An onscreen arrest of a contestant. But is “Idol” still worth getting arrested over? Or having your old arrests be dragged out into the sunlight? I mean, let’s have some perspective: Guest judge Kristin Chenoweth couldn’t even be bothered to stick around for day 2 of the Orlando auditions, though all she missed was a teenage felon.

1. How long before TMZ or the Smoking Gun unearth Matt Lawrence’s presumably sealed criminal record?

2. How necessary is this article? There’s nothing particularly surprising or infuriating in it, but it’s important to have the show’s fabrication laid bare. (Also, kudos to Jackie Tohn, “Idol” Deep Throat.) (Actually, I completely take it back.)

3. Alleged finalist Janell Wheeler is no stranger to the news: Like that, Tim Tim? That Heisman getting lonely?

4. Have you heard Kristin Chenoweth’s Christmas album? Recommended.

5. Between Charity Vance and the Desimone sisters, what is it with home salons this season?

6. How excited will I be to see Jay Stone get eliminated in the first round of Hollywood week? The answer is: Extremely. If he makes the top 24, I’ll buy a (used) copy of “Heartbreak on Vinyl” and eat it.

7. (And apparently Blake Lewis taught Michelle Obama how to beatbox? So much worse than the Salahis.)

8. You want “Pants on the Ground”? Cornelius Edwards will give you pants on the ground.

9. Is it supposed to be meaningful to watch a dozen consecutive clips of rejected contestants crying when we never see why they’re upset?

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