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If you say Holland and the first Dutch metal band, which image comes to mind then? Right! We’re talking about PICTURE! And they’re back stronger and more motivated than ever.
Picture was the very first Dutch hardrock band with a “record deal”. With a history of 7 released albums world-wide and extensive tours throughout Europe with a.o. AC/DC, Saxon, Ted Nugent, Rose Tattoo and April Wine, everybody understands the past of Picture. read more


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AC/DC former bass player writes memoir

Mark Evans, bass player for AC/DC during their formative years, has written the book ‘Dirty Deeds’ about his days in the band.

Evans was 19-years old when he became the bass player for AC/DC right at the start of their fame. Malcolm Young was playing bass in the four piece AC/DC and switched to guitar when Evans made it a 5-piece band.

Mark Evans played on the band’s biggest records with Bon Scott, ‘TNT’, High Voltage’, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ and ‘Let There Be Rock’ before having a fall-out with Angus Young during the recording of ‘Let There Be Rock’ and ending his career with the band. Cliff Williams, who is still the bass player today, replaced him.

In 2003 when AC/DC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Evans was included in the original announcement, the band objected and had him removed from the induction despite the fact that singer Brian Johnson was allowed to qualify even though he had not been with the band for the 25-year rule that HOF insists on.

Mark’s book tells the inside story of the origins of AC/DC.

‘Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside and Outside of AC/DC’ is available through Allen & Unwin publishers.

AC/DC plan tour and set to release new album to celebrate 40th anniversary

Brian Johnson, lead singer for the ‘Back in Black’ rockers ‘ which also includes brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd – said they are set to get together to see “how we’re feeling” about moving forward with the band, though he admitted they never like to work to deadlines.

He said: “I’m going to see the boys and we’ll probably have a little pow wow and a chat to see how we’re feeling. We never ever say, ‘We’re going in the studio January next year,’ if you do that you’re straight under pressure, and we’ve never worked like that.

“We’ve always been very easy going. We’re like migrating birds, we smell the air and scratch our arses and say, ‘Hmm think it’s time.’ ”

Although Brian is keen to get back on tour, he does not think they will take on anything on the same scale as their two-year ‘Black Ice World Tour’, which saw them play to more than five million fans and visit 108 cities in 20 months.

He added to “I don’t think I could do two years again, that was brutal, but I’d sure hate to say that’s the end of it.

“I think you need a full stop at the end of everything, a sentence, your life, or your car. There has to be a full stop and I don’t think we’ve had one yet.”

Jane’s Addiction inducted into Hollywood’s Guitar Center Rockwalk

Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction were inducted into the Guitar Center RockWalk in Hollywood yesterday (June 1, 2011).

Perry, Dave and Stephen rocked up to RockWalk for their induction with a speech from Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello.

Their handprints are now part of the walk together with those from Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Elvis Presley, Carlos Santana, Johnny Cash, Van Halen, AC/DC, Bonnie Raitt, Aerosmith, Carl Perkins, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, B.B. King, Stevie Wonder, Queen and Run DMC.

Jane’s Addiction will now participate in the Guitar Center unsigned artist program where one unsigned band will win the opportunity to open for the band when they launch their summer tour.

Jane’s Addiction will release their next album ‘The Great Escape’ in August. It will be the band’s first album since ‘Strays’ in 2003.

Picture has 2 new guitarist, 1 gig and a new booking agency.

Picture has two new guitarist, 1 gig and a new booking agency.

Picture has two new guitarist, 1 gig and a new booking agency.

Werocku is the new booking agent to call if you want to book Picture for your festival. If you want to see Picture play, the next gig will be at the BorstRock festival in the Netherlands were the play togetrher with SHABBY HARRY’S  / WORST-EL-AARS / AXE / GO FOR THE GROUPIES HEARTWORK / PICTURE / PETER PAN SPEEDROCK / STEELER. Picture was the very first Dutch hardrock band with a “record deal”. With a history of 7 released albums world-wide and extensive tours throughout Europe with a.o. AC/DC, Saxon, Ted Nugent, Rose Tattoo and April Wine, everybody understands the past of Picture.  Old Dogs New Tricks is a typical Picture album with a variety of heavy and dynamic songs. The powerful and raw voice of Pete Lovell shows to its full advantage with this kind of heavy music. Add the brilliantly composed songs anno 2009 to this and you will agree that this is Picture in their historically best line-up ever. This is Picture 2010/11. Be prepared to be blown away…

Bon Jovi, AC/DC, U2 Have 2010′s Highest Grossing Tours.

