Eliazabeth Taylor

Eliazabeth Taylor’s items on display at Christie’s

A display of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry, clothing and other memorabilia opened at Christie’s in New York City on Saturday.

The stunning Taylor display features over 200 items owned by the iconic actress. The pieces will be auctioned off on Dec. 13. Among the pieces are the movie star’s very first wedding dress, (Taylor was married eight times), and the famous mother of all pearl, the storied La Peregrina pearl, given to Taylor by the love of her life, Richard Burton.

In addition to the live auction, 950 pieces from the collection of more than 2,000, will be made available in a separate online auction.

The jewelry collection includes a ruby and Cartier diamond set, a pearl and diamond necklace and the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, a 33-carat flawless stone.

Clothing items include costumes from the film Cleopatra, in which Taylor starred.

The public can view the expansive and eclectic collection for a $30 fee, which will be donated to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation.

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