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Meteor NBC: Meteor TV Movie

Meteor on NBC is a two-part TV movie about a potential massive meteor strike that will be aired next Sunday, July 19.  In NBC’s Meteor, Maria Sokoloff plays scientist Imogene O’Neil, who will pick up where her boss (Christopher Lloyd) left off in trying determine the GPS coordinates that could prevent the strike.
Sokoloff and Lloyd’s characters are in a mad rush to bring the information about the meteor to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to reveal it to the scientists in charge of managing the potential disaster.
In the first part of the movie they run into quite a bit of technical trouble on the way, which really helps build the suspense. We’re sure NBC will keep the suspense high and tease the second part of Meteor all through next week, too. Anyway, as the pieces of a Meteor named Kassandra are beginning to rain down onto the Earth, airplanes are knocked out of the sky, and hospitals are rendered inoperable. Scientists even begin to call it “an extinction event.” Christopher Lloyd plays a somewhat kooky mad-scientist type who was fired from his government job because they thought he was looney. Now they have to convince them that his character, Dr. Lehman, is not crazy, and in fact knows how to save humanity. We’ll have to wait until next week to see whether he can pull it off.

Check out the video of NBC’s Meteor TV movie below.

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