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi, AC/DC, U2 Have 2010′s Highest Grossing Tours. Bon Jovi may have recently been snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but the veteran band still ended the year as the world’s top concert attraction, according to a trade publication. The group sold $201.1 million worth of tickets, split almost evenly between North America and the rest of the world, said Pollstar magazine. Its success was noteworthy given that it was promoting a 2009 album that did not sell strongly.Bon Jovi also shone even as overall sales slid in a tough economy. Pollstar said sales for the top 50 tours worldwide fell 12 percent to $2.93 billion. In North America, the top 50 tours dropped 15 percent to $1.69 billion. Overseas tours are increasingly becoming more lucrative for musicians, especially as infrastructure improves across Asia and the former Soviet bloc, Pollstar said. Indeed, hard rockers AC/DC came in at No. 2 and Irish foursome U2 at No. 3 after making all their money overseas. AC/DC grossed $177 million, and U2 $160.9 million. U2 was the top worldwide act in 2009 with $311 million, followed by AC/DC with $227 million.In a field dominated by rock acts, flamboyant pop star Lady Gaga was No. 4 this year with $133.6 million. The “Poker Face” singer worked harder than any other musician in the top 10, playing 138 shows, two-thirds of which were overseas. Bon Jovi, by contrast, played 80 shows. AC/DC (40 shows) and U2 (32 shows) took it relatively easy. Metallica was No. 5 with $110.1 million from 60 overseas shows. Both Metallica and AC/DC last released albums in 2008, relying on their extensive catalogs of headbanging favorites to keep drawing fans. The field was rounded out by Canadian singer Michael Buble (No. 6, $104.2 million), the “Walking with Dinosaurs” live family show (No. 7, $104.1 million), Paul McCartney (No. 8, $93 million), the Eagles (No. 9, $92.3 million) and former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters (No. 10, $89.5 million).

Bon Jovi tops Billboard’s top touring act for second time in three years.

Bon Jovi tops Billboard's top touring act for second time in three years.

Bon Jovi tops Billboard's top touring act for second time in three years.

Bon Jovi tops Billboard’s top touring act for second time in three years. For the second time in three years, Bon Jovi have taken the crown on the Billboard year-end touring chart, quite an achievement for an act that has been together for over a quarter of a century. For the period of November 20, 2009 through November 28, 2010, the group grossed $146,507,388 with attendance of 1,591,154 and 69 sellouts. In 2008, the last time they ranked number one, they brought in $210,000,000 but it has been a bad year for promoters, so the lower total is to be expected. Jon Bon Jovi told Billboard “It’s funny, because there’s obviously a part of you that’s very proud of it. In the industry it means something; it doesn’t mean anything to the public. But in the industry, all your peers are going to look at it. They’re going to see some kind of year-end charts for everything: albums, singles, touring. It’s a very nice industry asterisk, for sure. U2 are paying attention.”Speaking of U2, they came in second on Billboard’s list followed by AC/DC making it a classic rock triple at the top of the chart. Veteran artists took seven of the top ten for 2010. Here is the top ten:

•1. Bon Jovi
•2. U2
•3. AC/DC
•4. Lady Gaga
•5. Black Eyed Peas
•6. James Taylor & Carole King
•7. Eagles
•8. Metallica
•9. Dave Matthews Band
•10. Paul McCartney

Debut album Locnville Sun In My Pocket’



