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Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife arrested in Colorado

Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen, was arrested early Saturday in Colorado and charged with assault and cocaine possession, police reported. Just before midnight on Friday, police encountered a woman at a bar and performance venue in Aspen called the Belly Up, who claimed that Mueller was “the aggressor” in an assault, according to a news release from the Colorado city’s police department.

Shortly later, Mueller, 34, was found at another bar, Escobar, Aspen police said. She was arrested with more than 4 grams of cocaine. Mueller was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, which is a felony, and third-degree assault, a misdemeanor.

After posting $11,000 bond, Mueller was released. A court date has been set for Dec. 19.

Mueller has appeared in several movies, but is perhaps best known for her rocky marriage to Charlie Sheen. The two share custody of young twin boys.

The boys and Mueller played a leading role in Sheen’s volatile and public fall-out with CBS earlier in 2011, which ultimately led to his dismissal from the hit comedy series “Two and a Half Men.”

In March, Mueller claimed Sheen threatened to kill her. Sheen downplayed the allegations and said they were “colorful.”

Mueller has sought treatment for substance abuse and stress related issues in the past.

It is unclear where the two boys were at the time of Mueller’s arrest.

Florida man arrested in celebrity email hackings

Following a yearlong investigation, FBI officials on Wednesday identified the man they say hacked into the email accounts of nearly 50 celebrities, including those of Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Mila Kunis.
The suspect, Christopher Chaney, an unemployed 35-year-old from Jacksonville, FL, apparently didn’t do it for the money, FBI officials say. Chaney allegedly worked from his home computer to mine data from magazines and websites, including posts on Twitter and Facebook to get passwords. The name of a dog, a favorite movie, an old address, or a sister’s name all aided his efforts.

 Officials said that once Chaney obtained passwords, he could then gain access to the stars’ address books, photos and other files. He used an email forwarding program that automatically duplicated any messages the star received into his account.

 Cheney allegedly began his hacking in November 2010 when he tapped into Christina Aguilera’s email and later posted pictures of the singer in a revealing photo. In December, Chaney managed to hack Mila Kunis’ accounts and stole several pictures. That same month, Chaney tapped into Scarlett Johansson’s accounts that contained several nude pictures. The photos soon circulated on several celebrity websites.

 Cheney was arrested this week in Jacksonville and faces up to 121 years in prison if found guilty on all counts.


Propofol expert is final witness in Murray trial

A propofol expert, Dr. Stephen Shafer, was the final witness for the prosecution in the trial of cardiologist Conrad Murray for involuntary manslaughter of pop icon Michael Jackson.
Shafer’s testimony on Thursday focused on the importance of precise administration of the sedative to a patient because a slight overdose can cause a person to wake up hours later.

 Shafer, who teaches anesthesiology at Columbia University, conducted research that established dosing benchmarks still used by the medical community when propofol was first introduced in the 1990s.

 He did not finish his testimony Thursday and will return to the Los Angeles court on Monday.

 Previous witnesses, who were also doctors, described Murray’s supervision over his celebrity patient as bordering on negligence. They blamed Murray for causing the death of Jackson at age 50 in June 2009.

 One witness, Dr. Nader Kamangar, said that even if Jackson self-administered the sedative as initially claimed by Murray, the cardiologist would still be culpable for his patient’s death.

 Murray has admitted he administered propofol to Jackson upon the entertainer’s insistence because of his difficulty in sleeping during preparation for a series of concerts in London

Rebecca Black receives death threats, now under police protection

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black, 13, is now under police protection after the “Friday” YouTube sensation received two death threats last month. Anaheim, California police confirmed that they are keeping an eye on her during the investigation.

According to police spokesman Rick Martinez, the threats came over the phone and through email. Whoever sent the death threats was pissed off by her music video, which garnered more than 110 million views on YouTube.

He was quoted by as saying, “In essence, the threats were related to getting the music off the Internet or they were going to kill her. We can’t validate how serious they are, but we do it take seriously.”

“In the meantime, we are keeping an extra eye out for her.”

Black’s rep added, “We are working together with the Anaheim Police Department to ensure Rebecca’s safety at all times.”

