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Bandleader Max Weinberg Won’t Follow Conan O’Brien To TBS

Bandleader Max Weinberg Won't Follow Conan O'Brien To TBS

Bandleader Max Weinberg Won't Follow Conan O'Brien To TBS

Bandleader Max Weinberg Won’t Follow Conan O’Brien To TBS Conan O’Brien’s return to late night will leave one faithful bandleader behind. Max Weinberg, the funnyman’s longtime bandleader, won’t be joining Coco on his late night show premieres on TBS. Max, the drummer for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street band, led The Max Weinberg Band when Coco fronted the “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” on NBC. He also led the Max Weinberg and the Tonight Show Band when Conan briefly hosted the “Tonight Show.” But by “mutual agreement,” he will not be joining Conan when the comedian returns to late night on November 8. Conan said, “Max has been a huge part of my life for the past 17 years and he is an incredible band leader and musician. I hope he can find time to stop by the new show, sit in with the band, and pretend to find my monologue funny.” The drummer replied in a statement of his own, “Conan and I met on a New York City street corner in the Spring of 1993 and my association with Conan, his staff, and crew has been a deadly rewarding experience for me.” “I thank them for their first rate work on the bandstand. I wish Conan and his show the best and I do look forward to dropping by.” “Conan,” Coco’s new show on TBS, will premiere November 8.

Ray Davies, one of the UK’s finest songwriters, releases ‘See My Friends’

Ray Davies,

Ray Davies,

Ray Davies collaborates Jon Bon Jovi, Mumford & Sons, Metallica and Bruce Springsteen on new album
Ray Davies, one of the UK’s finest songwriters, releases ‘See My Friends’, an album of classic Kinks songs turned into unique collaborations on Universal on November 1st. On this one of a kind album, Ray collaborates with a formidable selection of artists on tracks from his incredible songwriting career, revisiting his back catalogue and crafting new versions of his classic songs. Everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Metallica features on this diverse collection of material.  Highlights include ‘Days’/'This Time Tomorrow’ with Mumford & Sons, ‘Better Things’ with Bruce Springsteen, ‘You Really Got Me’ with Metallica and ‘Tired of Waiting For You’ with Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody.    ‘This project came about almost by accident,’ says Ray Davies of the project, which was kick-started when he recorded a version of ‘Till The End Of The Day’ in the summer of 2009, with the late, great Big Star singer Alex Chilton. ‘With some tracks I had to appreciate the style of the other artists, otherwise it would have sounded unbalanced. And I wanted the album to work as an entire listening experience but each track had a life of its own,’ explains Ray. Ray was happy to go where the music took him, in every sense: Oslo via Denmark, Germany and Belgium to record with Metallica, New York to record with Jon Bon Jovi, New Jersey for Bruce Springsteen, Chicago for Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins and his own north London base, the legendary KONK studios, for much of the rest. ‘This record is well-travelled already,’ explains Ray. Paloma Faith, Jackson Browne, Black Francis of the Pixies, Lucinda Williams, Amy Macdonald and Spoon also feature on the record, which follows Ray’s acclaimed tour of North America and the UK plus a stand out set on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage this summer.

The tracklisting for ‘See My Friends’ is:

1. Better Things – Ray Davies & Bruce Springsteen
2. Celluloid Heroes – Ray Davies, Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora
3. Days/This Time Tomorrow – Ray Davies & Mumford & Sons
4. Long Way From Home – Ray Davies, Lucinda Williams & The 88
5. You Really Got Me – Ray Davies & Metallica
6. Lola – Ray Davies & Paloma Faith
7. Waterloo Sunset – Ray Davies & Jackson Browne
8. ‘Til The End of The Day – Ray Davies, Alex Chilton & The 88
9. Dead End Street – Ray Davies & Amy Macdonald
10. See My Friends Ray Davies & Spoon
11. This Is Where I Belong – Ray Davies & Black Francis
12. David Watts – Ray Davies & The 88
13. Tired Of Waiting – Ray Davies & Gary Lightbody
14. All Day And All Of The Night/Destroyer – Ray Davies & Billy Corgan

