British actress Sienna Miller Says She Doesn’t Go To The Gym

British actress Sienna Miller says gym and diet have nothing to do with her slender physique because she simply doesn’t do them. The British actress insists that she hates working out and she has never followed a strict diet.
The “Factory Girl” star, who was recently spotted sporting a stunning bikini figure with her on-again boyfriend Jude Law, said, “I’m not a gym person. I used to be very sporty at school and I loved competitive sports, but it’s hard for me to go to a gym and just run.”  But Miller, now 28, admits that there’s a definite change in her body shape after she reached 25.  She added, “I think I’ve reached an age now where it’s time for me to start working out a bit. I can’t get away with it anymore. I used to be able to get away with it.” “I was quite firm and quite tiny and as I hit 25, things started to change. Now I’m noticing more changes. You know, a top and bare legs at the back is not a pretty sight! I’m lay and if I wear clothes, it’s hidden well.”

The latest teen pop rock sensation Taylor J Bright , takes US Teen Pop To Japan

Taylor BrightTaylor Bright Takes US Teen Pop To Japan, And Starts Fall Campaign On XLTrax RadioPhiladelphia’s latest teen pop rock sensation Taylor J Bright relaunched her Japanese website yesterday, to support the ongoing promotion of her current iTunes hit single ‘Striped Socks’.  Taylor is a songwriter, singer and actress who began her career on the stage. She has numerous professional theater credits including the 30th Anniversary National Tour of the Broadway hit Annie, Annie Warbucks, Carousel and 13 The Musical. Taylor has also appeared in several commercials and print advetising campaigns. Continue reading →

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