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Stevie Nicks admits to being a ‘selfish songwriter’

Stevie Nicks was a “selfish songwriter” before working alongside Dave Stewart.

The former Fleetwood Mac singer – who collaborated with the ex-Eurythmics star on ‘In Your Dreams’, her first solo album in a decade – admitted the experience made her realise how “easy” duos can be.

She said: “I’d been a staunchly selfish, staunchly private songwriter before the project. But Dave came to my house, pulled and poem out and said, ‘Let’s start here’. There’s a mic hanging over the coffee table, and he’s plugged into a little amp and he starts playing. I’m just in the headlights.

“But in under an hour we had a song recorded. The doors had opened. Now I understand why all those duos – Lennon and McCartney, Rogers and Hammerstein, Goffin and King – wrote together. Dave made it so easy.”

The 63-year-old musician now thinks ‘In Your Dreams’ is the “best thing” she has done throughout her career.

Stevie added: “I think ‘In Your Dreams’ feels like the best thing I’ve ever done and I want to make sure I’ve done everything right to get it out there.”

Annie Lennox retires from touring.

Annie Lennox retires from touring.

Annie Lennox retires from touring.

Annie Lennox has given away touring for good.  The former Eurythmics singer has announced in her blog at her website, ‘ doubt that I’ll ever tour again because quite honestly.it just wears me out mentally and physically, and my back and left foot are rubbish’.

Annie’s last tour was in the USA in October 2007. In recent years she has limited her appearances to television shows and charity events.

‘ think I spent enough time waiting in cars, hotel rooms and dressing rooms for Godot to actually make a personal appearance,’ she writes. ‘In the future performers will tour by hologram on a regular basis.undoubtedly’.

Annie maintains a close friendship with her Eurythmics partner Dave Stewart but has stated she does not foresee any more Eurythmics projects.

Annie Lennox meets fans at HMV

annie-lennox2Legendary vocalist, musician and Academy Award winning songwriter, Annie Lennox celebrates the release of her new album, ‘The Annie Lennox Collection’, with a signing session at HMV’s Flagship store on Oxford Street in London’s West End on Thursday 12th March 2009.

Annie will be at the store from 6.00 pm to meet fans and sign copies of the new album which is released through Sony Music on 9th March 2009.

Included on the track listing are songs from four of Annie’s solo albums and two new songs. One of these is a cover of Irish rockers Ash’s single, ‘Shining Light’, which has Lennox performing all the parts of the band in the music video.

More about Annie Lennox
BORN: December 25, 1954

Annie Lennox was born in Scotland on December 25, 1954. Annie’s musical interest was evident to her parent from the time she was three years old, which ultimately led her to the Royal Academy of Music in London to study the flute. Although Annie’s debut LP wasn’t released until 1992, Annie is no stranger to musical success. Annie was one-half of the 1980′s super duo, Eurythmics. While living in London, Annie met guitarist Dave Stewart and joined a band named The Tourists who gained marginal success in the U.K. in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Annie and Stewart soon left the band to form the Eurythmics.

The group disbanded quietly in 1991 when Annie took time off to have a child, and eventually work on her solo debut. In 1989, Annie had some non-Eurythmics success when she teamed up with Al Green to record a remake of “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” for the soundtrack to Scrooged.” But in the 90s, Annie emerged as a solo act: a white girl from Scotland with a lot of soul in her voice. Before Annie had even gone solo, she was awarded with 4 Brit Awards for Best British Female Artist (in 1984, 1986, 1989, and 1990).

1992 Annie’s first solo LP, Diva, was released in May. Annie’s style and vocals on the LP were described as more mature. Her LP had shown a departure from the electronic sounds of the 1980s, and an arrival into the adult contemporary sound. Singles such as “Walking On Broken Glass” and the haunting “Why” established Annie as a successful solo singer. Her video interpretations of the songs were equally admired by music fans. The LP sold over 2 million copies in the U.S., and was nominated for three Grammy Awards, including “Album of the Year.” The music video for “Why” also won a MTV Music Award for Best Female Video, and Rolling Stone readers proclaimed her the “Best Female Singer” of 1992.

Diva went on to sell over 2 million copies in the U.S. Annie had proven herself as a successful solo artist with Diva. She had also moved from the technopop-80s into a sophisticated sound of the 90s all her own. Not only were Annie’s vocals praised and admired, but her abilities as a songwriter were equally lauded. But Annie’s next LP release would not showcase her songwriting abilities.

1993 Annie won 2 Brit Awards for Best British Album and Best British Female Artist.

1995 Annie’s second LP, Medusa, was released in March. The LP was a collection of cover tunes and included the hit “No More ‘I Love You’s’.” Other tracks include Blue Nile’s “Downtown Lights,” The Temptations’ “Can’t Get Next To You,” Bob Marley’s “Waiting In Vain,” and Neil Young’s “Don’t Let It Bring You Down.” Annie continued to display her eccentric style in her videos and live musical performances. It’s hard to forget Annie’s male backup singers in ballet wear or bear suits. Medusa went on to sell over 2 million copies in the U.S. Late in 1995, an LP, Live In Central Park was released to fans in the U.K. and an accompanying video in the U.S.

1996 Annie could be heard at the movies. Annie wrote and sang backup on the Whitney Houston song “Step By Step” used in the film The Preacher’s Wife. Other contributions to soundtracks and compilations LPs by Annie include: “Every Time We Say Goodbye” from the Red Hot + Blue compilation LP and video (1990) and “Love Song For A Vampire” from the Dracula soundtrack (1992), as well as House Of Groove (1993), MTV Unplugged Collection, Vol. 1 (1994), and Ain’t Nuthin’ But A She Thing (1995). Annie’s voice can also be heard on a couple of tracks from Apollo 13 (“Dark Side Of The Moon” and “End Titles”). Annie won a Brit Award for Best Female Artist.

1997 Never one to be labeled “status quo,” Annie Lennox has achieved a musical style that other artists can only dream of. Recently, Annie has been keeping a low-profile but in 1997 she contributed a track called “Dream Angus” to the Carnival compilation to benefit the rainforests. Annie is also focusing on what she has referred to as her most important role – motherhood.

1999 Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox will be teaming up publicly once again as the Eurythmics in February at the 1999 Brit Awards where they will also receive a lifetime achievement award: Outstanding Contribution to the British Music Industry award.

Adele to duet with Kelly Clarkson

kelly-clarksonKelly Clarkson wants to duet with Adele.  The ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ singer has revealed she would love to sing alongside the “incredible” Adele.

She said: “I love coming to the UK and picking up new music. I hope to do something with Adele. I love her voice so much, she’s just incredible.”

The 26-year-old singer also admitted she is obsessed with British pop star Annie Lennox and is also a big fan of her Eurythmics bandmate Dave Stewart.

She added to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “I adore Annie Lennox, she’s such a strong woman. It’s no secret that I’m pretty much obsessive about her. I also met Dave Stewart a while back in Los Angeles, so who knows maybe we can do something together one day.”

Kelly – who is currently topping the UK singles charts with ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ – says her upcoming album ‘All I Ever Wanted’ has been influenced by the popular 80s duo.

She explained: “One of my new songs is like an Eurythmics meets Killers dance thing called ‘If I Can’t Have You’.”

Kelly’s fourth album ‘All I Ever Wanted’ will be released in the UK on March 9.

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