U2 Tops Musicians Rich List By Forbes

U2 - $130 million

U2 - $130 million

U2 Tops Musicians Rich List By Forbes.  The boys of U2 are the top-earning musicians of 2010. The rockers are on the top of the rich list of musicians compiled by Forbes magazine for the year 2010, beating AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen and Britney Spears. The Irish band earned $130 million from June 2009 to June 2010. Their earnings were gathered from their massive world tour and lucrative merchandise sales, heavy radio play, and back catalog sales. Next on the list are the Australian metal boys AC/DC, who garnered $114 million from their worldwide road show. Beyonce Knowles is third with $87 million, Bruce Springsteen next with $70 million, and Britney Spears is at 5th place with $64 million. Also included in the top 10 rich list are Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and the Black Eyed Peas. World’s Top-Earning Musicians by Forbes:

1.U2 – $130 million
2.AC/DC – $114 million
3.Beyonce Knowles – $87 million
4.Bruce Springsteen – $70 million
5.Britney Spears – $64 million
6.Jay-Z – $63 million
7.Lady Gaga – $62 million
8.Madonna – $58 million
9.Kenny Chesney – $50 million
10.Black Eyed Peas – $48 million
11.Coldplay – $48 million
12.Toby Keith – $48 million

Oprah Winfrey Reclaims Most Powerful Celebrity Throne

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Reclaims Most Powerful Celebrity Throne. Oprah Winfrey is once again the queen of celebrities. The media mogul has reclaimed her throne as the most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine, knocking over last year’s number 1 Angelina Jolie. Forbes tallied the names in the Celebrity 100 based on fame and money. Their earnings estimates and their Web hits, including press mentions. For this year, their social standing was also calculated using social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Winfrey was ousted from her comfortable top position last year by Jolie, but quickly regained footing this year. The magazine cited her eponymous talk show, as well as other media. Lady Gaga debuts in the list at 4th place, while America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock sits pretty at 8th place. She was 92nd last year. Beyonce Knowles (2nd), Britney Spears (6th), Madonna (10th), and U2 (7th) make up the music stars included in the first 10 rank. James Cameron (3rd), Johnny Depp (9th), and Tiger Woods (5th) round up the Top 10. Jolie and partner Brad Pitt also make the list at 18th and 30th place respectively, while “Twilight” stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson join the power list for the first time at 66th and 50th.
Top 50 of Forbes’ Most Powerful List:

1.Oprah Winfrey
2.Beyonce Knowles
3.James Cameron
4.Lady Gaga
5.Tiger Woods
6.Britney Spears
8.Sandra Bullock
9.Johnny Depp
11.Simon Cowell
12.Taylor Swift
13.Miley Cyrus
14.Kobe Bryant
16.Black Eyed Peas
17.Bruce Springsteen
18.Angelina Jolie
19.Rush Limbaugh
20.Michael Jordan
21.Dr. Phil McGraw
22.Steven Spielberg
23.Ellen DeGeneres
24.David Letterman
25.Tyler Perry
26.Jennifer Aniston
28.LeBron James
29.Roger Federer
30.Brad Pitt
31.Floyd Mayweather
32.Michael Bay
33.Donald Trump
34.Jay Leno
36.David Beckham
37.Jerry Seinfeld
39.Howard Stern
40.Jonas Brothers
41.Tom Hanks
42.George Lucas
43.Glenn Beck
44.Ryan Seacrest
45.Phil Mickelson
46.Ben Stiller
47.Jerry Bruckheimer
48.Cristiano Ronaldo
49.Alex Rodriguez
50.Robert Pattinson

On the hunt for the next Bieber, Cody Simpson Sizzling new talent.

Cody Simpson the Next Teen Sensation.