For twin brothers Andrew and Brian Chaplin, Locnville is a place where their multiple musical influences and mixed backgrounds come together. Born in New York and raised in South Africa, they were exposed to a wide diversity of cultures and people from a very early age. Having spent the better part of their lives immersed in the music creation, the recorded their first song ‘Amnesia’ at the age of 7; By the age of 11 they recorded their first full set of rock songs written by themselves and inspired by rock acts such as AC/DC, Kiss, Staind, Nirvana and Limp Bizkit.  While in their teenage years Andrew and Brian moved back to the US where they became fans of Hip Hop creating connections with the local scene and performing their own music. Back in South Africa they became exposed to electronic music, which was exploding locally. All these different experiences and musical influences added up to what Locnville is today. The title track and first single from the newly incarnated Locnville, the contagious and hypnotic ‘Sun In My Pocket’ shot to the top of the radio charts in South Africa, becoming an instant hit and kick starting their career locally to rave reviews from fans and top celebrities alike. ‘Sun In My Pocket’ was named ‘Song Of The Year’ and ‘Jam Of The Summer’ in South Africa. Locnville became the fastest trending buzzword for local media, soon to be South Africa’s new proud export. “We wanted to make the kind of music we enjoyed listening to, that’s what inspired Locnville and the album. We combined elements of the music we like and altered it to make it our own” – Brian comments. Andrew shares – “Sun In My Pocket is actually a pretty funny story, I wrote the chorus without my brother and he didn’t like it at first. The inspiration for the song didn’t really come from anything specific, more the world as a whole. We’re basically saying that you control your world by metaphorically having the sun in your pocket and the moon in your hands. I think a lot of people get that on some level, and that’s why they enjoy listening to it!” Their second single ‘6 Second Poison’ hit the airwaves right after the album was released, surpassing the record set by Sun In My Pocket’ and reaching an even broader audience by becoming a club hit. Says Andrew: “ It was inspired by a moment after a show we did a few years back with a previous project. We were speaking to this girl when our producer at the time took us aside and basically told us not to mess around with her because she was ‘poison’. We thought that would be great for a track, so we wrote the song”. Debut album ‘Sun In My Pocket’ was entirely written and produced by Andrew and Brian recorded LMX Studios in Cape Town and mastered in the UK by Wez Clarke. Originally released in South Africa in February of 2010 the album went on to surpass Platinum status within the first month of release.

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U2 Tops Musicians Rich List By Forbes

U2 - $130 million

U2 - $130 million

U2 Tops Musicians Rich List By Forbes.  The boys of U2 are the top-earning musicians of 2010. The rockers are on the top of the rich list of musicians compiled by Forbes magazine for the year 2010, beating AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen and Britney Spears. The Irish band earned $130 million from June 2009 to June 2010. Their earnings were gathered from their massive world tour and lucrative merchandise sales, heavy radio play, and back catalog sales. Next on the list are the Australian metal boys AC/DC, who garnered $114 million from their worldwide road show. Beyonce Knowles is third with $87 million, Bruce Springsteen next with $70 million, and Britney Spears is at 5th place with $64 million. Also included in the top 10 rich list are Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and the Black Eyed Peas. World’s Top-Earning Musicians by Forbes:

1.U2 – $130 million
2.AC/DC – $114 million
3.Beyonce Knowles – $87 million
4.Bruce Springsteen – $70 million
5.Britney Spears – $64 million
6.Jay-Z – $63 million
7.Lady Gaga – $62 million
8.Madonna – $58 million
9.Kenny Chesney – $50 million
10.Black Eyed Peas – $48 million
11.Coldplay – $48 million
12.Toby Keith – $48 million

U2, Madonna and Metallica Among Billboard’s Top Money Makers

Metallica  Among Billboard’s Top Money Makers

Metallica Among Billboard’s Top Money Makers

U2, Madonna Among Billboard’s Top Money Makers.  If there was any doubt that U2 was the biggest band in the world, one look at Billboard’s Top Money Makers list should do the trick. Based on actual revenue earned by music artists from touring and music sales, U2 hits #1 on the list, earning nearly double of what the next biggest money maker earned at #2. Thanks to their sold-out U2 360° tour, the band is likely to earn the title for highest-grossing tour in history thanks to the high capacities of their 360-degree setup. The first tour as part of their current deal Live Nation, that includes touring, merchandise, and more, U2 is a clear lead at #1 with an estimated $108 million dollars in revenue. Bruce Springsteen is at #2 thanks to his constant touring schedule, the release of a new studio album and Walmart-exclusive hits collection, as well as publishing revenue from his discography of self-written songs and over 2 million in digital sales, The Boss earned a cool $58 million last year. Madonna came in at #3, earning an estimated $47 million thanks to international stadium sell-outs of her “Sticky & Sweet” tour as part of her new Live Nation deal, as well as her branding and licensing deals. International touring brought in the green for “Back In Black” singers AC/DC, who earned $43 million last year. Sorry Ringling Brothers, but Britney Spears had the highest-grossing circus last year. Her sold-out “Circus” tour, along with album sales and over 7.5 million digital downloads, earned her over $38 million last year. The rest of the top money makers according to Billboard include Pink ($36 million), the Jonas Brothers ($33 million), Coldplay ($27 million), Kenny Chesney ($26 million), and Metallica ($25 million).

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