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Britney Spears invites Prince William and Kate Middleton to her “Femme Fatale “concert

Britney Spears is set to take her “Femme Fatale” show to London’s O2 Arena next month and, while there, she would love to have the royal seal of approval. She hopes to perform for Prince William and Kate Middleton and is inviting them to one of her shows. Spears tells Glamour UK, which she covers this month, how cool she considers the possibility of having the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in attendance at her show, which has had celebrity attendees such as Lady Gaga and the Kardashians.

“That would be amazing. That would be really crazy and cool,” Spears said. “I think they’re a beautiful couple. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the wedding but I heard it was beautiful.”

The princess of pop had her chance at being real royalty. She was Prince William’s teenage crush. She says she finds it “hilarious” and “had no idea” that she was once the object of his puppy love.

Spears continues her “Femme Fatale Tour” later this month, kicking off the second leg in Russia on Sept. 22. She finally hits England at the end of October for a few shows before she does another full leg in South America.

Lady Gaga slams New York Times fashion critic in new column

Lady Gaga is serious about fashion and she doesn’t take its criticism lightly. In her latest column for V Magazine, she sends out a memo slamming negativity from critics, including New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, and poses the question: when does criticism become “insult and not insight”?

“Doesn’t the integrity of the critic become compromised when their writings are consistently plagued with negativity?,” Lady Gaga writes. “When the public is no longer surprised or excited by the unpredictability of the writer, but rather has grown to expect the same cynicism from the same cynic?”

Lady Gaga does name one critic specifically, Horyn, but not a particular story the pop singer may have found offensive. She does “copy” the memo to her friend Nicola Formichetti, who she collaborated with for Thierry Mugler. For the most part, Horyn had good things to say about the collection.

“What I think is so promising about Nicola Formichetti’s first women’s collection for Mugler is that he created a look for the runway; for magazine stylists like himself; for performers like his friend Lady Gaga, who modeled two outfits at Wednesday’s night show; and for the girls who love fashion and always have some place to go,” Horyn said about the collection back in March, also noting that Gaga “worked it” on the runway.

Not so negative. Could it have been some negative words said about Gaga’s other friends in the fashion biz such as Galliano or Jean Paul-Gaultier? She doesn’t say. But Gaga wants to put less emphasis on professional fashion critics and more on, well, everyone else who’s got a pulse and an Internet connection.

“In the age of the Internet, when collections and performances are so accessible to the public and anyone can post a review on Facebook or Twitter, shouldn’t columnists and reviewers, such as Cathy Horyn, employ a more modern and forward approach to criticism, one that separates them from the average individual at home on their laptop?” Gaga writes.

Gaga instead names Tavi Gevinson as the “future of journalism,” that infamous 15-year-old fashion blogger who famously began writing for fashion well before she could land a driver’s permit and can now be found sitting front row at some of the biggest runway shows.

You can check Gaga’s full column at the V Magazine website. Meanwhile, we’ll be awaiting Cathy Horyn’s response and maybe a clue as to what angered Gaga so. Did Horyn slam her drag king look at the VMA’s? Or maybe her faux penis accessory?

Lady Gaga starring on The Simpsons

Lady Gaga is set to star in the upcoming season of The Simpsons.

She will play herself in an episode where she tries to cheer up Lisa Simpson to no avail.

The animated singer apparently stops in the Simpson’s home town after learning that it is filled with low self-esteem.

She then tries to bring some joy into Lisa’s life through the power of speech, song and a flash mob.

Yeardley Smith who voices the character of Bart’s sister says it was a pleasure to work with the Bad Romance singer.

”m stunned that she has time in her schedule that she’s coming to our studio to record,’ Yeardley gushed.

She added that Gaga’s character on the show was the ‘happiest, most optimistic person in the world.’

The controversial singer taped her episode yesterday for her trip to Springfield but it is not yet known when the episode, titled Lisa Goes Gaga, will air.

Lady Gaga will open the 2011 Video Music Awards (VMAs), she announced last night.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga to open VMAs.  The popular American songstress revealed the exciting news after teasing fans all week.

She made the announcement through her fanbase known as the Little Monsters, who told the world the news via a huge banner in Times Square that read ‘GAGA TO OPEN VMAs!!!’