Cody Simpson Sizzling new talent

What does 16-year-old Justin Bieber share in common with musical icons Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana and Britney Spears?  They all, at one time or another, have inspired record company A&R executives en masse to aggressively sign up artists who sound, and sometimes even look, decidedly like them. Dylan’s brilliance sparked the signings of folkies from Donovan to Steve Forbert; Springsteen led to Joe Grushecky and John Cafferty; Nirvana minted Radish, Candlebox and countless others; Britney Spears begat Willa Ford.  Seizing on the opportunities created by a phenomenon like Bieber is nothing new, and it’s certainly not unique to the music business. But in the case of Bieber and the search for the next teen heartthrob, the pace at which it’s happening appears as frenzied as the girls who bum-rush Bieber for autographs after shows. Perhaps the most extreme example is the preternaturally talented Greyson Chance, who in less than one month has secured two A-list managers and motivated a major TV personality to launch a record label. On April 28, Chance posted a YouTube video of himself covering Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” for his sixth-grade classmates in Oklahoma. Ellen DeGeneres booked the 12-year-old — who sports a swooping, Bieber-esque haircut — for a May 13 appearance on her ABC daytime show, then brought him back May 26 to announce that she’d launched her own record label, eleveneleven, and signed Chance as her first artist.   Ellen DeGeneres Signs Greyson Chance to New Label. Though Chance was rumored to have signed with Interscope the same week of his first “Ellen” visit, a representative for DeGeneres says, “A partnership with a major label is still in the works.”  Chance is co-managed by Guy Oseary (Madonna) and Troy Carter (Lady Gaga). A source familiar with the deal says that no material has been recorded yet, but Chance’s team is searching for music in the vein of Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida.” Comparisons between Bieber and Chance are inevitable, given their age and online origin. But a more fitting comparison can be made with Cody Simpson, a 13-year-old from Australia signed to Atlantic. Simpson also started playing guitar and singing at a young age and was discovered last summer by an enterprising YouTube viewer: producer Shawn Campbell (Missy Elliott, Ciara). ”My parents thought it was some weirdo trying to get to me,” Simpson says, “but he seemed legit and I’ve been wanting to make music since I was 7, so I told my parents to let me try this.” ”I’ve never worked with anyone this young before, but Cody is so focused,” says Campbell, who helped Simpson get signed to Atlantic through executive VP of A&R Mike Caren. Caren says that there’s room for more than one teen male artist in the marketplace. “Justin Bieber opened the door for teen music on rhythm and pop radio,” he says. “The really talented ones can break through.” Simpson’s debut single, “iYiYi,” featuring labelmate Flo Rida, will be released June 1, and a full album is in progress. Caren says that it will be “more uptempo, energetic pop” than Bieber’s R&B-driven material. “It’s reminiscent of the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync sound.” Simpson is managed by Blue Williams, who also manages 15-year-old Khalil, signed to Island Def Jam Music Group’s Teen Island label. The label was first created for Bieber, says Kawan “KP” Prather, senior VP of A&R at Def Jam, adding that due to Bieber’s success, “people are less scared” to sign teen artists outside of the Disney/Nickelodeon formula.   Khalil’s debut single, “Girlfriend,” was written by Sean Garrett and sent to urban and rhythm radio formats May 24, and Williams says the focus is on developing him into a long-term artist. “Justin Bieber tapped into something that we had gotten away from as an industry,” he says. “Little girls like to have artists that make them scream, whose posters they can put up on their walls. We’ve been so busy chasing a hit single or a hot record, we stopped making stars.” Also on Teen Island is Aaron Fresh, a 17-year-old native of Trinidad and Tobago signed to a joint venture through Nick Cannon’s Ncredible Entertainment. Fresh’s debut single, the reggae-tinged “Spending All My Time,” is bubbling under the Mainstream Top 40 chart, with airplay detected at 64 stations, according to Nielsen BDS.  “The youth movement is definitely in effect right now,” says Cannon, who was introduced to Fresh through a producer. “It comes around about every 10 years, and last time it was Usher, Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. I see Aaron as a future superstar right up there with them.” Meanwhile, even Simon Cowell appears to be on the hunt for the next Bieber. During an interview on ABC’s “The Oprah Winfrey Show” before his departure from “American Idol,” the music/TV mogul revealed that “The X Factor” will come to the United States next fall with a lower age limit  14.

Cody Simpson

Bruce Springsteen Sues New York Bar & Restaurant For Copyright Infringement

Bruce Springsteen is suing a New York bar for copyright infringement. The Boss says Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant on W 45th Street was not complying with licensing and copyright laws when they performed three of his cover songs while charging admission.  According to Springsteen, on August 9th, 2008, an unidentified band played his “Growin’ Up,” “Because the Night,” and “You’re No Good” while charging customers a cover fee. Connolly’s, however, had never ponied up the $2,700 licensing fee for hosting live performances to American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, or ASCAP.  For skipping out on the $2,700 licensing fee, the bar could now face a $30,000 fine. “We had been after them [Connolly's] for complying for over two years, so it’s not so much about who or where,” Vincent Candilora, ASCAP senior vice president for licensing, told NY Daily News, claiming that the suit is about keeping other New York venues at a leveled playing field.  He also says it’s not about the multi-millionaire superstar Bruce Springsteen making a few more bucks either. “It’s not about him as a recording artist,” Candilora said. “In this instance, he’s simply a songwriter with rights.”  Connolly’s uses their “Klub 45 Room” venue space as a selling point for customers and for local acts wanting to play. It has shows lined up all throughout February and March.

