Whoopi Goldberg talks pet peeves during one-night show in Miami

Whoopi Goldberg talks pet peeves during one-night show in Miami.  Whoopi Goldberg has a lot of things bugging her these days, and she can’t wait to tell it to her fans when she hits the stage for a one-night performance in Miami.  
“The View” co-host is in South Florida Saturday to rant about her pet peeves: awkward elevator rides, nosy neighbors and smelly airplane passengers, reports The Miami Herald. When asked what her fans can expect from her show, the comedian and actress said, “I’ve never done stand-up, so I hope they aren’t expecting that. My shows are like snowflakes — no two are ever alike. I just talk about things that are bugging me or that I find odd, which is quite a lot these days.” Goldberg, whose real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, will also be signing her new book, “Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There?,” at a local bookstore before hitting the stage later at the Adrienne Arsht Center.If television talk show host, author, actress and top-selling performer weren’t enough, the 55-year-old grandmother of three is adding Broadway producer to her repertoire, Goldberg has produced the London musical “Sister Act,” based on the 1992 film about a Las Vegas lounge singer who finds herself shaking up in a convent with nuns. She played the role of Mother Superior for several shows during its premiere last October.  The successful musical is coming to New York City in the Spring of this year, along with international productions in Australia, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Italy, France and Spain soon after.  So how does Goldberg juggle it all? “Is there really a choice? You do what you need to do and keep it moving forward,” she told the newspaper. “Always forward.”

Calvin Harris to quit live music

Calvin Harris to quit live music

Calvin Harris to quit live music

Calvin Harris to quit live music. The Scottish dance producer says that he won’t play live anymore because ”m not a singer’. In an interview with Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Harris said that hitting the stage to front a band is ‘terrifying’. Harrris said he came to be a performer almost by accident, ‘the live show had to happen, I had to be the frontman because I was doing the vocals on the songs. It went all right. I spent a few years trying to get it really properly good but it dawned on me it wasn’t going to get much better. I’ve taken the singing thing as far as I can.’ He says he won’t miss it, ”m not a singer. I’m not trained. Taking it onto the stage in front of people was terrifying. I got much, much better at it but I never lost the terror.’ The disco pop producer also said that he’s working on new material, but will probably release individual songs rather than a full album. He’ll be visiting Australia for the second time this year, doing DJ sets at the Stereosonic festival in December.

The Charlatans prepare to release their new single ‘Your Pure Soul’

The Charlatans prepare to release their new single 'Your Pure Soul'

The Charlatans prepare to release their new single 'Your Pure Soul'

The Charlatans prepare to release their new single ‘Your Pure Soul’.  Following the success of the release of their eleventh album and a sold-out UK tour, The Charlatans prepare to release their new single ‘Your Pure Soul’. The track will be released on November 29th 2011 on Frink Recordings through Cooking Vinyl. Despite proving to be a tough year for the band – drummer Jon Brookes collapsed on stage during a gig on tour in the US and was subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumour – The Charlatans have again found the strength to carry on and keep doing what they do best, making and playing music. ‘Your Pure Soul’ is taken from their Youth produced eleventh studio album ‘Who We Touch’, released in September this year. During the summer festivals and the band’s own UK dates the track proved to be a live favourite. The Charlatansare currently on tour in Australia and the Far East with The Verve’s Pete Salisbury as temporary replacement for Jon whilst he undergoes treatment. More UK dates are currently being planned, details to be announced soon.

Bees Gees and Steven Spielberg in talks to make tell all movie.

Bees Gees and Steven Spielberg in talks to make tell all movie.

Bees Gees and Steven Spielberg in talks to make tell all movie.

