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Will you become the next QWIC reseller?

QWIC is looking for authorized dealers to sell QWIC electric bikes and scooters throughout Europe. We are a fast-growing Dutch brand waiting to further expand our sales throughout Europe’s larger cities. At QWIC we believe that riding electric bikes is a solution to traffic congestion, pollution and it even reduces CO² discharge. By developing innovative electric bikes we make products that are not only sustainable but are also cool to have and fun to ride.

 For its resellers, QWIC prefers urban areas with at last 250.000 inhabitants. We are also convinced that our products should be sold in shops that are specialized in e-bikes. To sustain great value in the way our customers are advised and the quality of service we provide. This is why we expect our dealers to sell the complete line of QWIC e-bikes and/or scooters.

QWIC  electric bikes  current market is the Benelux in which we are market leader in electric scooters and one of the top 10 resellers of e-bikes. In 2010 we proved how good we are by producing the best e-scooter of the year: QWIC Emoto 87. ( read more (http://www.qwic.eu/en-GB/blog/2010/10/20/67-qwic-emoto-8 …))

 QWIC also won the e-bike test 2011, organized by Dutch bike magazine FietsActief.

 If you are interested in becoming a QWIC authorized dealer, please contact QWIC at info@qwic.nl. For more information on QWIC products, please visit  www.qwic.eu  (http://www.qwic.eu)

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