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Joanna Krupa; just in time for Christmas she comes under fire from Catholic League for racy PETA ad

joanna-krupa2Joanna Krupa; Swimsuit model and recent Dancing With the Stars participant Joanna Krupa really pissed off a lot of people when she took part in a religious themed without clothes ad for PETA. In the controversial ad, Krupa posed with angel wings and a halo while holding a large crucifix on her body which covers her naughty bits. PETA, who is no stranger to controversy, have outraged multiple religious organizations, most notably the Catholic League. Continue reading →

Dancing With the Stars results: Who goes home?

dancing-with-the-stars-derek-houghAnother “Dancing With the Stars” results show. I’m going to keep the recap quick.  First up, Taylor Swift performs. Then, we get a recap of last night’s performance show. Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough finished at the head of the pack with a 26. There’s a three-way tie at the bottom. The bottom couple will go home; the next two at the bottom will compete head to head in a dance off. Those couples will get to choose the dance. Oh, DWTS, having to keep changing the way things are done, otherwise no one will watch the results shows anymore, except for recappers. The first couple we learn are safe are Joanna and Derek. They are Continue reading →

Who is the Most Famous Person on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 9?

Aaron Carter3A key component to Dancing with the Stars is that the celebrities should all be moderately recognizable.  Heck, “star” is right there in the title.  Every season there are always a handful of people I’ve never heard of, a few people I vaguely recognize, and some people I thought were too good to be on reality TV (I’m looking at you, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin). So who are this season’s most famous celebs, and which Continue reading →

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