Paris Hilton Arrested In Vegas

Paris Hilton Arrested In Vegas

Paris Hilton Arrested In Vegas

Paris Hilton Arrested In Vegas. Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of cocaine last night in Las Vegas after boyfriend Cy Waits was pulled over. The heiress was a passenger in Waits’ black Cadillac Escalade driving near the Wynn Hotel which reportedly reeked so much of marijuana that Las Vegas police noticed and pulled the vehicle over.     Hilton was arrested for drug possession after Hilton allegedly pulled a tube of lip gloss from her purse and a small baggie of what appeared to be a small amount of cocaine fell out in front of authorities. Police didn’t say how much was found. Waits was busted for a drug-related DUI. This is the second time this year Hilton has been arrested on drug possession allegations. She was charged with marijuana possession in South Africa earlier this summer, but authorities dropped the charges. In 2007, Hilton pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. This is quite a turnaround for Waits, who last week was heralded for holding a knife-wielding trespasser at bay with a gun at Hilton’s Los Angeles home. Just hours before her arrest, Hilton was in town for a hair photo shoot at Color salon in Caesars Palace and an interview with TV’s Channel 3 news

Gunfire Prompts Stampede At Mexican Pop Concert Kills 5



Gunfire Prompts Stampede At Mexican Pop Concert Kills 5. Five people are dead and at least 12 others are injured following a stampede at a Mexican concert. Panic ensued when concertgoers heard shots fired at the Guadalupe pop concert. 500 people ducked for cover and tried to run to safety at the venue in located in the northern state of Nuevo Leon. However, three men and two women perished as the crowd ran to the fairground’s exits. Images on local television showed people giving victims mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Cellphone camera images have shown the chaos that occurred and people ducking behind chairs to avoid the shots. The concert being held in the city of Guadalupe was for fans of the Grammy award winning group Intocable. After the venue was cleared investigators recovered a spent bullet casing. Authorities believe the sound of gunfire combined with increased drug violence in the region fueled the panic of the crowd. Guadalupe near the city Monterrey has been the site of intense drug violence and since the beginning of the year over 160 people have died.

Intocable Initially, the group faced a tough time despite having a good music and sound. The band’s first indie albums could hardly get any returns. They were sailing in the same storm until August of 1994 when their recorded album Fuego Eterno, with new label EMI Latin, hit the charts. Initially, the album was ignored but later public realized the sound and flavor of the music of band when they gave their attention to it. There was an undoubted contribution of music of Ramón Ayalato direct the band on the path of success. Even the band’s lead vocalist and accordion player, Ricky Muñoz has said many times that his biggest inspiration is Mr. Ayala, himself. On January 31, 1999, the group suffered a terrible loss and emotional setback in their lives when Jose Ángel Farias & Silvestre Rodríguez and a road manager José Ángel González were killed in an auto accident while moving to to Monterrey, Mexico. Muñoz and the remaining members of the group were badly gashed and spent weeks in a Monterrey hospital. After a six-month layoff, however, the band came back victoriously, supported with a tour behind its comeback album Contigo. The first single “El Amigo que Se Fue” was dedicated to the fallen band members first single paying tribute to them.

The group said once that all they have earned, they’ve worked hard for. That nothing was ever just given to them. That they are always looking out for that magical song with the right combination of lyrics and music that will make that connection, intrigue and have a huge impact on the life of everyday people. The most notable songs produced by Intocable, “Y Todo Para Qué?”, “El Poder de Tus Manos”, “Dónde Estás?”, “Aire”, “La Mentira”, “Eres Mi Droga”, and “Alguien Te Va A Hacer Llorar”, among others.

Oprah Settles Suit With Former South African School Headmistress

Oprah Settles Suit With Former South African School Headmistress

Oprah Settles Suit With Former South African School Headmistress

Oprah Settles Suit With Former South African School Headmistress. Television talk show host Oprah Winfrey has settled a defamation lawsuit filed by Nomvuho Mzamane, the former headmistress of a South Africa girl’s school set up by the entertainment mogul. In the suit, Mzamane said Winfrey made disparaging remarks about her in 2007 after an alleged sex abuse scandal at the school. Mzamane claimed she had problems finding a job in the wake of Winfrey’s remarks, reports stated.  According to reports, both women met Tuesday to settle their differences.  Details of the settlement were not made public.  Winfrey was scheduled to testify at a trial on the charges next week in Philadelphia, according to reports.  The school opened in 2007 in Johannesburg, costing $40 million.  Oprah, a victim of child abuse herself, funded the school after meeting with former South African President Nelson Mandela in 2002.

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