Larry Rudolph

Lindsay Lohan plotting reality show with Britney Spears’ manager

Lindsay-Lohan-rtvcLindsay Lohan’s life already has the gawk-appeal of a reality show.  Now, it seems, she’s trying to create a real one. According to Fox News, the actress is in talks to turn her controversial life into reality TV fare. In the proposed show, cameras would trail the 23-year-old starlet as she tries to get her Hollywood career back on track. Lohan has reportedly contacted Britney Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, to get his advice on shaping the venture. This answers the mystery as to why Lohan and Spears have been spotted together recently. A source said Rudolf is “helping Lohan with a potential reality show that will encapsulate her trials and tribulations as she gets back on her feet and actually becomes a working actress again.”

Britney fires, taking drugs, tour dancers

britney-dancersBRITNEY SPEARS has sacked three of her dancers from her Circus tour after suspecting them of taking drugs. Her team, which includes manager Larry Rudolph and father Jamie Spears fired the dancers in order to protect her from any dangerous substances.

According to the Mirror, an insider said: “Because of Britney’s past personal problems she now requires more insurance for her ‘Circus’ tour than before.

“It’s a very rigorous process protecting all of those assets. Backstage her dad is beyond strict and rightfully so. He only wants the best for Britney.

“He’s protecting Britney’s comeback with every ounce of his being.”

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