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Dolly Parton skeptical about talent shows

Dolly Parton worries talent show stars ‘blow out’ too soon.

The country music star has nothing against artists who get their big break by appearing on shows such as The X Factor or American Idol. However, she is concerned that their careers might not have the longevity of others musicians.

‘The way it used to be you started at the bottom and go up the ladder but I’m not sure that’s better than anything else. I always hope the best for them, I always worry about that. once they’ve done that big glow it kinda just dims and they might not get another chance, it’s almost like blowing out too soon. I think real talent and good people who keep their heads straight will do well,’ Dolly said.

The singer is happy for people grasping opportunities to achieve their dreams, which is why she won’t dismiss televised singing contests.

Dolly is astounded when she thinks about how the industry has changed since she started out in the ’60s.

‘It’s so totally different now, with all the high-tech stuff and everything’s online now… It’s completely different, it’s got its good sides and bad sides,’ she told a UK TV show.

Scotty McCreery heads to Disney World to celebrate “American Idol” win

Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery will definitely have a Memorial Day to remember. He’s the latest “American Idol” to head to Disney World following their big win, where Disney’s Hollywood Studios held a parade in his honor.

McCreery rode alongside Mickey Mouse down the streets of Disney’s popular movie-themed park, where he performed his hot-selling new single “I Love You This Big” in front of the park’s “American Idol Experience” attraction.
The 17-year-old North Carolina native also made a surprise appearance inside the”American Idol Experience” attraction, surprising a packed theater of “Idol” fans and tourists visiting the park over the holiday weekend.
In the attraction, park visitors can audition, hit the stage to perform in front of a theatre filled with tourists, and even win a Dream Ticket that works like a FastPass to a real “American Idol” audition.
McCreery might also soon be seen making a special permanent appearance inside the first-ever “American Idol” theme park attraction, which already features cameos from Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Lee DeWyze, and more.
McCreery’s “I Love You This Big,” currently in the top 5 on iTunes, could become his first top 10 hit on this week’s Hot 100.

Scotty McCreery talks first single ‘I Love You This Big’

Scotty McCreery talks first single 'I Love You This Big'

Scotty McCreery talks first single 'I Love You This Big'

Scotty McCreery became the 10th season winner of “American Idol” Wednesday night and the good news just keeps coming. McCreery was ecstatic to hear that his first single, “I Love You This Big,” shot all the way up to #1 on iTunes.

“Oh man, really? That is the first I’ve heard that. That is amazing,” Scotty McCreery told CNS. “This is wild. This is really wild.”

“I know I’m still young / But I know how I feel / I might not have too much experience / But I know when love is real,” McCreery sings on the track.

“The song is just a great song to start off with it. When I was presented with it, I fell in love with it.”

McCreery said it’s one of two tracks he recorded to be his “Idol” single, and he’s already going to start work on his debut album in an effort to get it in stores before the holidays.

And if you hadn’t fallen in love with the 17-year-old North Carolina native before, maybe you did after he took the time during his final performance to hug each member of his family, as well as each of his “Idol” competitors.

“Last night when I sang it for my finale performance, it was kind of a choked up performance,” he said.

Following the performance, “I Love You This Big” beat out Adele’s monster hit “Rolling in the Deep,” as well as tracks from Pitbull, Lady Gaga, and even a song from runner-up Lauren Alaina, who he said he hopes to duet with on his new album.

Depending on the success of the single in its first week, McCreery could earn his first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. McCreery took a moment during our interview to tell his mom about the song taking the top spot on the digital music retailer.

“You’re kidding,” his mom replies.

“I told my mom,” said the “American Idol” winner. “Sorry.”

Steven Tyler never wanted to do American Idol.

Steven Tyler didn’t want to be an ‘American Idol’ judge. The Aerosmith rocker has been a huge hit since joining Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson on the revamped judging panel for the 10th season of the talent show but he admits he was initially reluctant to take on the role because he didn’t think there was enough talented people out there.

He told E! Online: “I never wanted to do ‘American Idol’. I turned around and said, ‘The show sucks. How can kids be [an] American idol? They haven’t played clubs, they haven’t paid their dues, that haven’t done what we did.’ I was wrong. They are out there, we just have to wade through a bunch of them.”

