Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton skeptical about talent shows

Dolly Parton worries talent show stars ‘blow out’ too soon.

The country music star has nothing against artists who get their big break by appearing on shows such as The X Factor or American Idol. However, she is concerned that their careers might not have the longevity of others musicians.

‘The way it used to be you started at the bottom and go up the ladder but I’m not sure that’s better than anything else. I always hope the best for them, I always worry about that. once they’ve done that big glow it kinda just dims and they might not get another chance, it’s almost like blowing out too soon. I think real talent and good people who keep their heads straight will do well,’ Dolly said.

The singer is happy for people grasping opportunities to achieve their dreams, which is why she won’t dismiss televised singing contests.

Dolly is astounded when she thinks about how the industry has changed since she started out in the ’60s.

‘It’s so totally different now, with all the high-tech stuff and everything’s online now… It’s completely different, it’s got its good sides and bad sides,’ she told a UK TV show.

Dolly Parton: Movie roles need heels

Dolly Parton insists she “isn”t a great actress” so she would rather stick to roles that include her signature “high heels and big hair”.

The glamorous country singer stars in musical comedy Joyful Noise alongside Queen Latifah. Dolly has joked that she would try out method acting and put on 56lbs. for a big screen role, but would rather not ruin the look she is best known for.

“I could easily put it on, but I’d never be able to get it off again because I love my food so much,” she told British newspaper The Daily Mail.

“But to tell you the truth, I’m not a great actress and I have to do a part that’s close to me. I could probably be a better actress if I really dug deep and tore myself down, but I’m more confident on screen when I can wear my high heels and my big hair. I’d feel like I was naked otherwise.”

Dolly plays a larger-than-life woman who comes to blows with Latifah’s character over how to win a national choir competition in the movie. The two stars are involved in a cat fight on screen when Latifah”s character makes a mean reference to Dolly”s surgical enhancements.

The 66-year-old songstress isn”t fazed by jokes about her appearance.

“I didn’t have a problem with that line about procedures. I’ve always admitted to having nips and tucks here and there, and I told the director, ”Let her dig me deep, but let me get back at her too,”” she smiled.

“So we included a line for Queen Latifah where I told her I had a good lipo doctor if she needed one. It was tit for tat, if you’ll pardon the expression. But I’ve been around a long time and I’m pretty open about everything. I may as well make fun of myself before anyone else does.”

Dolly Parton says she has “no regrets” about not having children

Country singer Dolly Parton says she doesn’t “have any regrets” about not having children.

In a recent interview with The Sun newspaper, the 65-year-old country singer said she would have liked to have had a family but is content with what she has achieved in her career.

“I wanted to make music in my career because I wanted to travel and have clothes and things for my people,” she said. “You give a lot to make it and I did but I don’t have any regrets.

“I would have liked to have had children but it wasn’t meant to be.”

While Parton made a name for herself with hit songs as “Coat of Many Colors,” “Jolene,” and “I Will Always Love You,” she made her film debut in the 1980 comedy hit “9 to 5.”

Parton, who has been married to Carl Dean since 1966, said the sacrifices she has made in her personal life have been worthwhile.

“People always ask me if it’s worth what I’ve sacrificed and it absolutely is. I’ve gone through a lot.

Parton also said she learned how to do business with me, because she grew up with six brothers.

“I was always strong with them around. I could hold my own and I understood men, I was never afraid of them,” she told the newspaper. “I never had to sell myself or sleep with anyone I didn’t want to just to get my music across.”

Dolly Parton set to release new album ‘Better Day’

On 29 August 2011, Dolly Parton, the most honoured female country singers of all time returns with a much-anticipated album of all-new studio material ‘Better Day’. Coinciding with a spectacular World tour that comes to the UK on 20 August, ‘Better Day’, released through Sony Music, is the follow-up to her critically acclaimed and successful ‘Backwoods Barbie’ album in 2008.

The legendary singer, songwriter, musician, actress and philanthropist explained, ‘ wanted to do an album that would be very uplifting and positive, as well as inspirational’ says the seven-time Grammy winner. ‘Times are hard all over. I think people need to feel better and I thought ‘Better Day’ was a perfect title because it says ‘hope’.’

The ‘Better Day’ world tour launches on 17 July in Knoxville in her home state of Tennessee and will be highlighted by two shows (22 and 23 July) at the historic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Next, the tour moves overseas starting 20 August and will feature a pair of shows (7 and 8 September) at the O2 Arena in London.