‘ have a really big announcement, but I thought as usual, instead of me announcing it, I’d let the Little Monsters do it for me,’ she told MTV’s Sway, before gushing about the coveted opportunity.

‘t means the world to me. I just feel really blessed every day. I have the most amazing fans.’

Gaga is also nominated for four awards at the prestigious music event including Best Female Video (Born This Way), Best Art Direction (Judas), Best Choreography (Judas) and Best Video with a Message (Born This Way).

The 2011 Video Music Awards will air on Sunday August 28.

It was a busy night for the star, as her full-length VMA promo was also unveiled, while her Yoü And I video also made its television premiere.

The star revealed the concept behind her song’s accompanying video.

“I wrote the song about this guy that I used to date,” she revealed. “But the song is about going back to anyone or anything in your life that means something to you.’

Meanwhile, fellow pop star Joss Stone revealed she doesn’t approve of Gaga’s eccentric attire. The British songstress insists Gaga’s love of outrageous garb overshadows her musical talent.

“I know the shock value is good and gets people to watch you, but actually [Gaga] can sing songs and she can play piano and it just feels like [her look] might overshadow what talent she does have,” she told CYInterview.

Lady Gaga’s gran loves her music

Lady Gaga’s grandmother insists she isn’t too old to appreciate the singer’s music.

Angelin Germanotta told Life & Style that she doesn’t mind her granddaughter’s risqué clothing and revealed that Gaga was a good girl growing up.

The 80-year-old said she is proud of the 25-year-old songstress and enjoys what she does.

‘ listen to her songs,’ Angelin said. ‘ love her music.’

But because of her ailing eye sight she said she is not against the singer’s controversial wardrobe choices.

Gaga is famed for her eccentric garb and regularly hits headlines for her innovative fashion choices.

”m blind, so I really don’t see all those sexy outfits. I can only see her legs when she’s on TV, so it’s good that she wears those outfits so I can spot her,’ she shared.

Gaga says she will ‘continue to wear no pants… so that my grandma can see me.’

Angelina disclosed that when the Born This Way singer is home with her family she is just a normal girl. She revealed that the star enjoys nothing more than participating in regular home life activities.

‘She wears jeans and just ordinary clothes with the family,’ she said, before adding, ‘She was a straight-A student, did all of her homework and went to Mass.

Lady Gaga pays Britney Spears a visit during her “Femme Fatale” concert

Britney Spears had a very special guest over the weekend during her “Femme Fatale” tour stop in Atlantic City. Among the attendees was Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga.

Spears announced that Gaga was at the Boardwalk Hall show on Saturday night to deafening screams from the audience. Seated near the show’s mixing board, Gaga drank and danced along to Spears’ hits, even doing a little fist-pumping during her latest hit “I Wanna Go.”

“Lady Gaga is in the house! It is such an honor to have her here,” Spears told the crowd of thousands. Gaga was responded by signing a heart to the 29-year-old pop princess.

The lovefest continued when Gaga, who collaborated with Spears on the rare cut “Quicksand” and even offered up her own “Telephone,” even started to bow to the star. She made a quick exit during the final song, “Till the World Ends,” before she’d be inundated by fans.

Gaga has confessed to being a big fan of Spears in the past, even admitting that, before she was famous, she would head to MTV’s Times Square studios during Brit’s appearances on “TRL” to catch a glimpse of her.

Spears responded some more appreciation via Twitter. “So amazing to have the beautiful @LadyGaga at the show in AC tonight,” Britney wrote. “Love you girl.”

Lady Gaga is to be the focus of a new ‘intimate’ pictorial book

Described as a ‘visual dialogue’ between the pop star and acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson ‘ who has taken over 100,000 pictures of the ‘Poker Face’ hitmaker ‘ ‘Lady Gaga’ will be released on November 22 and features an introduction written by the eccentric singer herself.

Announcing the book, Grand Central Publishing said: ‘The book will showcase over 350 colour and black and white photographs taken during the 10 month period in which Richardson followed Lady Gaga and had complete access to her everyday life, with nothing being off limits.

