James Bond

James Bond’s Exploits Grounded In Reality

James Bond's Exploits Grounded In Reality

James Bond's Exploits Grounded In Reality

James Bond’s Exploits Grounded In Reality. News has come in that the story of James Bond, that suave, ultimate icon for men throughout the world, is actually based on real-life exploits of an MI6 spy, who was active during the Second World War. Among the most famous scenes from James Bond series of films is the one from the 1964 movie, “Goldfinger,” where Sean Connery, playing Bond, emerges in his wetsuit but seconds later, discards it for a spotless dinner suit. According to ‘MI6, The History of the Secret Intelligence Service,’ the first official history of the SIS, written by Professor Keith Jeffery, this scene was inspired by the real life incident that took place when Dutch secret agent Pieter Tazelaar was sent by sea 70 years ago, to establish contact with agents in Holland. Professor Jeffrey, who teaches at the Queen’s University in Belfast, had access to the historic documents recording the goings on of the SIS. However, his book talks of the period only upto 1949 and he has also been disallowed to reveal the identities of spies not already in the public domain. Another inspiration for James Bond could be Commander Wilfred “Biffy” Dunderdale, a friend of Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, and a lesser known name among the spies. Professor Jeffrey reports in his book, “When head of the SIS Paris station in the 1930s, he had a penchant for pretty women and fast cars and has been proposed as one of the possible models for Bond. He was a great friend of Ian Fleming and claimed that he found parts of his own stories in the James Bond novels.” Jeffrey says of Dunderdale, “A man of great charm and savoir-fair, in old age he became an incorrigible raconteur.”

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 To Go Under The Hammer

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 To Go Under The Hammer

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 To Go Under The Hammer

James Bond’s most famous car is set to go under the hammer for over $5 million. The actual Aston Martin DB5 that was driven by Sean Connery in “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball” will be auctioned at the annual “Automobiles of London” in October.  RM Auctions is partnering with Sotheby’s to hold the event at the Battersea Evolution in London on October 27.  The Aston Martin, known by its original U.K. registration number FMP 7B, is one of only two and the sole remaining of the original 007 DB5s. Connery, who played the British suave spy for three decades, drove the vehicle in the 1964 film “Goldfinger” and in “Thunderball” in 1965. The Bond car is factory-fitted with the full complement of operation “Q-Branch” gadgets, including machine guns, bullet-proof shield, revolving number plates, tracking device, removable roof panel, oil slick sprayer, nail spreader, and smoke screen. The gadgets are all controlled from the toggles and switches hidden in the armrest.  Radio broadcaster from Philadelphia, Jerry Lee, bought the car from the Aston Martin Lagonda factory for $12,000 in 1969. He plans to use the proceeds of the sale to benefit his own charity, which is dedicated to solve social problems associated with poverty. He said, “The James Bond car has brought me much enjoyment for some 40 years. Even as I sell it and use the proceeds to fund the Jerry Lee Foundation, the car will continue to give me great pleasure as it furthers the mission of the Foundation to do good around the world.”

James Bond Film “Indefinitely” Suspended

James Bond Film “Indefinitely” Suspended

James Bond Film “Indefinitely” Suspended

 James Bond Film “Indefinitely” Suspended. The upcoming James Bond film is not coming anymore. The production on Bond 23, the untitled 23rd 007 feature film, has been suspended “indefinitely” due to the uncertain financial ground of MGM. EON Productions, which has produced the film franchise’s first 22 films since 1962, is suspending the production of the next Bond project. Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of EON said in a statement, “Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on BOND 23 indefinitely.” “We do not know when development will resume and do not have a date for the release of BOND 23.”   As Deadline Hollywood pointed out, the film wasn’t entirely shelved, it was just postponed. Since MGM is on the brink of bankruptcy, EON may take the project elsewhere so the producers don’t want to do anything that would bind them to the film studio during this period.

MGMT’s, GZA and The Strokes appear in Devendra Banhart video



MGMT’s, GZA and The Strokes appear in Devendra Banhart video. Devendra Banhart’s new video ‘Baby’ features guest appearances from MGMT’s Andrew Van Wyngarden, The Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti and former Wu-Tang rapper GZA.  The sexual innuendo is striking as a phallic spaceship flies into a planet’s hole where GZA hosts an intergalactic party with animated aliens.  The clip is directed by Ron Winter, who has worked on clips by The Rapture, Babyshambles, LCD Soundsystem, TV On The Radio and he also animated the opening titles to ‘James Bond: Quantum of Solace’.  Cool, hey? Give your comments!

Nicole Scherzinger wants to be a Bond girl

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger wants to be a Bond girl. The Pussycat Dolls singer – who recently split from Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton after almost two years together – reportedly ended their relationship in order to further her acting ambitions and has set her sights on taking on the lead female role opposite Daniel Craig in the next movie about iconic British spy James Bond.