Bees Gees and Steven Spielberg in talks to make tell all movie. Robin Gibb has confirmed that he and brother Barry Gibb are in talks for Spielberg to tell the story of the Brothers Gibb. Gibb also says that he has given permission for the original Bee Gees recordings to be used in the movie. The Gibbs were born in England but the family moved to Brisbane, Australia when Barry, Maurice and Robin were children. Brother Andy Gibb was a baby when the family left England. The Bee Gees made their first television appearance in Brisbane in 1960 when Barry was 14-years old and the twins were 10. In 1963, the Bee Gees signed with Festival Records in Sydney and released three singles, but it wasn’t until 1965 when they had their first minor hit with ‘Wine and Women’. In 1965, Festival Records released their first album ‘The Bee Gees Sing and Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs’. Barry was 19, the twins were 15. In 1966, the brothers went back to England and on the journey (by boat) back, they received word of their first number one single when ‘Spicks and Specks’ topped the Australian chart. In England, they met and signed with Robert Stigwood, another Aussie. They had their first UK hit in 1967 with ‘New York Mining Disaster 1941′. Before long, they broke into America and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and Laugh In. Early US hits included ‘I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You’ and ‘I Started A Joke’. In the USA, Ahmet Ertegun hooked the Bees Gees up with producer Arif Mardin who changed their sound to R&B. Songs like ‘Jive Talking’ and ‘Nights On Broadway’ resonated with the American audience and they became major stars. The next album, ‘Children Of The World’ in 1976 made music history with the hit track ‘You Should Be Dancing’. It became the benchmark of the disco sound. Stigwood used the musical success and wrapped it around a movie. The film was ‘Saturday Night Fever’. It made a star of John Travolta and made the Bee Gees the hottest musical act on the planet. The last Bee Gees album was ‘This Is Where I Came In’ in 2001. On January 12, 2003, Maurice Gibb died suddenly from a heart attack and the Barry and Robin decided to never perform again as The Bee Gees.

“New Nobility” has taken the indie charts by storm.

"New Nobility" has taken the indie charts by storm.

"New Nobility" has taken the indie charts by storm.

“New Nobility” has taken the indie charts by storm across the globe with Galactic from their newest album BLUE BUTTERFLY (REVOLUTION). Following on with their second track from their EP, the title track “Blue Butterfly (Australia)” pays homage to their Wide Brown Land. “Let’s Make A Better World” leans more towards an ‘every man’s’ pop rock sensibility. New Nobility is an apt name for a band who delivers a ‘breath of fresh air’ rock sound. Melodious rock like this doesn’t often come from Australian shores – and how the US and UK are taking a shine to these fine musical craftsmen on a clear mission. They have won numerous awards including the Music Aid Award for “Best Band 2007″ in the U.K. and the World Peace and Music Award in India. While the band can be likened in places to previous great bands of the 80′s/90′s like Giant or perhaps Kings X et al, this band is clearly offering a universal rock sound with an obvious Australian flavour – political at times, but as the state of the entire musical world in which we create music in 2010 clearly shows, these are the voices, reactions and thoughts of the now evolved generations. While the Pseudo Palm label (Desolate Entertainment) is pushing the boys in the US, New Nobility remain an independent band who would do well if pushed here in Australia. There is something about this band and if you are an Australian record or distribution company – take a very close look at what this band is presenting to the rest of the world on behalf of Australia. They might just be right on the money. There is another market for New Nobility’s music – Australia. Check out New Nobility’s newest track, “Rebel Hero” (no doubting the Rock lines here) now streaming from the band’s MySpace player, on ReverbNation and is available on iTunes along with rest of the songs on the Blue Butterfly. (Revolution) EP. Support New Nobility and purchase all of their tracks. Josh Maekowsky – Vocals, Guitar Krga Zoran – Keyboard, Drum Sead Trnka – Bass (Composer, Author) More info on New Nobility: UPLAYA New Nobility has achieved Platinum Auddy Awards for their music. A Platinum Auddy™ denotes clear mathematical hit potential. The underlying musical patterns of this song are similar to songs that have been hits for a long time. GALACTIC movement US – New Nobility Brings Peace Rock To The US “Australian band, New Nobility is releasing their debut album in April 2010 entitled “Blue Butterfly (Revolution)”.  For more info on this new band, check out their AirPlay site,

Slayer cancel tour; Tom Araya has to undergo immediate surgery

slayerSlayer have had to bring their Canadian tour to a sudden halt because bass play Tom Araya has to undergo immediate surgery.  Slayer had just returned to North America after a sold out tour of Australia with Megadeth.  ‘What is foremost in our minds right now is that Tom do whatever he needs to to get this taken care of,’ Slayer guitarist Kerry King said in a statement.  Dates in Canada and the United Continue reading →

