Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys says always being friends has kept band together

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys think being childhood friends has kept them together.

The British quartet – Matt Helders, Jamie Cook, Nick O’Malley and Alex Turner – have been pals since growing up in Sheffield, North England, and think their solid bond has stopped them succumbing to the
pressures of fame.

Alex said: “Our friendship definitely has something to do with it [staying together]. We grew up pretty much on the same street. So we’d hung around with each other a long time before we were a band and that
helps you bypass a lot of those pitfalls.”

However, the ‘Mardy Bum’ hitmakers admit they occasionally row, but think their arguments are normal.
Alex said: “You’re bound to argue, but I think we get around a lot of that stuff. It’s maybe something about where we’re from. We’re all pretty laid back.

“Everyone gets aggravated but there aren’t too many tantrums.”

Nick added: “Even if you ran a shop with your brother, you’d have fights. It’s that natural sibling rivalry thing.”

Miles Kane slips onto Arctic Monkeys new single

Miles Kane

The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala’, the second single from Arctic Monkeys’ new album ‘Suck It And See’ will be released on Monday the 15th of August.

‘The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala’ will be available on 7′ (RUG422) and digitally (RUG422D). The single will be backed with brand new song ‘Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler)’ by Miles Kane and the Death Ramps.

Arctic Monkeys will be headlining V Festival and the following arena shows in the autumn:

Saturday 20th August Hylands Park ‘ V Festival
Sunday 21st August Weston Park ‘ V Festival

Friday 28th October Nottingham Capital FM Arena ‘ SOLD OUT
Saturday 29th October London The O2 Arena ‘ SOLD OUT
Sunday 30th October London The O2 Arena ‘ EXTRA NIGHT ADDED
Tuesday 1st November Cardiff Motorpoint Arena ‘ SOLD OUT
Wednesday 2nd November Manchester MEN Arena
Friday 4th November Birmingham LG Arena
Saturday 5th November Newcastle Metro Radio Arena- SOLD OUT
Sunday 6th November Aberdeen AECC
Tuesday 8th November Glasgow SECC Hall 4
Wednesday 9th November Liverpool Echo Arena

The Vaccines and Smith Westerns will be supporting on the UK arena dates.

For more info, contact: Paul Sandell ‘ / 0208 875 1390

Arctic Monkeys storm Roundhouse for iTunes festival last night

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys played a storming set at the iTunes festival in London last night (06.07.11).

The ‘Don’t Sit Down ’cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ rockers showcased tracks form their latest album ‘Suck it and See’ as well as their biggest hits as part of the free series of concerts at London’s Roundhouse venue.

Walking on stage to Hot Chocolate’s ‘You Sexy Thing’, the four-piece group opened with new track ‘Library Pictures’, before moving on to 2007 single ‘Brianstorm’.

Frontman Alex Turner rarely engaged with the crowd throughout the performance, but after playing new track ‘She’s Thunderstorms’ he said: “That was from the new Arctic Monkeys album ‘Suck it and See’. And we’ll have some from that later, but now,” before launching into ‘Teddy Picker’ from their second album ‘Whatever People Say I am, that’s What I’m Not’.

The group – completed by Jamie Cook, Nick O’Malley and Matt Helders – concentrated on material from ‘Suck it and See’ and their first two albums, playing only one track, ‘Crying Lightning’, from 2009′s ‘Humbug’.

Alex has recently said the band are “more confident” now and he feels their songs are so good, they can work on improving their stage show, rather than their songs.

He said: “We’re more confident as a band at the moment. We can relax a bit more and put more effort into our high kicks now. Maybe it’ll be time to get some pyrotechnics out soon.”

The band’s set climaxed with the slow burning ’505′, for which they introduced support act Miles Kane, who joined the group to play guitar.

The iTunes Festival 2011 runs throughout July at London’s Roundhouse venue, showcasing acts including Adele, Bruno Mars and Glasvegas. Tickets are free and distributed via the iTunes Festival website.

Arctic Monkeys prompt Glastonbury rumours

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

The ‘Brick by Brick’ rockers are not on the bill for the festival, but rumoured to be one of the acts putting in surprise performances, and their arrival onsite all but confirms this.