Justin Timberlake Haiti Relief Single Hits #1 On iTunes

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Covers of Leonard Cohen’s 1984 classic “Hallelujah” have a way of topping the digital charts, including Jeff Buckley’s version by way of “American Idol” finalist Jason Castro, and “X Factor” winner Alexandra Burke. The same rings true again for Justin Timberlake and his live performance of the track, which hits #1 on the iTunes sales chart.  Timberlake performed “Hallelujah” for the “Hope for Haiti Now” benefit telethon which aired across various television networks Friday. He performed with singer Matt Morris, a fellow member of the “Mickey Mouse Club,” who recently released his debut studio album.   “It’s always been one of my favorite songs,” Timberlake told MTV of the song. “And my artist Matt, we always kinda sing that song when we’re messing around in the studio with ideas. The way that it’s written can be interpreted many different ways. But the emotion that comes through – the chords, the melody and also what’s being said in the song – it just kind of fit for the telethon.”   The telethon raised over $57 million for Haiti. The tally is increasing thanks to the proceeds from the sales of the #1 digital single and the other 19 tracks on the “Hope for Haiti Now” album. The “Hope for Haiti Now” album, which includes live performances by Christina Aguilera, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, and Taylor Swift, is currently the #1 selling album on iTunes. 18 of the 20 album “Hope for Haiti Now” tracks are currently in the Top 200 selling songs on iTunes. “Lean On Me,” by Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, and Kid Rock, is currently just outside the top 10 at #11.

Stars Lined Up For George Clooney’s Haiti Telethon Special

George Clooney

George Clooney

Stars lined up for George Clooney’s Haiti fund-raising telethon have been named. From New York, Los Angeles, and London, star wattage will be abundant as Wyclef Jean, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Bono, and Jay-Z join the roster of celebrities who will help raise funds to help the Haitian earthquake victims. Clooney will be hosting a two-hour telethon special on all MTV networks on January 22 to benefit the victims of the catastrophe in the Caribbean country.  While details are still being worked out, has obtained the line-up of celebrities for the show.  Wonder, Keys, Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and Taylor Swift will make appearances from Los Angeles, while Keith Urban, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow are slated to perform together.

Jean, Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Shakira, and Sting will be coming from New York, while Coldplay, Bono, The Edge, Jay-Z, and Rihanna will perform together from London.

Their performances will be available online on iTunes at $0.99 per song starting January 22. All proceeds will benefit the Haiti relief funds managed by “Hope for Haiti Now” charities.

Other celeb names are expected to show up and lend their support by manning the phones during the telethon.

Clooney will host in L.A., while Jean will take the lead in N.Y. Anderson Cooper will be reporting from Haiti.

Celine Dion reaches peak of the decade’s Ultimate Top 10

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

All she had to do was stay in one place instead of touring like other top acts. Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews Band come in close behind in combined album sales and concert revenue for the decade. What’s the formula for success in the rapidly shifting music business? Roll the dice, then stay put.

That combination put Celine Dion atop the ultimate edition of Calendar’s annual Ultimate Top 10 list, a ranking that combines artists’ album sales revenue with their take at the box office. Dion earned the title of Ultimate Top 10 champ for the decade that recently ended, thanks in large part to the money she piled up from her five-year engagement at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where audiences are used to paying big bucks for big stars.  Her gamble to perform in one place for an extended period paid off big for the Canadian pop diva.  The Ultimate Top 10 isn’t meant to be the final word on artists’ finances. With merchandising, product endorsements, song placements in movies and TV shows, ring tones, website subscriptions and myriad other income sources, musicians today have seemingly limitless ways to bring in money. But by combining two of the biggest revenue sources, the Ultimate Top 10 is a good indicator of which artists fans are spending the most money on. The overall decade results suggest there’s still considerable long-term value in allowing artists time to build extensive catalogs and encouraging them to support those recordings by touring regularly.

The Ultimate Top 10 of the Decade:
1. Celine Dion, $747.9 million. Dion pulled in $522.2 million in concert-ticket sales for the decade. Adding $225.7 million worth of album sales during those same 10 years, she trumped all comers.

