Sleepercurve launch new single & video tomorrow.

SleepercurveSleepercurve are a band with depth. If you’re after the musical equivalent of a one- night stand, then you’d better look elsewhere. Named after the term used by US science writer Steven Johnson to describe the idea of popular culture being beneficial to an individual’s cognitive development, this new south London-based trio have single handedly invented the genre of ‘dystopian space Continue reading →

Marillion proud to announce the release of the new studio album

marillionearMUSIC is proud to announce the release of the new studio album by worldwide acclaimed UK band Marillion. The album “Less Is More” will be released in the UK on Monday 5th October. Hailed as one of the English music scene’s best kept secrets; Marillion were chart aficionados during the eighties have since been one of the few names in pop to get more and more creative and fascinating album after album. The band are constantly reinventing themselves while keeping the unique sound that made them loved by millions of fans all over the world. The new studio album “Less Is More”, released in cooperation with the band’s own label Intact, Continue reading →

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