Dance pop star Example – who was much delayed getting into the festival ‘ tweeted: “I’m not allowed to park my bus behind the stage I’m playing because the Arctic Monkeys have taken our space. And they’re not even playing.”

Although he later added: “I’m actually a massive fan of Arctic Monkeys, so that’s reduced my anger.”

Other surprise performances will include Pulp, who were confirmed this afternoon (24.06.11) to play tomorrow, and Radiohead who stared a surprise set on the Park stage at 20.00 today.

Fans at the show tweeted the set list, which ran ‘Lotus Flower’, ’15 Step’, ‘Magpie’, ‘Little by Little’, ‘All I Need’, ‘Separator’, ‘Give up the Ghost’, ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’, ‘Staircase’, ‘I Might Be Wrong’, ‘Bloom’, ‘Reckoner’, ‘Daily Mail’ and as an encore ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’.

The band told the BBC, who are filming most of the festival, that they didn’t want them to broadcast their set, as they wanted it to be special for the fans who are there.

Arctic Monkeys like Lady Gaga after seeing the cover to her ‘Born This Way’ album

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

The ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ band’s frontman, Alex Turner, said he had a newfound respect for the ‘Judas’ singer after she revealed the artwork for her latest album, in which she appears as a motorbike/human hybrid.

He said: “She’s like a motorbike on the front cover of the album isn’t she? Anyone who has that idea is alright with me. Imagine that meeting. Like, ‘I’ve got an idea for the front cover. It’s me, but I’m a motorbike.’

“And she is a motorbike though – it’s not like she’s on a motorbike. She has no body, she actually is the motorbike. That’s impressive.”

Although Lady Gaga’s album cover is a serious statement, Alex ‘ renowned for his playful, dry humoured lyrics ‘ always enjoys it when artists have a tongue in cheek side to their work.

He added to BBC Radio 6: “I like it when a band’s got a sense of humour, whether it’s in the lyrics or in something else they do.

“When I first started writing songs, I thought of it less like song writing and more as a few quips to make my friends laugh, and I guess that’s always sort of stayed with me one way or another.”

Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner says living in America only made him ‘more English’

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

The ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ hitmaker had a stint living in New York, where he wrote the band’s latest album, ‘Suck it and See’, but for him, the experience only highlighted how much he identified with his homeland.

He told the Metro newspaper: “I did live in America for a minute. But we’ve pretty much moved back to England now.

“Thing is, if anything, I think I get more English when I spend time in America. I wrote a lot of the new album while I was living in New York and I found myself using more English colloquialisms than ever.”

Although he always sings in a distinctly northern English accent, Alex admits he drops it when he’s performing karaoke, especially on US rap tracks.

He added: “My karaoke tune of choice is Tupac’s ‘California Love’. Me and our drummer, Matt, we also do a good Eminem and Dr Dre, ‘Guilty Conscience’, and a mean version of R Kelly’s ‘Bump N’ Grind’.

“But I’m almost ashamed to admit that I do rap in an American accent when I’m doing karaoke. Maybe I should try and do Tupac in a Yorkshire accent. That’ll be interesting.”

Arctic Monkeys are currently on tour across the US.

Adele tops Guardian’s Music Power 100

Singer-songwriter Adele and her record label boss, publisher and plugger have topped the Guardian’s Music Power 100.

The list, compiled by a panel of industry experts, names those that exert the greatest influence over the UK’s music listening habits.

The top ten of the Guardian’s Music Power 100 is:

Team Adele – Adele, Richard Russell XL Recordings, manager Jonathan Dickins, publisher Paul Connolly, radio plugger Brad Hunner
Lucian Grainge, chairman & CEO, Universal Music Group International and David Joseph, chairman & CEO, Universal Music UK
Simon Cowell
Nigel Harding, music policy executive, Radio 1
Person or persons unknown, iTunes UK
Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, founders, YouTube
George Ergoutadis, head of music, Radio 1 and 1Xtra
Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt, Google
Simon Moran, managing director, SJM promotions
Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

At only 23, Adele has sold millions of records worldwide. Her second album, 21, has topped the US chart seven times and it has been No 1 in the UK for the last five weeks, having previously been No 1 for 11 weeks. In February she became the first artist since The Beatles to have two top five singles and two top five albums at the same time.

