Teen Mom Father Gary Shirley Makes Twitter Account for His Toddler

MTV Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood and her baby’s daddy Gary Shirley have had their fair share of troubles seen by the world.
Now, Shirley has one more. The father of 2-year old Leah recently created a Twitter account-for Leah.

 Many people were unhappy with Shirley’s decision to create an account for the toddler. Shirley defended himself by saying, “You guys, it should be obvious that Leah has no contact with Twitter. This is just a fun concept that will in no way affect Leah herself.”

 Shirley continued by saying, “You actually think she’ll read tweets? No! It’s a fun thing for us to post pics and tweets. It’s not actually her.”

 It seems that those who were against Shirley making the account worried about Leah facing negativity. The 24-year old dad says, “I protect my daughter. This is for her sayings, what she’s doing, etc. It’s all me tweeting!”

 Shirley’s ex, Amber Portwood, made news last month after a suicide attempt. While Shirley provided support for Portwood, he tweeted last month that he is single.

Chelsea Handler funnier than Ellen DeGeneres, according to new online list

Chelsea Handler funnier than Ellen DeGeneres, according to new online list

Chelsea Handler funnier than Ellen DeGeneres, according to new online list

Late night talk show host Chelsea Handler beat out comedian Ellen DeGeneres as the funniest woman on the Web, according to a list released Tuesday.  The list by PeekYou, a search engine that ranks individuals’ online prominence, found that Handler was picked as the top 10 women who cracks the best jokes on television and on Twitter and Facebook. DeGeneres came in second place, while other funny ladies like Kathy Griffin, Maria Bamford and Jackie Kashian followed behind. The top list also made room for Handlers’ friends and frequent panelists on E!’s “Chelsea Lately” show, including Jen Kirkman, Lonnie Love, Natasha Leggero, Heather McDonald and Sarah Colonna. With the success of her 2010 hit book, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” and comedy tour, which grossed more than $16 million, Handler is planning to embark on yet another stand-up comedy tour, reports Entertainment Weekly. The comedienne, who is reportedly dating rapper 50 Cent, will launch the “Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me” tour, which shares a title with her upcoming book, in Boston on May 10. Fellow comedians McDonald, Brad Wollack and Josh Wolf will join the star on multiple dates. Handler will perform shows in cities including Chicago, Phoenix and Los Angeles as well as New York, Houston and Minneapolis before wrapping up on June 25 in Seattle.

Unsigned Indie Bands Get Paid As They Compete for Recording/Management Deals at Paramount Studios

indieAffliction Apparel in collaboration with Skinnie Magazine and Black Mountain Productions Inc., is presenting this unique competition/showcase, through an elaborate multimedia marketing campaign. For 5 months, we are inviting ALL unsigned independent rock acts to register for “Indie Music Assault”. This amazing campaign will be promoted virally through the use of a “Vote for our band Widget”. All entries to the Indie Music Assault will be voted on by fans and the general public using a widget each band entrant will receive upon registration completion. As a contestant, you will use this widget to place on your website, blogs, forums and social networks, as a way to collect fan votes. Fans can use this widget to easily click and vote for your favorite band in this competition. The final decisions as reviewed by Black Mountain Productions A&R Department, will be made, based first upon the votes from fans and the general public as well as: originality, vocal talent, appearance and other professional ethics. They will then pick the Top 10 bands that have entered, based on the previously stated criteria. And those chosen Top 10 bands will be paid a gig fee for their performance in the competition.

A group of select celebrity and/or music industry judges will then select the winners out of the Top 10 at: Paramount Studios, May 09, 2009, place of the VMA’s. This event is also a showcase and there will be music industry professionals in the audience to review band performance and possibly offer additional career opportunities. The campaign will also include, full page ads in Skinnie Entertainment Magazine, E-blasts, MySpace promotions, Street Teaming, Flyers, Editorial and more. Advertisers/Sponsors, will be given the opportunity, to brand their company/product throughout a multimedia campaign and on stage, at the final battle showdown.

Special Points:

One time $35.00 entry fee (There are no other entry costs or fees)

Events official charity: The Guitar Center Foundation

“Blasko” Of Ozzy Osborne’s band will be one the two official event emcee’s

Star 98.7 Is our “Official Radio Media Partner”

Three Performance Stages (1-Main Competition Stage and 2-Showcase Stages)

The Top 10 bands will be paid for their performance, while competing in this showcase.

Special headliner for the event and winning band receives performance opportunities

Open to ALL unsigned Independent Artist’s throughout all 50 US States and Canada

Over $80,000+ awarded for: Recording, Management, Marketing, Music Video and More

Myxer will provide the winner of the Indie Music Assault, with a Myxer Homepage Takeover providing exposure to over 200,000 people in a 24 hour period of which around 10,000 will leave with your ringtone on their phone! Myxer also offers up a four week feature/exposure campaign that utilizes many of Myxer’s pages, newsletters, and blogs. ($10,000.00 Value)

Competition is open for the music genres of: Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, Ska, Heavy Metal, Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative and all other sub rock sounds

All bands are encouraged to sell their merchandise (T-Shirts, CD’s, etc.) at this event and the band will retain 100% of any and all profits made from all sales

Promotion of all new unsolicited musical compositions (Original Work)

Promoted virally through the use of a “Vote for our band Widget”. Once registered, each band will place the “widget” on their Website, MySpace profile, Facebook, etc. for their friends and fans to vote

Indie Music Industry Judges will decide the Top 3 “Indie Music Assault” winners

This is an annual showcase as well as a competition. We will have Indie Record Labels, Music Publishers, Promotional, Marketing and Booking Agencies at the event

Promotion through (but not limited to): Radio, Newspapers & Magazines, E-Blasts, Internet

Extra exposure from Skinnie Entertainment Magazine.

Event will be “Live” HD TV streamed, so friends and fans can watch bands on their hometown TV’s, iPods, Smartphones and computer monitors of your performances (Provided by CISCO Systems)

Each band that enters the “Indie Music Assault” competition, will receive additional event coverage (based on actual time of band entry) through major internet viral marketing and press releases, as well as additional promotions on various web sites and partnerships including: Skinnie Entertainment Magazine. Additional media coverage includes (but is not limited to): Flyer’s promoting the event, MySpace promotions, Full page ad’s in Skinnie Entertainment Magazine and promoting the event with online banners on their site and on the Black Mountain Productions web site as well. We are also in negotiations with several other media companies for additional coverage and media partnership. For more information, you can also contact Randy Pescotti at: (702) 568-7108.

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