‘Beginning with Lollapalooza in August 2010 to the February 2011 Grammy Awards which had 26.66 million viewers, (the highest viewership in over a decade) to the final shows of her ‘Monster Ball’ tour which averaged an attendance of 90,000 people each day, Richardson brilliantly captures the intimate, random, behind-the-scenes moments of Lady Gaga in both her professional and personal life.’

Meanwhile, Gaga has spoken of how an intimate moment watching her grandmother as her grandfather lay dying inspired her hit ‘Edge of Glory’.

She said: “I remember feeling so sad, but they both sort of acknowledged that they won at life because they won at love with each other.”

After her grandfather died, Gaga joined her father in drinking shots of tequila and began to write the song.

She recalled in an interview with KIIS-FM DJ Jojo: “For some reason I was able to express what my father was not about to express … what was so hard, was for my dad to watch my grandpa be on the edge to watch him cross over, but not be there yet.’
The singer also spoke of how much she loved Amy Winehouse, who died suddenly on Saturday (23.07.11) aged 27.

She said: “I didn’t know Amy Winehouse, but I just loved her so much.

“I was such a huge fan, and I was a go-go dancer in New York when she was really big. So Amy gave me hope.’

Lady Gaga teams up with fashion photographer Terry Richardson for new book

Famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson has been following Lady Gaga for nearly a year and has shot over 100,000 photos of her. The result is a new book hitting stores later this year.

The book, simply titled “Lady Gaga,” features an assortment of never-before-seen color and black-and-white photos taken by Richardson, who’s shot iconic pictures for Britney Spears, Jared Leto, and Amy Winehouse.

From Grand Central Publishing, “Lady Gaga” follows the iconic star from her Lollapalooza performance in August 2010 all the way to the end of the Monster Ball tour, the recording and creation of her new album, “Born This Way,” and all the fashion in-between.

The book promises both professional and personal shots of Lady Gaga, telling a visual story of a year in the life of the pop superstar in the new book which promises to be “revelatory.”

“We are proud to be publishing this remarkable collaboration between Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson and anticipate that it will be one of the most stunning, provocative and coveted books of the 2011 holiday season,” said Jamie Raab, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Grand Central Publishing.

Featuring a foreword written by Gaga herself, the “Lady Gaga” photograph book will hit stores on November 22nd.

Lady Gaga walks across US in promo

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga walks from New York to Nebraska in her new music promo.

The eccentric popstar shot the video for You and I – the latest single to be released from her current album Born This Way ‘ in Nebraska. Gaga wanted to make a statement with her new promo and show the lengths she would go to for a lover, so she begins an epic journey in order to see him.

“The premise is that I’ve walked all the way from New York City to Nebraska to get [my boyfriend] back,’ she told US radio station 94.1 “I’m walking with no luggage, it’s just me and my ankles are bleeding a little bit and there’s grass stuck in my shoes and I’ve got this outfit on and it’s real sort of New York clothing and I’m sprinting.’

You and I is a powerful love song and Gaga is very proud of the lyrics, which were inspired by her on/off boyfriend Luc Carl. The singer has revealed she wanted to convey the ‘torture’ of being separated from your lover.

“It’s [about] the idea that when you’re away from somebody your love, it’s torture,” she explained.

“It’s a very powerful and awful and strange feeling when you’re away from the person you love. I knew I wanted the video to be about me sprinting back and walking hundreds of thousands of miles to get him back.”

Lady Gaga is reportedly taking an anti-baldness drug

The 25-year-old singer – who has experienced hair loss because of how often she has dyed her tresses ‘ has started using Rogaine in order to reverse the years of damage she has subjected her locks to in the name of fashion.

A source is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: ‘Over the years Lady Gaga has put her locks under a lot of stress. She’s poured so much chemicals over them that it’s damaged her follicles.

‘She’s hoping by using Rogaine, she can repair some of the harm.’

The ‘Born This Way’ hitmaker reportedly first started worrying about her hair while on her epic ‘Monster Ball Tour’.
A source claims Gaga went ballistic backstage because whenever she ‘dragged a comb through her frazzled, bleached tresses, there was hair everywhere ‘ in the comb, on the floor, in her hands’.

The pop superstar ‘ who is famous for her collection of wigs including a wool-like up do and a waist-length blonde wig ‘ has previously spoken about the effects of dying her naturally brunette locks blonde.

She said: “[I had to] get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out.”

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