Steven said there were lots of hopefuls who caught his eye, but it was finalist Lauren Aliana who had impressed him from the beginning.

He said: “When I first heard Lauren, seven months ago, it was the second city. You have to go through so many kids and she sang. She doesn’t try to hit the notes, the words just go to that place. Everybody else is trying to hit the notes, and she’s never had that problem with pitch. Maybe bad songs, but she’s been perfect and right and great. I circled her months ago and said ‘American idol.’ Her and about six or seven others, but I heard her first. I mean how does a 15-year-old sing like that? How does that happen? That’s magic, that’s the gift, and that’s what we’re looking for.”

Simon Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticising TV talent shows

Simon Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticising TV talent shows

Simon Cowell has blasted Sir Elton John for criticising TV talent shows

The ‘X Factor’ boss ‘ who has previously also judged ‘American Idol’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – accused the ‘Rocket Man’ singer of being selfish and money-orientated after he accused the shows of being boring and exploiting the artists who take part. He said: “Well, look. This is somebody who charges what, a million dollars a private gig? Two million dollars, you know? I don’t know whether he’s concerned about himself — maybe he is.” Simon, 51, also insists he won’t take critics such as Elton seriously until they use their wealth and success to help aspiring musicians in the same way his shows do. He told TV talk show host Piers Morgan: “They always bleat on that we’re not giving other people a chance. And I always want to say to them, ‘I tell you what, you just made a million dollars off your last private gig. Go and give it to a bunch of young musicians you care about, put them in the studio. Go and nurture them. Go and spend some time looking after them. Then I’ll buy your argument.’ “They’re only worried about themselves.” Last year, Elton revealed he turned down appearing on the judging panel of ‘American Idol’ because he found reality television ‘a**e-paralysingly brain crippling”. Meanwhile, UK ‘  Factor’ presenter Dermot O’Leary has been told he will not be fronting the programme when it launches in the US because Simon wants to adopt a dual-host format and is seeking a ‘non-conventional’ female singer and a male ‘pin-up’ musician. Despite missing out, Dermot, 37, insists he is not too upset as he fared better than other British hopefuls. He said: ‘ am obviously disappointed that I didn’t get the American gig. I would have loved a crack at it. At least I was the only Brit to make the shortlist.’ Simon’s full interview with Piers will air on CNN international on Monday (14.03.11).

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has started watching ‘American Idol’ since Steven Tyler became a judge.

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has started watching ‘American Idol’ since Steven Tyler became a judge
The rocker has become a regualr viewer of the pop star search show since the Aerosmith star joined the panel along with Jennifer Lopez because he has a lot of respect for the ‘Crazy’ singer.

Speaking at the Shockwaves NME Awards 2011 at the 02 Academy Brixton, in London, tonight (23.02.11), he said: ‘ started watching ‘American Idol’, like, two weeks ago. I watched it because of Steven Tyler, he’s a good guy. It’s good that it makes people pay attention to music.’

Although he has no problem with the premise of the series, Dave insists it’s important for young people to realise you can make music away from the TV cameras.

He added to BANG Showbiz: ‘Kids should know there are other ways of doing it, you don’t have to do it like that, you don’t have to do it on TV, you don’t have to have that sort of career ambition, you can just do it for fun. You can do it in your room or do it for friends. And you can suck – it’s OK!’

The ‘Best of You’ singer was picking up the Godlike Genius Award at the star-studded ceremony, where guests included Juliette Lewis, Sex Pistols singer John Lydon ‘ also known as Johnny Rotten ‘ and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy.

Jennifer Lopez passing on her experience on ‘American Idol’

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is enjoying her judging role on ‘American Idol’ because she can pass on her experience to the pop hopefuls. The 41-year-old singer-and-actress ‘ who is joined on the panel of the TV talent show by Randy Jackson and Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler ‘ says the numerous years she has spent in the music business allow her to understand the predicament of the performers in the auditions.

