Fox Set To Rock In May With “American Idol,” “Glee”

Anna Torv

Anna Torv

Fox Set To Rock In May With “American Idol,” “Glee”. television, arts, culture and entertainment, United States
Fox is pulling out all the stops for May sweeps, including show-stopping musical numbers on almost all their hit shows for “Fox Rocks,” a full week of music-themed programming. Along with new episodes of the always rock-filled “American Idol” and “Glee,” slightly more serial dramas “House,” “Bones,” and “Fringe” are all participating in the musical twist, with “Fringe” including musical performances from its actors Anna Torv and Lance Reddick. On Sunday, May 2nd, as part of “Fox Rocks,” Family Guy” boasts new and fan-favorite musical numbers, “The Simpsons” sing-along to Ke$ha’s #1 hit “Tik Tok,” and Kanye West guest voices on “The Cleveland Show.” For the season finale of “The Simpsons” on Sunday, May 23rd, judges Simon, Ellen, Randy and Kara all guest voice as themselves for a special “American Idol” themed episode. Then on Wednesday, May 26th, the new “American Idol” is crowned during the second part of the show’s season finale.  Jack Bauer won’t benefit from any musical interludes for the series finale of “24″ airing Monday, May 24th. Although, the special two-hour finale is sure to rock in its own right.

William Fox,

William Fox,

Fox Broadcasting Company,

commonly referred to as simply Fox, is an American television network owned by Fox Entertainment Group, part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Launched on October 9, 1986, from 2004 to 2009 Fox was the highest-rated broadcast network in the 18–49 demographic. In the 2007–08 season, Fox became the most popular network in America in household ratings for the first time in its history, replacing CBS. CBS took back the top spot in the 2008-09 season, though Fox remains a solid runner-up. The Fox Broadcasting Company and its affiliates operate many entertainment channels internationally — including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, India, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, South America, Central America, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey — although these do not necessarily air the same programming as the U.S. network. Most viewers in Canada have access to at least one U.S. Fox affiliate, although most of Fox’s primetime programming is subject to Canadian simultaneous substitution regulations.  The network is named after sister company 20th Century Fox, and indirectly for producer William Fox, who founded one of the movie studio’s predecessors, Fox Film.


FRINGE ”FRINGE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON” ($60 for DVD, $80 for Blu-ray): “Fringe” may be the best sci-fi show on television right now, which is saying a lot considering the crowd of competitors. The series was impressive from its very start for its production values, casting and cerebral ambitions, but early on it was missing a certain something; I didn’t stop watching and I’m glad I didn’t because by the middle of the first season the show found its groove (in part by finding a defining rhythm that wasn’t beholden to a rigid, single-episode procedural pace). Continue reading →

Syfy Channel: New Sci-Fi Channel

syfyTo unlock the doors of Syfy’s newest series, Warehouse 13, we went directly to the show’s secret keepers—executive producers David Simkins and Jack Kenny—for an exclusive look inside. Here’s what we’ve learned about the government’s classified storage facility and the agents (played by Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly) assigned to track its supernatural artifacts. It’s More Than Sci Fi: Warehouse 13 is the rebranded Syfy network’s first series premiere, and it’s definitely not just science fiction. Warehouse 13 appeals to all fans of fun. If you like Reaper, Bones, Fringe, Indiana Jones or the madcap romance and charisma you’d find in a Cary Grant movie, you’ll enjoy Warehouse 13. Pinkie swear. Dream Team: Stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly have wicked chemistry—and a refreshingly nonromantic relationship—as secret-service agents Peter and Myka, the investigators who head out each episode to track down the artifacts and talismans that are meant to be impounded in Warehouse 13. “I think it’s so much more fun to play the brother-sister ‘Odd Couple’ aspect,” executive producer Kenny tells us. “They know how to push each other’s buttons, they know what they fight over, they know what they love and they know how to make each other laugh. They just know so much about each other already that it’ll be a fun surprise if we ever do suddenly land them in a romantic relationship with each other, but it won’t be for quite a while. If it happens at all.”

