Only Seven Left makes own boys dreams come true

Only Seven Left makes own boys dreams come true

Only Seven Left makes own boys dreams come true

Only Seven Left makes own boys dreams come true. On September 24 is the debut of the young piano rock band Only Seven Left out. The CD titled  ’It Was All A Dream ‘is the theme of dreams. In the CD booklet contains photos of the worst nightmares of  band members: haunted by a mega spin with a finger on a skyscraper and dangling end up a war. The release of the album will be celebrated with a tour in the Netherlands with venues like Paradiso, 013 and Tivoli. Only Seven Left, are five boys from Hilversum aged 16 to 26 years, has a common dream: to break through pop songs with content to play. Besides catchy melodies and melancholic piano texts is the main ingredient for the fresh sound of the band. Wake Up Call. Past several years were all dreams: the no-budget music video for first single Wake Up Call was frequently along on TMF, 3FM DJ Coen adopted the band for five weeks as manager, Q-music. Wake Up Call bombarded daily wake-up-word album, Only Seven Left and played in Ahoy (rotterdam). program for Tokio Hotel and was a sold out tour with their friends Destine. Egypt and sprinkles. Previously the band back in the main hall of Paradiso with the dike as a program for Metro Station the Milky Way, and for thousands of screaming girls at the Tina day (magazine for young girls) . Also a tour of Egypt, rave reviews of 3voor12, Music Magazine OOR  and LiveXS and an interview at 50,000 packs sprinkles contributed to the awareness of Only Seven Left. Fans, Meanwhile the fanbase is growing steadily, ask any teenage girl to Only Seven Left and the chances she Bart (23 years, vocals and guitar), Hinne (16 years, bass), Jochem (19 years, guitar), Roderick (22 years, piano) and Bram (26 years, drums) is called by name. Including by actively Twitter, and blogging Hyving and fans starring in their video clips to play, the boys have a unique working relationship with the public.  Friends Also within the band, special click: Hinne Jochem and his brothers, the rest know each other through school and  other bands. Since they play together is one of friends have become inseparable. Outside the band activities to bring almost all free time together: an atmosphere that you immediately see the stage. Only Seven Left are proud to announce that they will be playing a handful of club shows in late September October. These gigs will coincide with the release of the widely anticipated and hotly tipped debut album to be released on september 25th

The dates in full are:
4 sept Summer Square, Hengelo
11 sept Duycker Buyten, Hoofddorp 
24 sep Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht (tour)
25 sep Rotown, Rotterdam (tour)
26 sep Tinadag, Wassenaar
2 okt         NS station, Amersfoort
8 okt         NS station, Groningen
15 okt       NS station, Leiden
21 okt Paradiso, Amsterdam (tour)
22 okt 013, Tilburg  (tour)
23 okt       NS station, Eindhoven
29 okt Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen (tour)
30 okt Paard van Troje, Den Haag (tour)

Maladjusted release Can I let go video

  Maladjustemaladjustedd a rock band from Amsterdam, the Netherlands released their new modern Punk, Rock and Pop video, “Can I let go” . These styles are found in their new exciting album ‘Self-Titled’ which is succesfully released  last year. Their catchy melodies, their tight way of playing and the vocalharmonies give their songs a fresh sound and feeling.  Maladjusted played on many major venues like de Melkweg, Gigant, 013, and Paradiso with other bands from the Netherlands  like The Sheer, Krezip, Undeclinable, Di-Rect and the Travoltas.  Maladjusted hit the German audience supporting  The Donots.

‘Album 2: Self-Titled’
Maladjusted was contacted by Erwin Musper (producer of VanHalen, The Scorpions, David Bowie, Anouk) and both Musper and Maladjusted quickly decided on a collaboration for a next album. Recorded in the Netherlands, mixed and produced by Erwin Musper at Studio The Bamboo Room (USA), Maladjusted’s new album Self-Titled is succesfully released on the label  YeaYeaYeah Records / Rock Inc.  Maladjusted deserves a breaktrough. Visit their website www.Maladjusted.nl and enjoy those 4 hardworking guys from The Netherlands. We did!
Bandmembers: Bram Juist Lead vocals, Rythm guitar – Twan Bultstra Bass, Vocals – Joeri Postma Lead guitar, Vocals – Jorn Juist Drums, Vocals. Watch the new videoclip “Can I let Go” on RTV Channel

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