Speaking on the Grammy Awards red carpet in Los Angeles last night (13.02.11), she said: “I love it. Honestly, with all the experience I’ve had over the years, it’s like, what do you do with it? Steven, he’s been on the scene for 40 years touring. You have so much information, you have so much experience and so many little titbits you don’t even realise you have in your mind.

“You see someone perform, and you’re in the position to go, ‘Hey, you know what? Why don’t you think about this? You know what I see? I see this.’ ”

Jennifer ‘ who is married to musician Marc Anthony, with whom she has two-year-old twins Max and Emme ‘ also admitted she finds being a judge on the series “lots of fun”.

Jennifer Lopez releases new single “On the Floor” with Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez releases new single "On the Floor" with Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez releases new single "On the Floor" with Pitbull

If you thought Jennifer Lopez was going to be fine with just sitting behind a desk on “American Idol,” you don’t know J.Lo. She just released a hot new track featuring Pitbull and is still planning on releasing her highly-anticipated new album. Lopez just released her brand new single, “On the Floor,” to radio, which Ryan Seacrest premiering the single first. The single, which samples the medley of “Lambada,” previously leaked online in an earlier demo version and quickly became a viral hit.  “Dance the night away / Live your life / And stay young on the floor,” Lopez sings on the thumping club track, the single for her first new album since 2007’s “Brave.” The track sees her collaborating with RedOne, who produced the hits “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance” for Lady Gaga, and re-teaming with Pitbull, whom she collaborated with on the promo single “Fresh Out the Oven.” Release date information for the single on iTunes and the upcoming album have yet to be announced, but our first glimpse of Lopez on Idol will happen on Wednesday when the new season of “American Idol” premieres on Fox.

Jennifer Lopez has sacked her publicist.

Jennifer Lopez has sacked her publicist.

Jennifer Lopez has sacked her publicist.

Jennifer Lopez has sacked her publicist.  The singer-and-actress has parted ways with Leslie Sloan and her colleague Nanci Ryder ‘ who she has been working with for the past six years ‘ after an alleged row over her manager Benny Medina. While Nanci refused to comment on the details she did say: “I think Jennifer is fantastic and I’m very sad that we’re not going to be representing her anymore.” Jennifer’s manager Benny said: “Artists and PR companies parting ways happens all the time. This is as much news as me re-doing my furniture.” Although Jennifer has sacked her publicist, her career has been going from strength to strength in recent months, signing a deal to create a fashion line with husband Marc Anthony ‘ who she has two-year-old twins Max and Emme with – and becoming a judge on ‘American Idol’. Speaking about her new role on the TV talent show, Jennifer, 41, promised she would be ‘tough’ but ‘fair’ on the contestants. She said: “I really want to put them through the wringer in the sense that I don’t want to let anybody really great go because they’re nervous or whatever and not get to see what they could’ve been. “We working with them a little more than maybe you’ve seen in the past. We give them more of a chance.”

Paula Abdul Debuts New Dance Series In January.

Paula Abdul Debuts New Dance Series In January.

Paula Abdul Debuts New Dance Series In January.

Paula Abdul Debuts New Dance Series In January. Paula Abdul is getting back in the judge’s seat in January for her new show, “Live to Dance.” The new dance competition series on CBS will go head-to-head with the latest season of her former employer, “American Idol.” On “Live to Dance,” Paula Abdul serves as executive producer, mentor, and lead panel expert which will judge the dance acts going head-to-head for a grand prize of $500,000. That’s double the prize for winning “So You Think You Can Dance.”. Paula will be joined on the panel by former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt and Travis Payne, best known as choreographer to Michael Jackson. Andrew Günsberg will host.  “Live to Dance” will premiere with a special two-hour episode, where Dance Domes were specially constructed for the show in New York and Los Angeles and dancers of all backgrounds and ages and styles were invited to audition. The dancers were then given one more look before moving on into a “dance-off,” where they’ll win one of 18 spots to compete against one another during a live show, leading up to the grand finale where one dance act will be named the “Live to Dance” champion (and of course that half-million dollar prize). “Live to Dance” premieres Tuesday, January 4th at 8pm ET/PT for its special two-hour event, before moving to its regular time-slot Wednesday, January 5th at 8pm ET/PT. Live broadcasts begin Wednesday, January 12th.

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