Kylie Minogue’s boyfriend insists they’re in no rush to start a family.

Kylie Minogue's boyfriend insists they're in no rush to start a family.

Kylie Minogue's boyfriend insists they're in no rush to start a family.

Kylie Minogue’s boyfriend insists they’re in no rush to start a family. Spanish model Andres Velencoso has been dating the 42-year-old singer for the past two years and while he says they want to be together forever, they are yet to set a wedding date or start trying for a bay.He said: ‘Kylie is so generous and positive and she gets the best out of people, including her family and friends. She’s an amazing human being with a huge heart. It’s just wonderful being around her. ‘But right now, we’re fine just the way we are. We have, of course, discussed marriage and having a family but we’re in no rush. We’ll let our future take its own course and go step by step.’Andres also revealed how he was taken with the ‘All The Lovers’ hitmaker as soon as they met on a photo shoot. He told our source: ‘ wouldn’t say it was love at first sight but there was something right then. I can’t describe it with words. I guess we just clicked. And from that moment, we were chatting over the phone and started hanging out together.’

Lady Gaga is scared of having a GaGa baby

GaGa baby

GaGa baby

Lady Gaga is scared of having a baby. The 24-year-old singer believes the demands of motherhood affect an artist’s creativity in a negative way and at the moment all she wants to do is focus on her music career. She said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine: ‘I’m terrified of babies. I think, creatively, as a woman, you change once you give birth. I’m totally not ready for that.’   The eccentric singer also spoke about the love she still has for an ex-boyfriend, who she refers to only as a heavy metal drummer called Luke.  Gaga credits him with helping her become the pop megastar she is today. She explained: ‘I wouldn’t have been as successful without him. I’ve never really loved anyone like I loved him. Or like I love him. That relationship really shaped me. It made me into a fighter. “But I don’t want to talk about him… he’s too precious to talk about.’ Although she has been in love before, the ‘Alejandro’ singer doesn’t think she understands the complexities of the heart. She said: ‘But, you know, I don’t really know much about love. I suppose if I knew everything about love, I wouldn’t be good at making music, would I?”

How to Tell If He’s Boyfriend Material

He's Boyfriend Material

He's Boyfriend Material

Three Signs He’s Boyfriend Material. Love is different for everybody, but there are a few signs that could indicate the guy you’re dating is a keeper. Read on for three important signals that the boy you’re seeing could be in your life for the long run! He gets along with your friends and family: You want your boyfriend to be able to come to family parties and dinners with your friends. If they don’t get along, you might be forced to choose and that could put a strain on all the relationships in your life. The bottom line is if he doesn’t have good things to say about your loved ones — it will definitely lead to long-term problems. The pressure is off: If you say you don’t want to drink, do drugs or have sex and he doesn’t understand it — it’s time to move on. Once you get into a serious relationship with the guy, the pressure will be even greater. He listens: If he cares about your problems and concerns then he’s definitely a keeper. A relationship should be more than just a few hangout sessions and nights out. You share part of your life with a boyfriend and that doesn’t just mean the good parts. You want to be able to share your thoughts and you want him to share his good and bad moments with you too. Do you have a serious boyfriend?  What let you know that he was boyfriend material?

Justin Bieber is hoping for female admirers through his music.

Justin Bieber  is hoping for female admirers through his music

Justin Bieber is hoping for female admirers through his music

Justin Bieber says Beyonce ‘broke his heart’ . Justin Bieber claims Beyonce Knowles ‘broke his heart’. The 16-year-old singer has had a crush on the ‘Crazy In Love’ hitmaker for years and admits he was devastated when he learned she had married long-term boyfriend Jay-Z in April 2008.  He said: ‘I’ve been totally in love with her since I was seven. She kinda broke my heart when she married Jay-Z.’  Despite his sadness at her marriage, the ‘Baby’ hitmaker got the chance to meet his idol at this year’s Grammy Awards.   Recalling the encounter, he said: “It was amazing. I was a little nervous but I told her she was very good-looking. Actually she’s super hot.”  Although he has a crush on Beyonce, the ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ singer admits he hasn’t experienced ‘real’ love yet.   He told Interview magazine: ‘I haven’t been in love yet. I’ve definitely loved girls. But it’s kinda like puppy love. It’s not the real thing, but that’s what you think at the time.’ However, the teenage heartthrob is hoping to acquire more female admirers through his music.  Explaining the tracks on his forthcoming album ‘My World 2.0’, he added: ‘They will be mostly about girls, again. I want them to hear my music and wanna play it again because it made their hearts feel good.’