Those on the advisory panel were: Geoff Travis, founder Rough Trade records; Paul Scaife, MD/publisher, Record of the Day; Terri Hall, managing director, Hall or Nothing PR; Cerne Canning, Supervision Management; and Jonathan Morrish, director of corporate comms, PPL.

The Guardian’s inaugural Music Power 100 list is published in the Guardian’s Film & Music supplement as part of a summer-long season, Music Loves Summer, in the Guardian and Observer. The season continues over the weekend with a Glastonbury ticket giveaway on Saturday and an exclusive interview with the Arctic Monkeys on Sunday in The Observer.

Visit for the latest news, reviews and offers from Music Loves Summer.

Eminem, Foo Fighters and Coldplay to headline this year’s Lollapalooza festival



The US alternative rock event brings together three of the biggest acts on the planet to play in Chicago from August 5 to 7 this year. Organiser Perry Farrell, of the band Jane’s Addiction, told Rolling Stone magazine: “I wish I was 20, but unfortunately it’s my festival that’s 20. I just feel so fortunate that I was able to make something so wonderful for the musicians and the audience.

“It’s just astounding where it has evolved to. In 1991, we had seven groups and we were performing on dirt fields.”

Other acts confirmed for the festival include Cee Lo Green, Arctic Monkeys, Deftones, Tinie Tempah, deadmau5 and Muse.
Lollapalooza was one of the first events to offer a diverse bill to fans, with heavy metal, punk, dance and hip-hop acts all playing on
the same stage, and it has often found and championed upcoming bands, giving them one of the first breaks of their career.

Speaking of his eclectic choice of who plays, Perry added: “A lot of this music – we’ll call it festival music – it’s still not popular

“If you look at pop, pop is one thing. Festival music is another, and it still holds true that we’re looking to book acts that are
critically acclaimed and have credibility. It’s just very interesting that it’s become its own working organism.”

The festival has also greatly expanded during its twenty years and now boasts over 100 acts playing over its three days on its main and newly added dance stages.

Arctic Monkeys recorded in California to capture Nirvana’s drum sound.

Arctic Monkeys recorded in California to capture Nirvana's drum sound.

Arctic Monkeys recorded in California to capture Nirvana's drum sound.

Arctic Monkeys recorded their new album in California because they wanted to capture Nirvana’s drum sound.

The ‘Cornerstone’ band wanted to recreate the towering percussion featured on the grunge band’s 1991 breakthrough record ‘Nevermind’, so they made their LP in the same studio, Sound City Studios in Van Nuys.

Singer Alex Turner explained: ‘We wanted to try and record pretty live, and the drum room there is where they did ‘Nevermind’, so that was a big draw.’

Despite the recording taking place on the US West Coast, Alex wrote most of the songs in New York, where he was living in a fourth floor apartment with his TV presenter girlfriend, Alexa Chung.

He said: ‘t’s the first time I’ve not written on the ground floor. We had ‘Transformers’ on the TV on mute and started playing all this, like, chimey guitar. I’d love to tell you that we were watching French new wave cinema, but no, we were watching ‘Transformers’.’

Arctic Monkeys’ fourth album, ‘Suck it and See’ will be released on June 6.

Arctic Monkeys new album will be ‘more poppy’ than their last.

Arctic Monkeys new album will be 'more poppy' than their last

Arctic Monkeys new album will be 'more poppy' than their last

The group will release ‘Suck It And See’ on June 6 and drummer Matt Helders has promised the 12-track record will be more accessible than their last effort, 2009′s ‘Humbug’. He said: “Some of the songs are a bit more instant. A bit more poppy, certainly than ‘Humbug’ was.

“It’s enjoyable for us and the listener. And it’s maybe a bit more easy going. Not easy listening, but with a few poppier tunes. But in an interesting way.”

The ‘Brianstorm’ rocker – who is joined in the band by frontman Alex Turner, guitarist Jamie Cook and bassist Nick O’Malley – also revealed before going into the studio, the band had a more clear direction of how they wanted the record to sound than they did when they began working on ‘Humbug’.

He added to NME magazine: “With ‘Humbug’ we recorded 25 songs and narrowed it down afterwards. This time we had a clear idea of where we were going before we even went to the studio.”

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