Mika Conquered The World, America Is Next

mikartvAt first impression, the man no one knows as Michael Penniman seems uncharacteristically quiet. As he takes a well-earned break from rehearsing for a tour to promote one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated global releases, he seems tired and anxious, a far cry from his usual upbeat ebullience. He knows it, and he apologizes politely for his demeanor before taking a drawn-out pause to Continue reading →

Reality Killed The Video Star….

robbiewilliamsWe’re very excited to announce that Robbie Williams will be releasing his much-anticipated new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, on November 9th, 2009. However, ahead of that, the first single to be released will be Bodies, on October 12th, with the digital version available one day earlier on the 11th. Robbie, he has been Continue reading →

Singer Pink Attacked By Frog

Pink Leaving Heathrow Airport (USA and OZ only)The ‘So What’ singer was enjoying a bike trip in Australia with husband Carey Hart, but when the pair stopped for a toilet break the excited amphibian jumped at Pink’s face. A source said: “They were relieving themselves by the road when a frog jumped up and hit Pink bang in the eyes. She freaked.” Luckily, the 29-year-old star – real name Alecia Moore – was not injured by the slimy creature. Earlier this month, Pink revealed she was taking time off from her ‘Funhouse’ tour to head off on a road trip with motocross racer Carey. The ‘Sober’ star, who has performed 27 shows across Australia since arriving in the country in May, said: “We’re going on a motorcycle trip. I get to retire Pink for nine days and be good old Alecia.” However, the singer admitted she was scared of the Australian wildlife, asking: “How is anyone still living in this country?” Pink and Carey separated briefly in 2008 but reunited earlier this year. Carey has been hosting motocross events across Australia while his wife has been performing.

Monsters of Folk collective to release first album

monsters-of-folkMonsters of Folk – comprised of Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and singer/songwriter M.Ward – will be releasing their first collaborative album on September 22nd. The self-titled effort was recorded in Malibu, CA and Omaha, NE, and produced by Mike Mogis. Although these critically acclaimed artists have shared the stage before, this album marks their first recorded output as a band. The record will be released in North America on Shangri-La Music, and internationally on Rough Trade (UK/Europe), Spunk Records (Australia/New Zealand) and P-Vine Records (Japan).

Monsters of Folk began as folklore of sorts, when James, Oberst, Ward and Mogis did their first run of shows together in 2004. Like the musical revue shows that went town to town when rock ‘n’ roll was newly born, the tour was called ‘An Evening With: Bright Eyes, Jim James and M. Ward,’ although amongst friends and crew, it became affectionately known as the ‘Monsters of Folk Tour.’

While entertaining audiences coast to coast with gorgeous acoustic melodies and world-weary tales, the foursome vowed to make their way to a studio at some point after the tour’s completion. Instead, the songsmiths went on to individually release some of rock music’s most exciting and essential albums of the last five years – Bright Eyes’ I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning & Cassadaga; My Morning Jacket’s Z & Evil Urges; M. Ward’s Post War and Hold Time. Never ones to forget their promise, when downtime presented itself, they convened in the studio multiple times over two years, with Mogis at the helm of their first recorded effort. The result is as stunning and storied as you would expect it to be.

All four members play every instrument on the album, supplying everything from drum kills to cascading backing vocals. The songs – some road-worn fables, some intimate and intricate with electronic elements, some woozy and sun-soaked – are everything one expects from these four musical minds collaborating together. The album exudes a warm, organic spaciousness, filled by brilliant choruses, intoxicating harmonies and effortless melodies, as each member brings his own strengths to the table to create one perfect whole.

Track List in full:

1. Dear God (sincerely M.O.F.)
2. Say Please
3. Whole Lotta Losin’
4. Temazcal
5. The Right Place
6. Baby Boomer
7. Man Named Truth
8. Goodway
9. Ahead of the Curve
10. Slow Down Jo
11. Losin Yo Head
12. Magic Marker
13. Map Of The World
14. The Sandman, the Brakeman and Me

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