Katie Price beaten up by gypsy fighters

SEMI-EXCLUSIVE: Katie Price & Peter Andre Visiting Times SquareKatie Price has got herself into more hot water after being attacked with her boyfriend Alex Reid at an Extreme Brawl Fighting Championship event. It seems the organised fight spurred onlookers, who had been drinking all evening, to make threats on Price and Reid at the after-show party. The brawl saw 31-year-old Katie pushed over, while her cagefighter boyfriend was hit in the face by the drunk pair, friends of gypsy fighter Tony Giles. The evening’s Continue reading →

Lily Allen ‘is desperate for a boyfriend’

lily_allenLily Allen is desperate to have a new man in her life because she hates being single.  The ‘Fear’ singer, who recently parted ways with art dealer Jay Jopling after seeing each other for only a month, is begging her friends to hook her up, according to sources. “Lily hates being single – she needs a man in her life. She feels insecure going to events and hates turning up without a man. She wants someone to hold her hand for all the red carpet events she attends,” Contactmusic quoted the source as saying.  “She’s even been asking friends to set her up on dates. She can’t seem to meet anyone, and it’s making her miserable,” the source added. Sources say that Allen is concerned about her public image and thinks remaining single will hamper her profile before the upcoming U.K tour. “Lily’s vulnerable after her relationships failed. She is especially concerned about going on her tour without a boyfriend there for her backstage. She needs a man to take care of her, and to give her attention. Without that, she fears she’ll go off the rails.” the source said.

The 24-year-old singer has previously dated DJ Seb Chew, 32, and Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons, 39.

Megan Fox: No Wedding Ever, Or Something

meganfox01Megan Fox knows that her appeal lies solely in the fact that she looks exactly like a mid-price inflatable sex doll. And if, for any reason, she stopped being sexy – or at least stopped looking like a police sketch artist’s representation of what a sexy girl probably looks like, which is more accurate – then Megan Fox’s entire career would wither up and die.  So to help herself out a little, Megan Fox has decided to tell the world that she’s never getting married. Which is a bit of a bummer because Megan Fox has apparently just got engaged again.  Despite reports to the contrary, Megan Fox isn’t sexy. She seems so precision engineered to give teenage boys permanent stiffies – she likes cars! She goes to Comic-Con! She once had a lesbian infatuation with a stripper! She has a freakishly elephantine mouth! Her surname could only be more Dickensian if she was called Megan Jollyknockers! – that we’re convinced that Megan Fox will one day unzip her skin and reveal herself t0 be Ashton Kutcher playing a horrific Ed Gein-style prank on the world. When that happens, after Kutcher has been kicked to death by the readership of Maxim magazine out of a collective sense of violent post-masturbatory guilt, it’s really going to take the shine off our day. But despite being so unattainably perfect that she may as well be a clump of masonry or a tourist map of Antwerp or whatever for all the good it’d actually ever do anyone, people still find themselves invested in Megan Fox’s personal life. Specifically, they’re invested in how single Megan Fox is at the moment.  Because right now, it’s pretty hard to tell. For a while back there, Megan Fox had been engaged to Brian Austin Green, who many of you will recognise as the luckiest anonymous actor in the whole wide world. However, Megan and Brian’s relationship took a knock a couple of months ago when Megan Fox dumped Brian Austin Green and moved out of their house. If that piece of news passed you by, it doesn’t matter – apparently Megan and Brian recently got back together, got engaged again and have started looking for a new house.

