Mass turtle dove death linked to overeating, indigestion

Thousands of turtle doves fell from the sky last week in Italy and zoo experts believe the deaths were caused by massive indigestion.

Bird experts believe overeating was their downfall.

Nadia Caselli, a member of an Italian bird association said they appear to have overeaten sunflower seeds, which damage their livers and kidneys. The seeds are mostly waste from a nearby oil factory.

When discovered the birds had a strange blue tinge to their beaks that prompted additional scrutiny.

The deaths occurred during a time where all across the globe animals have been dying in bizarre occurrences. In the United States, thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky and 50 jackdaws were found dead in Sweden.

The birds found on the streets of Faenza, about 30 miles southeast of Bologna, underwent numerous tests. Even though official results aren’t out yet, Rodolfo Ridolfi, a director at the regional zoological institute said, “We are fairly confident the birds died as a result of massive indigestion.”

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