A friend of the star said: “Nicole is fiercely ambitious and didn’t want to spend her next few years following Lewis around the globe. He wanted her to be his companion as he went from one place to another, but she was not prepared to pack in her career, and that led to a number of arguments.

“She has lined up some meetings in Hollywood. Nicole is very athletic and sees herself in action movies. She has even said her ideal role would be to star as the next Bond girl. Why not? She has the looks and the physique for it. ” Despite her acting ambitions, the 31-year-old beauty hasn’t turned her back on the music industry, as she is currently writing a number of songs for her solo album, as well as a new LP with her group.  The source added to Britain’s Hello! magazine: “The record is building a new Pussycat Dolls around Nicole and she wasn’t prepared to sacrifice this. They say heartbreak is good for creativity and, since splitting, Nicole has written a couple of tortured love songs for her new solo album.”  Lewis – who is still on speaking terms with Nicole – recently insisted he is staying upbeat about the future and trying to put his heartbreak behind him.  The 25-year-old star said: “I just want to move forward in a positive manner. The focus is on this season and doing the best I possibly can and getting the results on the track. I’m keeping my mind on that.”

Robert Pattinson & Tom Sturridge spotted in New York

robert-pattinson-capRobert Pattinson and a fellow capped British actor, BFF Tom Sturridge, are spotted out and about in New York City on Sunday afternoon (June 7). On Friday, the twosome was spotted downing drinks at Black & White bar in the East Village.  Soon, Rob, 23, will be shooting his next movie, Remember Me, in downtown NYC. Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan will to play Rob’s dad.  Lost star Emilie de Ravin was cast in the film, playing a young woman who, after watching her mother get killed before her eyes, seizes life to its fullest

Rock legends auction in London next week

hard-rock-cafeAt a unique ‘Rock Legends’ auction in London next week more than 45 vintage guitars owned by iconic rock guitarists, cars owned by Rod Stewart, Dusty Springfield and an Aston Martin DB5 featured in the famous Robbie Williams video for ‘Millennium’ – will all go under the hammer at Britain’s first Rock & Roll and motoring auction, held by international auctioneers COYS.

The guitar auction has been organised by head of COYS Rock department Julius Thurgood, who has gathered a unique collection of guitars together including one of the most charismatic guitars in the history of UK rock – a 1952 Gibson Les Paul – owned by UK guitar legends Duster Bennett, Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton, amongst others. The guitar is expected to fetch well over £20,000.

COYS who regularly hold car auctions throughout the UK and Europe have brought together a unique collection of over 50 cars, including a Ferrari Superamerica and a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder owned by Rod Stewart, a Citroen owned by Dusty Springfield and the Aston Martin DB5 featured in Robbie Williams’ famous James Bond inspired music video for his hit ‘Millennium’.

To celebrate the unique auction a picture call is to be held at the Hard Rock Cafe in London in Mayfair, on Friday morning March 6th at 10.30am, when some of the cars and guitars will be available at a photoshoot.

Also taking part will be up and coming Blue guitarist Stephen Dale Petit, who will plug in some of the guitars and play to those queuing up to eat at the world famous Hard Rock cafe. Stephen is currently embarking on a UK tour will ex Rolling Stone Mick Taylor and has been hailed as the best guitarist in Britain today.

Location: Hard Rock Cafe, 150 Old Park Lane London, W1K

David Beckham advertising impotence pills

impotence2David Beckham is advertising impotence pills in China.  Old interview footage of the soccer ace – who has three sons with wife Victoria – has been dubbed over to promote USA Selikon, a Viagra-like medication.

In the clip, the dubbed voice says: “Want to know how I can keep being strong and running on the football field? USA Selikon capsules help me a lot. It’s also the secret weapon with which I can satisfy Victoria.”

David is said to be furious over the advert, but his representative has declined to say whether he will be taking any action to stop the commercials.

However, a source close to the star said: “David’s fair game and can take a bit of mocking in the name of comedy.

“But to poke fun at his sexual prowess to plug a product is overstepping the mark.”

Actors Sir Sean Connery and Keanu Reeves are also being used to promote the sex drug.

Old footage of 78-year-old Sean – whose wife is called Micheline – from his movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, includes a dubbed voice saying:

“I turned 70 this year. But with the help of USA Selikon capsules, I was praised by Barbara that I’m still the James Bond, forever 25.

“I have told all my aged friends ‘You should try USA Selikon capsules.’”

In interview clips of Keanu, a voice says: “The feelings after my kidneys got washed by USA Selikon capsules are surprising. And my girlfriends were also surprised.”

David’s image has previously been used to promote a brand of condoms in China.

Chinese law makes it difficult for celebrities to take legal action against companies that use their likeness without consent.

A spokesperson for the product has confirmed the commercial was approved by government authorities.

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