Better Day full tracklisting:
1) In The Meantime
2) Just Leaving
3) Missing You
4) Together You & I
5) Country Is
6) Holding Everything
7) The Sacrifice
8) I Just Might
9) Better Day
10) Shine Like The Sun
11) Get Out
12) Let Love Grow

The initial U.K. dates are as follows:

Date City, State Venue
Sat 20 Aug Glasgow Glasgow SECC
Sun 21 Aug Glasgow Glasgow SECC
Mon 22 Aug Nottingham Nottingham Arena
Wed 31 Aug Liverpool Echo Arena
Fri 2 Sept Birmingham LG Arena
Sat 3 Sept Cardiff CIA Arena
Sun 4 Sept Cardiff CIA Arena
Tue 6 Sept Bournemouth Bournemouth BIC
Wed 7 Sept London O2 Arena
Thur 8 Sept London O2 Arena
Sat 10 Sept Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
Sun 11 Sept Manchester Evening News Arena
Mon 12 Sept Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
Wed14 Sept Dublin 02 Arena
Thur 15 Sept Belfast Odyssey Arena

Dolly Parton never wears the same outfit twice

The 65-year-old songstress always looks impeccably groomed and is known for her voluminous blonde tresses and love of make-up.

Dolly has revealed that she changes her outfit for every appearance, regardless of the amount of time she will wear it for. The country star insists she never wears the same attire more than once.

‘[Doing 28 interviews in a day] means the same number of outfit changes. I never do an interview in or even wear the same outfit twice. So after I’ve worn this blouse it will be wrapped up, and locked in my closet, never to be seen again,’ she explained in an interview with Q magazine.

Dolly looks back on some of her fashion choices and laughs. She believes that is inevitable, however, because her style is constantly evolving.

‘All the time!’ she exclaimed, when asked if she cringes at old outfit choices. ‘At the time you think you look great, you think you’re beautiful and your dress is perfect but 20 years on it’s, ‘What was I thinking?’ And that goes for my hair too. When I was with [late duetting partner] Porter Wagoner in Europe, we both had big bouffant hair. We used to fight over the hairspray. I think his hair was bigger than mine!’

Dolly Parton wants to sing a duet with Lady Gaga.

Dolly Parton wants to sing a duet with Lady Gaga.

Dolly Parton wants to sing a duet with Lady Gaga.

The country singer admires the eccentric pop star and was so impressed with Gaga’s country-style version of her own hit ‘Born This Way’ she has decided they would make a great song together.

She told E! Online: “I think it’s great. It’s just wonderful. I love her. Maybe we should do something together.”

The ‘Nine ’til Five’ star then joked that she could name herself after a chocolate snack popular in her native southern America to sound similar to Gaga’s own unusual self-styled moniker.

She quipped: “GooGoo and Gaga! You know those GooGoo candy bars in Nashville? I could be Lady GooGoo.”

Although more advanced in years, Dolly is similar to the 25-year-old ‘Poker Face’ singer because both are proud of their eccentricities and are seemingly unconcerned with what others think of them.

The 65-year-old music legend said: “I really do think that I stand for being proud of who you are and not worrying a lick about what other people think, really. I feel fortunate that I’ve never had to be anything other than myself.”

One star Dolly has already teamed up with is Queen Latifah.

The two star as opposing choir members in new musical movie ‘Joyful Noise’ and they sing together on two tracks.

Dolly said: “I wrote four of the numbers. There are a couple we got to do together. There’s a lot of great music in the movie”.

Dolly Parton announces new album.

Dolly Parton announces new album.

Dolly Parton announces new album.

Dolly Parton has announced that her next album will be titled Better Day and it will be available sometime in June or July. Among the twelve Parton originals on the album are four that Dolly wrote for the Broadway show 9 to 5: The Musical ‘ ‘I Just Might, ‘Shine Like the Sun’, ‘Get Out’, and ‘Let Love Grow’.

Dolly said about the new album, “I wanted to do an album that would be very uplifting and positive, as well as inspirational. Times are hard all over. I think people need to feel better and I thought Better Day was a perfect title because it says ‘hope.’ I always think every album is better than the last least I strive for that. I wrote all the songs for this one; plus, I think it may be a little more contemporary than what I usually do.”