And that’s it – Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green will get married and have children and everything will be peachy. Because that tends to be the knock-on consequence of getting engaged, right? Well, apparently not if you’re Megan Fox. Megan has told Extra: “I’m not going to be married — I’m not the marrying type, and I know what your next question is going to be — you’re going to ask me, ‘Why are you engaged if you’re not the marrying type?’ I am impulsive and I love my boyfriend, but I have no plans of getting married any time soon.”  Why is Megan Fox stalling so much on the marriage issue? It could be that her recent split from Brian Austin Green has made her cautious of commitment. Or it could be that she thinks she’s too young to settle down. Or, who knows, it could be that Megan Fox knows perfectly well that she has all men so firmly in her pocket that if she declared in an interview that her biggest turn-on was the sight of grown men driving a tractor over their own testicles while being attacked in the face by a venomous snake, YouTube would become so overloaded with videos of that exact thing that it’d catch fire and burn down. On reflection, it’s probably the first one.

JOSS STONE said she has not had a boyfriend for years.

joss_stone_picJoss Stone likes the single life . The singer said she has been single for a long time because of her busy career, but she admitted she still doesn’t have time for a man. She said: “I’ve had five different boyfriends this year in the press. “But I don’t have a boyfriend. I haven’t had a boyfriend for four years. I would like to have a boyfriend, though. “It would be nice. But not right now. I haven’t got time for all that. It’s better just being a free spirit. I’ll tell you when it’s real, ’cause I’ll be happy. “I’ll tell everyone. I can’t keep that stuff to myself.”  Stone, 21, dated Beau Dozier, the son of Motown record producer Lamont Dozier, in 2004 and moved from England to live with him in Los Angeles, but they split the following year. 

 Joscelyn Eve Stoker was born on April 11, 1987, in the pastoral country of Dover, England. She spent her teen years in the rural town of Devon, where she bought her first album, Aretha Franklin’s Greatest Hits, which inspired her to become a singer. At the age of 14, she auditioned for a popular BBC show, Star for a Night.

Therein, Joscelyn thought that she could do better than the indistinguishable flock of pop star wannabes, who were mangling the popular classics. Once onstage, the audience expected another squeaky blonde cutie to sort of entertain them; but out of this giggly teenager came a vocal reincarnation of Gladys Knight rolled up with Janis Joplin and a dash of Dusty Springfield, as she performed Aretha Franklin’s classic “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” She was signed to an agent right away.

joss stone is signed; Anticipating her impending career as a singer, Joscelyn and her mother, Wendy, changed her name to the catchier and sultrier Joss Stone. They then flew to New York to meet with Steve Greenberg, CEO of S-Curve Records (known for popularizing Hanson and the Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out”).

Entranced by her soulful power, Greenberg signed her on and hired Miami soul legend Betty Wright to refine her singing. Greenberg and Wright teamed her up with a Miami soul dream team, including guitarist Little Beaver, organist Timmy Thomas and keyboardist Latimore. In just four days they recorded a suite of lost soul gems and a cover of The White Stripes’ “Fell In Love With a Girl” (renamed “Fell In Love With a Boy”) with hip-hop heavyweights The Roots.

joss stone’s soul sessions;  The result was her debut album, The Soul Sessions, which came out on September 16, 2003, to the delight of critics and to the horror or Britney and her candy-pop cohorts. Joss’ mother manages the young diva’s shows and tours. In her very short career, she has performed at such noted venues as Joe’s Pub in New York and The Troubadour in Los Angeles. She has also appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Ellen, and in People magazine. She even finished a tour in which she opened for Simply Red; Chicago’s House of Blues was among the venues.

joss stone, mind, body & soul; Practically a year after her debut release, Joss’ followup album Mind, Body & Soul proved that Joss could take on original music. Hits like “Right To Be Wrong” and “You Had Me” enjoyed radio play, and she even contributed to the Alfie soundtrack in 2004, with the songs “Wicked Time” (featuring Mick Jagger) and a cover of the title track.

joss stone is new gap girl; After receiving three nominations at the 2005 Grammys, including one for Best New Artist, Joss Stone was tapped to replace Sarah Jessica Parker in the Gap’s TV and print ads for its 2005 summer line.

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