2. Kenny Chesney, $742 million. Close behind Dion was this road warrior, who toured hard and promoted records the old-fashioned way year in and year out. His total includes $455.6 million in concert ticket sales and $286.4 million in album revenue.
3. Dave Matthews Band, $737.4 million. Matthews’ decade concert total of $529.1 million put him first on the list of top North American live music attractions of the decade, as calculated by the concert-tracking publication Pollstar. The band posted $208.3 million in album sales.
4. The Beatles, $627.3 million. Although the quartet disbanded 30 years before the decade began, the Beatles still managed to generate $392.3 million from sales of 30.2 million albums (using an average of $13 per album). We folded in the individual box office figures racked up by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney ($221.4 million) and Ringo Starr ($13.6 million), given that their concert audiences consist in large part of Beatles fans. The Fab Four also logged the single bestselling album of the decade, the “1″ hits collection, with 11.5 million copies. And counting.
5. U2, $609.7 million. The Irish rock quartet brought in $391 million at the box office and $218.7 million in album sales.
6. Toby Keith, $591.9 million. The second of three country acts in the Top 10, the Oklahoma singer and songwriter logged $273.8 million on the concert trail, $318.1 million from album sales.

7. Bruce Springsteen, $588.3 million. On the road, both with the E Street Band and his various non-E Street tours, the Boss brought in $444.3 million. His album take: $144 million.

8. The Rolling Stones, $569.6 million. The Stones also benefited heavily from touring, earning $426.9 million at the box office in addition to $142.7 million in album sales.

9. Tim McGraw, $550.7 million. Strictly as a solo act, the country singer-songwriter ranks No. 14 on the list. But he toured several times with his wife, Faith Hill, during the decade. California being a community property state, we are awarding him half the revenue those outings generated. So his total includes $322 million in album sales, $133.7 million from his own tours and $95 million for his half of the McGraw-Hill shows.

10. Britney Spears, $494.3 million. Despite a rocky decade personally and professionally, Spears pulled in $195.7 million at the box office and sold $298.6 million worth of albums for the 10-year period.

The decade’s top album seller was Eminem, the Detroit rapper who posted $419 million from sales of 32.2 million albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan. But because he toured sporadically, he was only able to add $40.8 million to his Ultimate Top 10 total, which places him at No. 14; he is the sole hip-hop artist to land in the Top 20.

Looking at 2009 alone, the 14th annual Ultimate Top 10 title goes to U2. During the year, the band posted $137.3 million ($123 million box office, $14.3 million albums), a bit better than last year’s winner, Madonna, who finished on top with $120.1 million. Springsteen follows U2 with $102 million ($94.5 million box office, $7.5 million in albums).

The year’s biggest album seller finished at No. 3 overall: In the wake of his death, Michael Jackson posted total album sales of just under $100 million, without any revenue from the series of comeback concerts he was scheduled to give in London. (Those dates wouldn’t have counted toward the Ultimate Top 10 since Pollstar data come from North American concert tour figures.)

Spears ended the year at No. 4, with $82.5 million in concert ticket sales and $7 million in album revenue. The joint Elton John/Billy Joel tour tallied $88 million at the box office, with no corresponding revenue from albums that finished among the year’s top 200 sellers from the duo, placing the piano men at No. 5. John generated an additional $14.2 million during the year from solo performances.

The remainder of the 2009 Ultimate Top 10 shakes out as follows: No. 6: AC/DC with $83.8 million ($77.9 million in concert tickets, $5.9 million in album sales); No. 7: Taylor Swift with $83.2 million ($25.5 million at the box office, $57.7 million in album sales); No. 8: Chesney at $81 million ($71.1 million in concert, $9.9 million in album sales); No. 9: the Jonas Brothers with $77.9 million ($69.8 million in concert revenue, $8.1 million in album sales), and No. 10: the Dave Matthews Band with $69.8 million ($56.9 million in concert tickets, $12.9 million in album sales).

Kennedy Center Honors unite D.C. for a night

Bruce Springsteen, Robert De Niro, Mel Brooks, Grace Bumbry and Dave Brubeck are extolled at gala. The Boss, a GoodFella and the king of irreverent comedy were among five performing artists to receive lifetime achievement awards Sunday in a glittery event that’s as close as Washington comes to the Oscars.  This year’s recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors, an annual black-tie gala that recognizes performers who transformed the arts in Continue reading →

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