The first single, ‘Together You and I’, will be released on May 26 to coincide with a performance of the song on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Track List:
1. In the Meantime
2. Just Leaving
3. Missing You
4. Together You & I
5. Country Is
6. Holding Everything
7. The Sacrafice
8. I Just Might
9. Better Day
10. Shine Like the Sun
11. Get Out
12. Let Love Grow

Dolly Parton, Ramones, Kingston Trio among Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, Ramones, Kingston Trio among Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winners. The Recording Academy announced the recipients of their 2011 Special Merit Awards on Wednesday, including those receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, Trustees Award and Technical Grammys. The awards will be presented on Saturday, February 12 at a special ceremony the day before the Grammy Awards. The Lifetime Achievement Award, given to artists in recognition of their lifelong artistic contributions to the recording medium will go to Broadway and film actress Julie Andrews, jazz drummer Roy Haynes, the Julliard String Quartet, folk giants The Kingston Trio, country great Dolly Parton, punk rockers the Ramones and gospel singer and composer George Beverly Shea. The Trustees Award goes to those with a significant contribution to the industry in a non-performing capacity. This year’s recipients are Al Bell who was a key player at Stax, a former president of Motown and the founder of Bellmark Records, classical music producer Wilma Cozart Fine and Bruce Lundvall who built Columbia Records jazz roster, was a president of Elektra and revived the Blue Note label. The Technical Grammy recipients are selected by the Academy’s Producers & Engineers Wing Advisory Council and Chapter Committees as well as The Academy’s Trustees and salutes those who have made contributions to the technical end of the industry. Honored this year are Roger Linn, who invented the LM-1 Drum Computer and Waves Audio who developed software “plug-ins” for their Q10 Paragraphic equalizer.

Dolly Parton’s Dollywood wins award.

Dolly Parton's Dollywood wins award.

Dolly Parton's Dollywood wins award.

Dolly Parton’s Dollywood wins award. Dolly Parton has defeated the Disney machine and every other amusement park in the world. On Tuesday, Parton accepted the award naming her Dollywood in Pigeon Valley, TN as the Top Theme Park of the year. To make matters a bit more interesting, the award was given at the amusement industry’s annual international expo, held this year in Disney’s backyard, Orlando, FL. The Applause Award, given biannually, honors “a park whose management, operations and creative accomplishments have inspired the industry with its foresight, originality and sound business development.” “This truly unique park shows an outstanding level of quality, especially regarding originality of theming in shows, rides, landscaping and attractions. The friendliness of staff and cleanliness of the park is extraordinary and this, combined with a dedicated leadership honoring family values, sets a tremendous example to the whole industry,” says Mats Wedin, President CEO Liseberg Group and Chairman of the Liseberg Applause Award Board of Governors. Parton said in her acceptance speech “We are so honored to win this award. Our success over the last 25 years is because of the great team at Dollywood that I lovingly call my other family. All those folks back home cooking, cleaning, entertaining and landscaping, I am proud of every one of them. “Of course, Walt Disney became successful because he had Mickey Mouse who has two big ears. So I figured I could be successful with Dollywood with my two big partners.” She followed by pointing to her business partners Pete and Jack Herschend of Herschend Family Entertainment. The theme park opened in 1985 and has become the largest employer in the region where Dolly originally grew up and which was formerly known as an impoverished area of the Smokey Mountains. The park now generates $1 billion in payroll. Disney wasn’t even nominated for the biannual award. Dollywood beat Alton Towers in England and Phantasialand in Germany. Previous winners include Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Xetulu in Guatamala, Epcot, Disneyland, Silver Dollar City and Europa-Park.

Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’ ‘honorary godmother’

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’ ‘honorary godmother’ . The country music legend has known the ‘Hannah Montana’ star – whose father is country singer Billy Ray Cyrus – since she was a baby and admits she feels protective of her. She said: ‘She’s my honorary goddaughter. I mean, we never had a ceremony or nothing. “I’ve known her since she was a baby. I hate it when people criticise her.” The 64-year-old star praised the singer-and-actress’ performing talents but also admitted the teenager is good company out of the spotlight. She added in an interview with Fox News: “She is a great singer, she has a great voice. She’s a great little entertainer and she can speak to you like she is 50 years old.” Despite the criticism Miley has received for her risque outfits and raunchy dancing, Dolly insists the 17-year-old star is just a normal girl trying to grow up in her own way. She said: “She’ll land in the right place. I really know she has everything it takes. She is just trying to find her way and she will.” Miley has previously spoken of her admiration for Dolly. She said: “She is the nicest person in the world. She’s so easy to talk to. She’s awesome. I love her.  “She always tells me just to do what I love and if I’m not having fun it’s not working. I don’t know how old she is at this point but every time she is on the stage she is smiling from ear to ear.”

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