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Matt Damon To Be Honored With Joel Siegel Award At Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Matt Damon To Be Honored With Joel Siegel Award At Critics' Choice Movie Awards.

Matt Damon To Be Honored With Joel Siegel Award At Critics' Choice Movie Awards.

Matt Damon To Be Honored With Joel Siegel Award At Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.  Matt Damon will be honored at the upcoming Critics’ Choice Movie Awards with the fourth annual Joel Siegel Award. The award, named after the late “Good Morning America” film critic, recognizes the philanthropy work of current film stars. Damon, who starred in this year’s CCMA-nominated “True Grit,” will be given the award during the show’s 16th annual ceremony, the BFCA announced today. Along with being an award-winning actor, Damon is a co-founder of, which works to offer safe drinking water across the globe, while as co-founder of Not On Our Watch, he works to end mass violence. He’s also part of the ONE campaign to help fight AIDS, ambassador for the children’s organization ONEXONE, and a spokes person for hunger-relief organization Feeding America. “Matt personifies the values celebrated by the Joel Siegel Award,” said BFCA President Joey Berlin. “Clearly Matt understands, as Joel did, that the true value of celebrity is as an enhanced platform to do good works for others.” Damon is the recipient of two Critics Choice Movie Awards for his work in “Good Will Hunting,” and his been nominated for five more awards, including one for his work in last year’s “Invictus.” The previous recipients of the Joel Siegel Award include Don Cheadle, Richard Gere, and Kevin Bacon. The 16th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards will are live on January 14th on VH1 at 9:00 PM ET/PT

Christina Ricci And Kevin Bacon Partner For PSA To Help Survivors Of Child Abuse

Help Survivors Of Child Abuse

Help Survivors Of Child Abuse

Christina Ricci And Kevin Bacon Partner For PSA To Help Survivors Of Child Abuse. Celebrities are banding together to help survivors of child abuse. RAINN, the country’s largest anti-sexual violence organization is bringing together celebrities to headline the foundation’s newest campaign. The RAINN national spokeswoman and actress Christina Ricci stars in the new PSA, along with Kevin Bacon, Dylan McDermott and Gabrielle Union. The spots were directed by filmmaker and director Amy Berg, who nominated for an Academy Award for her documentary film, “Deliver Us From Evil,” which explored sexual abuse of children. Music from singer and songwriter Ray LaMontagne is also featured in the campaign. “The majority of child sexual abuse victims know their attacker, and the effects of this crime can last a lifetime as many victims keep the pain inside for far too long and never get the help they need,” said Amy Berg, director of the campaign spots. According to Berg, “It is clear we need to do more to protect and help our children. It is especially important to tell children that they do not have to keep their abusers’ secret.”  The new campaign hopes to reach out to child sexual abuse victims that it’s never too late to reach out and help is available to anyone through the National Sexual Assault Hotlines. “This campaign is very timely,” noted Katherine Hull, RAINN’s vice president for communications in a press release. “The tremendous news coverage recently of these crimes against children has the potential to trigger flashbacks and difficult memories for survivors of child sexual abuse. That’s why it’s critical that we reach these individuals to let them know that it’s never too late to get help.”

John Malkovich Wants More Award Money From Madoff

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon

John Malkovich Wants More Award Money From Madoff.   John Malkovich has filed a legal complaint over the award money he will receive from Bernie Madoff. The 56-year-old Oscar nominee is asking a federal appeals court for the $2.2 million he invested and lost at the hands of the jailed swindler. Malkovich’s lawyers objected to the $670,000 award money Irving Picard, the trustee in charge of liquidating Madoff’s assets, granted him, saying the actor is entitled to the full $2.2 million he invested.  They argue that he deserves the balance reflected on the November 2008 account statement from Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities LLC, the final statement before he conman was arrested. He is not the only celebrity duped by Madoff’s multi-billion dollar investment scam. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick and screenwriter Eric Roth also invested in the scheme

About Jennifer Morrison.

jennifer-morrison-rtvThe dancer-turned-actress Jennifer Morrison made her film debut in the movie “Intersection.” She has also starred in “Urban legends Final Cut” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” but she currently has a role on the Fox drama “House.” The actress was born August 19, 1979, in Chicago and has dated co-star Jesses Spencer.  An actress who first earned her critical laurels (and reeled in a substantial television fanbase) as Dr. Alison Cameron on the blockbuster medical drama House (2004), Jennifer Morrison grew up well outside the realm of Hollywood, in a middle-class family in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, Illinois. As a preteen and teenager, Morrison entered showbusiness via modeling, appearing in innumerable print campaigns and gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids at one point; after wrapping up high school, she attended Loyola University as a theater major (reportedly graduating in only three years) and subsequently trained with the legendary Steppenwolf theatrical ensemble, onetime home to such stars as John Malkovich, Gary Sinise, and Glenne Headly.  From there, Hollywood fame was merely a short leap away; by the time of her Loyola graduation, Morrison had already officially debuted onscreen, with a small part as the daughter of Richard Gere and Sharon Stone in the psychological drama Intersection (1994) and a more significant role as a missing girl who psychically haunts Kevin Bacon in the supernatural thriller Stir of Echoes (1999). Morrison signed for her first lead with a role that many felt unworthy of her talents and intelligence: that of Amy Mayfield, a young film student who gets in way over her head amid a thesis project on urban legends, in John Ottman’s slasher outing Urban Legends: The Final Cut (2000). Subsequent projects included Michael Davis’s teen-oriented romantic comedy 100 Women (2002), Casey La Scala’s teen comedy Grind (2003), and — as something of a nadir — the critically despised holiday gross-out fest Surviving Christmas (2004), in which she played Ben Affleck’s snotty girlfriend.  As indicated, House represented Morrison’s breakthrough and the role that finally brought her public attention. The long-running Fox drama told of Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), a diagnostician with an astounding degree of medical knowledge and an absolute dearth of social skills. As Dr. Cameron (an immunologist with a not-so-secret crush on the physician), Morrison brought a much-needed dose of warmth and vulnerability to the series.  Morrison subsequently made headlines in 2007, when she was tapped to appear as Winona Kirk, James T. Kirk’s mother, in J.J. Abrams’s much-anticipated 11th installment of the Star Trek series. Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide

 Star Trek
MPAA Rating: PG13
Release Date: May 08, 2009 (USA
Released by: Paramount Pictures
Director: J.J. Abrams

 Table for Three
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Michael Samonek

 House: Season 

 Big Stan
MPAA Rating: R
Released by: Chicago Entertainment Partners Crystal Sky Worldwide
Director: Rob Schneider

Released by: Cinequest
Director: Kevin Palys

 Mr. and Mrs. Smith
MPAA Rating: PG13
Release Date: June 10, 2005 (USA)
Director: Doug Liman

  Surviving Christmas
MPAA Rating: PG13
Release Date: October 22, 2004 (USA)
Released by: DreamWorks
Director: Mike Mitchell

 Mall Cop
Director: David Greenspan

MPAA Rating: PG13
Release Date: August 15, 2003 (USA)
Released by: Warner Brothers
Director: Casey La Scala

 Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie
Director: Ernest R. Dickerson

Released by: Traveller Jones Prods.
Director: Davidson Cole

 100 Women
Director: Michael Davis

 Sinners Need Company
Director: Michael Kolko

 Touched by an Angel: Most Likely to Succeed
Director: Stuart Margolin

 Urban Legends: The Final Cut
MPAA Rating: R
Release Date: September 22, 2000 (USA)
Released by: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Director: John Ottman

Sedgwick on Madoff: `We did not lose everything’

People Kyra SedgwickKyra Sedgwick and her actor-husband, Kevin Bacon, managed to stay out of the gossip pages until they were among the many victims of the massive Ponzi scheme run by financier Bernard Madoff.  “I think the interesting thing about it was that I always thought, `We’re so boring. We should be in the tabloids more. C’mon honey, let’s have a scandal,’” the 43-year-old actress said.  “Well, it wasn’t the truth that we were destroyed,” Sedgwick said in a recent conference call from New York. “And I think when you say `no comment,’ that’s, of course, where they’re going to go, because it’s fun and it grabs headlines and people will be more interested.”  “It’s been really unpleasant and makes you feel really vulnerable. But the fact of the matter is that we did not lose everything,” she said. “We lost hard-earned money that we worked very hard for that was what we thought in a safe place. It’s painful but a lot of people lost a lot more. And we have a lot of things to be grateful for in our life, and we never ever forget that.”  Sedgwick, who was recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has a cross-country commute between Los Angeles, where her TNT series, “The Closer,” is filmed, and her family home in Manhattan.  “Every year I think, `It’s going to be easier this year,’ and it’s actually harder,” she said of the commute. “You know, you miss things. You miss moments. And, as a mother, that’s hard. It’s challenging.”  Sedgwick said she and Bacon — and especially daughter Sosie — are excited that Chace Crawford has been cast as the lead in the remake of “Footloose.” The “Gossip Girl” actor will reprise the role that made Bacon, 50, a heartthrob in 1984.”Well, yeah, pretty big shoes to fill,” Sedgwick said. “But, actually, I think it’s great. I think he’s adorable.”

Rockers Invade Sundance 2009: Slash, Jack White Hit Park City, Utah

rockers-invade-sundance-2009Rolling Stone’s own Peter Travers was camped out in Park City, Utah, this week for Robert Redford’s annual Sundance Film Festival. Check out his reports on his blog, the Travers Take, where he relays the story of chilling with Mike Tyson, who offered an impromptu review of Gran Torino: “I’m not stupid and I know what Clint was doin’. I respect it. But there’s something in me that wanted to see him just blow people away. Come on, I think a lot of people in the audience want to see that.”

But in addition to movie-seeing, Sundance is always about star spotting — rock-star spotting, in our case. Slash and Perry Farrell bonded, Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon took in a few flicks and Wyclef Jean introduced himself to Redford (just in case this whole music thing doesn’t pan out). The White Stripes’ Jack White made the scene, as the guitar-hero documentary It Might Get Loud — featuring himself, the Edge and Jimmy Page — enjoyed its Sundance premiere. Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard was also out West, spending time with his castmates in the Jon Krasinski movie Brief Interviews With Hideous Men when he wasn’t with his fiancee, Zooey Deschanel. And Sting broke a Sundance record (and the space-time continuum) by partying with Paris Hilton and Kevin Bacon — making him one degree from … something fierce and possibly contagious.

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