TV shows might be in big trouble

The 10 Shows That Deserve to Return Next Fall (But Might Not)  NBC/Andrew EcclesWith plenty of our favorite shows in danger of falling through the network programming cracks, it’s time to bring more attention to the series that deserve another season, but may not get one. We know, we know, wishin’ and hopin’ didn’t do “Pushing Daisies” any good, but we’re sending out a prayer to the TV powers-that-be anyway: when upfront time rolls around in a month or so, please let at least some of these shows reappear on your schedules.

chuck1. “Chuck”
In short, this show is clever, all-around fun, with a great cast, stellar writing and lots and lots of heart. And Chuck and Sarah may be the TV couple we most enjoy seeing almost hook up, but not quite. Save that for season five or six.


charlie-crews1 2. “Life”
Charlie Crews, the fruit-loving L.A. detective with a Zen attitude, has become one of our favorite TV cops ever in just under two years, thanks to Damian Lewis’ deceptively placid, quirky charisma. This season, the weekly cases got more creative, the supporting cast got stronger (partly due to the addition of Donal Logue and Gabrielle Union) and the underlying conspiracy plot got twistier.


joshua-jackson3. “Fringe”
We tuned in because of Joshua Jackson, stuck around despite a slightly sluggish start, and were finally rewarded with some fun science fiction. We’re just getting to the interesting mythology, and we’re finally warming up to Anna Torv, mostly because she kicks butt. It’s a little bit of Alias and a little bit of “X-Files”, with some really gross/awesome monsters of the week, and just turning out to be a pretty enjoyable action series.


4. “Better Off Ted”
We need a good workplace comedy to make us laugh again, since “The Office” has been disappointing us lately. This one is more akin to “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” and is filled with that quirk and innate silliness that turns off the general public who prefer the more straight-forward sitcoms like “Rules of Engagement”.


5. “Dollhouse”
We’re still iffy on this show, but it took a while for “Angel” to really hit its stride, too. Even “Buffy” had some less-than-stellar first season episodes. Perhaps that’s just part of Joss Whedon’s style. It seems like Joss and Co. are making an active effort to work out the kinks to really get this series to meet the high standards his fans hold him to. It’s getting there, but without a second season, we may never get to see that vision realized.


6. “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”
We’ve already lost one show with robots this season with the end of “BSG”. Don’t take our other one away from us. We need some robots kicking butt to really round out our weekly TV viewing. Seriously though, we love the idea of this show and every time it starts to wear our patience thin with family drama, they hook us again with more cool Terminator technology.


7. “Kings”
This ambitious series is bringing a whole world to life, and the twisted tale just started to get really juicy, with backstabbing and dirty deals. It may be based in history, but this tale of a rich, powerful, corrupt monarchy has an epic feel about it that shouldn’t be confined to just a few episodes. Plus, we’re so grateful to have Ian McShane back in a starring role again; to take the show away now would just reopen our old “Deadwood” wounds.


8. “Rock of Love”
Sure, Bret said that this “Bus” installment was his last chance at finding love, but we’re not sure we love, or even like, any of the girls that are left. He can do better than that, for sure. And even if he can’t, it would be great for us to see him try, because there’s something disgustingly engrossing about his sweet nature and the skanky girls who compete for him.


9. “Celebrity Apprentice”
“The Apprentice” was getting to be a tired format. The addition of celebrities makes it infinitely more interesting, and these last two seasons have succeeded in making us actually enjoy this franchise again. But apparently we’re in the minority, since the ratings are shrinking. Perhaps the problem is that they need a higher profile of celebrities to draw more viewers in the future, although the C-listers and sports stars (aside from Dennis Rodman) seem to be a scrappier bunch, willing to do what it takes to get 15 more minutes of fame.


10. “Southland”/”The Unusuals”
Neither of these shows have even premiered yet, but while they both have promising pilots that have us hooked, it is unlikely that they’ll actually last. “Unusuals” has police cases with a healthy dose of comedy, which might be a little too oddball for the general public. And “Southland” is twisted and gritty, but with NBC’s new schedule next fall, there’s not really a lot of space for this show that needs to be in the 10 PM hour. We like them, but we’re worried that they’re doomed before they started.

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